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Free Adam

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Free Adam
coffee shop Free Adam, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of Free Adam Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 5
Negative Review El Maestro from Austria. Sent 3 Sep 2011.
Very unpleasant shop. Classic tourist-trap with unfriendly staff. Wouldn't recommend to go there.
Negative Review Luca from Italy. Visited 28-12-2010. Sent 17 Mar 2011.
After many years, only now I tried this tourist coffeeshop just to have an opinion. The atmosphere is very unfriendly, bored guys selling unprobable weed. This place must be avoided, especially if you are a tourist. Trust me I had a bad experience here.
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK. Sent 17 Jan 2011.
Slightly tacky decor here but obviously cool reggae music so I forgive. Bought the Bubblegum here which was very nice, good deal, good bud, not overly strong probably about normal to be honest. Nice bubblegum flavour though.
Positive Review Macker from Ireland. Sent 10 Jul 2009.
Our first time in Free Adam and we will definitely be returning! Cosy enough little shop with good reggae theme and music, the weed is nice and cheap and the staff actually serve you like in a restaurant so we had our drink and weed brought to us without leaving our seats! So good that our friends returned first thing the following morning and when they bought a few grams they were given a free lump of tasty hash-cake which shows how cool the staff are!
Positive Review Dambuster from UK. Sent 2 Dec 2008.
In my opinion this is by far the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Me and my mates were made to feel very welcome and stayed for quite a while. There is a rasta feel to this place with a massive mural of Bob Marley, rasta colours all over the walls and reggae music. Seating is reasonably comfortable. The budtender was very helpful and friendly (had no objections of filling my bong with water for me) and even came to our table and engaged us in conversation for a while. Drinks are very reasonably priced compared to other coffeeshops and I knocked back quite a few sprites at the appetising price of 2 euros each. The best thing about this coffeeshop (as it should be) is the amazing weed!! You can get 4.8 gram of either White Widow or Super Skunk for 35 euros and the White Widow is the nicest weed I have ever smoked in my life, proper crystaly and smells amazing and fluffy to the touch (crumbles to dust in your fingers!) I cannot wait to visit this coffeeshop again!
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
I bought the "Sensi" strand here, a light green colored crystal covered, very skunky almost earthy smell, which a lighter mellow taste, smooth smoke, mellow high very enjoyable. I had a real good chill time here this strand is a "fine wine" of weeds. I remember paying for what I got though, if you know what I mean although I did not document the euro amount.
Negative Review Chris from UK. Sent 31 Mar 2007.
We have been going in this shop for years as it is literally a stone's throw from where we stay and whilst it has never been great it was always OK. This year was a different story. 4 of us went in spent 70 euros on weed and beverages and after 10 mins were told to leave as he could make more money by giving the seats to local people! Not impressed at all. If he had treated us OK we would have been back every day. I had read a few reviews about this place describing it as the worst coffeeshop in Amsterdam, now I don't know about that as I haven't been in them all, yet, but please don't go to Free Adam there are plenty of other shops close by.
Positive Review Nabs from France. Sent 23 Jan 2007.
Nice place with friendly and helpful staff. The place is clean, the coffee is good and the music is ok. The weed seems expensive to me so I don't know about this, but it's a nice coffeeshop, the red everywhere gives a warm sensation and you can make a cool picture in front of the shop!
Positive Review Stormsy from UK. Sent 16 Jan 2006.
This was our favourite coffee shop, it got nicknamed Jamrock cus everytime we went in there they had that song playing. It was proper ghetto, and that's probably why we like it, not commercial and clean like the others we went to. The owner is completely unfriendly but we found his antics quite funny.
Positive Review Kate, Lyndsey and Sharna from UK. Sent 29 Nov 2005.
Visited every day we were there we liked it that much. The owners were proper jokes and one of them (we nick named jibba jabba)! was jumping in and out of several languages.. Nice people. Nice place.
Positive Review Paul from Ireland. Sent 16 Sep 2005.
I'm just back from Amsterdam and Free Adam was by far the friendliest of the lot! The dealer, who was an Indian bloke in his 40's, went around to each of the booths in the place and introduced himself and learned everyone's names! Really nice guy. We bought some White Widow there which was good too. The dealer/owner takes a personal interest in making sure everyone has a chilled-out time. He even gave my friend (who had a bad case of the greeneys) a 7up free of charge! When we came back the next night, he remembered our names! You'll also get a great pint of Heineken (which is kind of unusual in a coffeeshop). If you're going to Amsterdam, you have to go there.
Negative Review Rici from USA. Sent 23 Mar 2005.
Smoked some Purple Haze that was really purple, but really bad. It was really weird too because after we bought the weed, I noticed all the old Jamaicans watching porn. It was just too weird.
Positive Review RT and NH from USA. Sent 21 Jan 2005.
A nice shop to chill at. We didn't buy any smoke. They have a game machine in the back, looked like pinball. They also serve good Heineken.
Positive Review Sharon from UK. Sent 11 Sep 2004.
As well as visiting several other coffeeshops in Amsterdam we visited Free Adam on our recent visit and found it to be our favourite. The people running the place were great, the music was excellent and the smoke was cool. The atmosphere was great and we were made to feel very comfortable and welcome. Highly recommended, we'll definitely be going back there next time we visit Amsterdam.
Neutral Review Bob from USA. Sent 10 Sep 2004.
Place was packed, asked for a menu, prices seemed to be average, good choices. The dealers were stressed or something was going on, rude and not very helpful so I left without buying anything. Might go back on my next trip, not sure.
Positive Review Giorgio from Italy. Sent 25 Sep 2003.
Walking from Dam Plaza through Damstraat street you will find this small coffee shop on your left. It's a typical "Rasta" place with a good choice of products.
Negative Review Nick from London (Irish). Sent 30 Jun 2003.
Free Adam has to be the worst coffee shop in Amsterdam - The owner is completely psychotic (I think he'd consumed a large amount of his nasty coffee or some other stimulant that night) - and he'll make you feel as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.
He didn't get nasty as a reaction to anything we'd done, he was just immediately rude, unpleasant and incredibly aggressive. He was the same to two American girls already there.
Checked out the menu, and it was a rip off. The buds looked like that been shaken for a couple of hours before being bagged up, and the hash could have been cut from a couple of Michelin tyres.
Avoid like the plague and tell your friends... and your enemies (it is that bad).