Willie Wortel's Sativa

coffeeshop in Haarlem
Reviews of Willie Wortel's Sativa Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany visited January 2019; sent 10 Jun 2019
Closet coffeeshop to Haarlem train station. The shop itself is old and rundown. Thai has very crumbly and thankfully had a lot of seeds. Quality in general is average for Haarlem.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Good, lovely place, relaxed and with good staff. Well worth hopping on the train from Amsterdam, you'll be here in 15 minutes. You'll need to just show your passport, not a big deal.
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 26 Jun 2012
Great shop, really nice choice of weed, usually do 5bags for 45 euro. Jack Herer was best I've ever had, friendly server, nice place to chill, bright and modern with canvases of buds etc and cool retro transport seats.
Positive Review Streeturchin from Italy sent 26 Dec 2009
I was there recently with my bro Gonzo. The place is very clean and with modern decor. We had 3 gr of Northern Light that was not bad at all. The shop is very easy to find just 150 meters from when you exit the train station main entrance.
Negative Review Fil from UK sent 5 Aug 2008
This shop is now closed and won't be open till end of September.
Positive Review Jeff from USA sent 23 Mar 2008
3 American tourists with luggage in tow. My kids and I fell in love with this place within the first few minutes we walked in. Very friendly gentleman at the counter took pity on us and helped us in, lol. We started and ended each day there. Some of the finest bud I've smoked at very reasonable prices. I also "fell in love" with one of the waitresses there. She even let this 54-year-old stoner take her picture! We checked out every strain of pot on the menu and a few types of hash. The Haze kicked us in the head real hard. It was wonderful! Last Wednesday we got back from 2 days in Paris and were going to stop for a "nightcap" at the Sativa. When we got there, the metal "gate" was pulled down and there was a sign taped to it. I have no idea what it said, but it was clear that it was closed. It was also closed the following day so I never had the opportunity to thank the folks there and say goodbye to the waitress. Very sad.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 19 Jan 2008
Great wide train seats for a great sit down although a bit weird after getting off the train. Déjà vu? Very nice people work here. And the herbs? Knetter, I believe. Delightful.
Positive Review Paul from USA sent 7 Jan 2008
This place is a little seedy, right around the corner from the train station. Lots of young gangster youths hanging out. But, they have good quality smoke, 2 different strengths of joints, and while I was there, I watched the heavily tattooed and pierced budtender help a man in a wheel chair enter the store. He literally picked the guy up and set him down in a seat. I was impressed by his generosity, and give this place my approval for that action.
Positive Review Pieter from Netherlands sent 18 Apr 2007
The coffeeshop is fun. You have to give them your fingerprint to go by the port to sit down.
Positive Review Stan from USA sent 8 Apr 2007
Great shop. Nice service. Excellent advice regarding weed. Amnesia Haze first day there. Amazing stuff, my favorite of the trip. Amazingly sweet, fragrant, and very strong, colorful, other-worldly buzz. Free internet access. Later tried the Laughing Buddha - knocked me on my ass. Very dissassociative effect - quite physical - nice fruity tasty and citrus smell. Later in week tried Red Hair which was much more mellow, yet still very fragrant and flavorful. Nice for late night drift off. They also have a very nice vaporizer to use. Great place to hang and my favorite product of the week.
Positive Review Yank from USA sent 27 Jul 2005
Sativa as always a 5 star little shop.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 28 Jun 2005
We've visited this shop a few times over the years, it looked great this year. New paint job I guess. Very comfortable. Music at a nice volume. The usual fine wares. A nice place to while away part of a hot afternoon in Haarlem, or a cold one, or a morning. My only gripe would be the rates for internet use. Would have liked to chill on the computer for a while, but when I asked the lady working how much, she said "It depends, but usually about a Euro for 10 minutes".
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 21 Jul 2004
Located near the train station on Kruisstraat. Remodelled since we were last there in 02. Roomy and very comfy booths (reminded me of train seats). Interesting joint machine, a bit on the loud side. Getting into high volume rap at times. Can get crowded. Internet access at a decent price (for Haarlem).
Positive Review Bonnie and Clyde from USA sent 2 Feb 2004
Closest from the station in Haarlem, less that a block away. There they have a great selection of awesome weed and hash (try the Temple Ball Hash, will get you trashed). Plus the great thing is all their stuff is priced to about 40% less them Amsterdam prices. Well worth the trip.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 26 Nov 2003
"Franshal" is one of my most favorite shops in Holland, so good that I would even suggest taking the short train ride (10-15 mins.) from Centraal Station out to Haarlem just for the fun and experience of it. Back in 2000 I stayed in Haarlem for a few days while on tour and "Fransal" became a daily stop. It is located right by the train station so it is easy to get to w/ out a car etc., just go out the station doors and across the street, look for the neon sign, "Willie Wortel's Sativa Cannabis Shop." The shop caters mostly to locals, is medium in size, with a relaxing and fun ambiance, good variety of music, an extensive menu, a very friendly staff, and great patrons. Every day or night I was there I had a great and memorable time. When I was there I tried one of the best strains I have ever tried in all of Holland, they called it, "Grass-Top F-15," and if it is still around I highly suggest you try it. A delicious sativa that was superior in smell, taste and effect, amazing!!! They also have a great hash selection, but I only tried some various types that people there shared w/ me, so I don't remember what kinds, but they were all great!! The excellent menu, friendly staff, great ambiance, amazing patrons, and fun and relaxing vibe, make "Franshal" one of the best, 5 stars.