coffeeshop in Utrecht
Reviews of Freak Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 5 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review JustinCase sent 21 Nov 2018
Had a nice conversation with the Moroccan guy behind the bar about Utrecht's now and then coffeeshop situation. His advice to try the (rather cheap) Ketama was super. Ketama looks like cheap rip-off shit they sell in German railway stations but it was the real deal. Well: You can trust a Moroccan budtender especially when it's about Rif goodies. Basic but very nice Zaak.
Neutral Review Sunshine from Germany sent 5 Aug 2017
Do not buy prerolled if you are not a local; you might not get what you want. Was not allowed to smoke inside.
Positive Review Manasinho from Czech republic sent 24 Nov 2010
Mostly locals but no problem for visitors from abroad.
Positive Review Matt from UK sent 15 Sep 2010
Cool place with friendly staff and very reasonable prices for a decent, if not massive, array of weed/hash. Bought some great pollen and sat here comfortably for hours without feeling pressured to buy drinks all the time or generally feeling uncomfortable. Definite thumbs up from me if you're looking for a nice relaxing smoke.
Neutral Review Autumn from Australia sent 20 Mar 2010
It's not bad, but it's not very good either. I've sat in there and smoked once or twice but it was purely to smoke, not to enjoy the ambiance. A couple of interesting weed choices but mostly a standard selection at reasonable prices. The guy working there was honest and pretty chill, no attitude.
Neutral Review Aaron from UK sent 14 Aug 2007
This place has a small selection of weeds and hashes, nothing exciting though. It's very small and very dark, and only has 2 or 3 tables. The staff seemed ok but I definitely didn't feel comfortable staying for a joint here.
Neutral Review Homerro from Poland sent 18 Sep 2006
It is situated close to Koffiedik - about 100 meters. It doesn't look good inside - it makes an impression of dirt. A few old comic books or newspapers that is all what is able to attract your attention there, but you can buy there Northern Lights which is a very good weed. Moreover - it's very cheap there.
Neutral Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 24 Sep 2003
A small traditional type shop at the other end of Breedstraat from Koffiedik. Buy at the counter, soft drinks from a vending machine in the corner opposite. Your hippie style decor, with the obligatory mural of the Freak Brothers, and a small comfy chill out area. Pleasant enough shop but didn't seem anything too special.