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Reviews of Free I Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Barfkoswil. Sent 2 Oct 2016.
Very small, dated decor, nice weed and friendly staff. Vibe fairly relaxed but would benefit from playing more Zappa.
Positive Review Samidjay from England. Sent 21 Dec 2009.
Found the guy to be really friendly. Just smoked our own weeds but my bf bought a pre-rolled pure joint, (with a 2inch roach lol!) it was strong cause he was coughing. Really chilled.
Negative Review James from Scotland. Sent 25 May 2008.
This has to be one of the worst coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The guy behind the counter was incredibly rude and unfriendly. For some unknown reason he refused to sell any coffee and expected us to leave as soon as we'd finished our smoke. The music was terrible (that's my personal opinion) and the place was dark, dirty and very small. I didn't buy any weed, but my friends who did thought it was 'ok'.
Positive Review Sartorius from Wales. Sent 1 Aug 2007.
This coffeeshop has possibly the best hash I have smoked in all my visits to the Netherlands (maybe 15 visits). On 2 visits (2006-2007) I tried 2 different Moroccans (1 of these was c.42 euro- 5 gram). Quality of both was outstanding. Oily and fragrant, bubbled when gently heated (1 lot was so pliable it did not need heating) and a lovely sweet taste and high. The 1 gram of Turkish I got (9 euro I think) was also good (tho the dealer said the Morrocans were better). On other visits (2006) the 1 gr Libanon (also around 9 euro) had a classic taste and high I haven't tasted in the UK since about 1987. They also have charas, Nepal (tried 1 gr and was good) etc but these were quite expensive (even with the excellent 10% 5 gr discount), but the quality of all, I am sure, is outstanding. Tried some weed here in 2001 and it was fine. I look forward to sampling some maybe on my next visit, tho I really love to smoke good hash. Staff were fine with me, though I did witness a bit of surliness to another customer, who was behaving like a bit of an asshole, got his weed, did not pay straight away and started to walk off. Go here (as with all coffeeshops) with the right attitude, be polite and courteous and I am sure you will have good times. Good pot, good music, mellow crowd and in a chilled location.
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 28 May 2007.
Strong pre-rolled weed joints - it was last April but I'm still looking for the steps (where did they go when i went out?)
Positive Review TKO from USA. Sent 27 Mar 2007.
Right around the corner from our hotel. They often had a good seat open and had quality weed. A great low key alternative to bigger bustling shops nearby, with better music.
Positive Review Kula Baker from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2006.
I love this place, even though I must concur the weed is average. But the atmosphere is unmatched! Cool music, rare grooves, friendly regulars, nice staff and all around good vibes. One of my favorite places to duck in for a smoke on a cold winter night.
Positive Review Paul and Melissa from Australia. Sent 1 Oct 2006.
Good as long as you don't go in with an attitude or you will not be welcome. The boss was a legend. Spoke freely and was friendly. Gave us good advice and was only nasty to assholes that did not treat the shop with respect or try to smoke other weed other than his in the shop. Powerhase cross Primera just fucked me. Had a fun and stoned time.
Positive Review Jim and Sonja from UK. Sent 5 Jun 2006.
We visited this shop a few weeks ago. Cool place. Watched the woman clean shop from top to bottom while there. [thanks for the pic]
Negative Review Jack from Italy. Visited 10-13 Nov. Sent 18 Nov 2005.
One of the worst shops in town! The guy behind the bar was very rude and the smoke (Purple Haze) was very bad! I don't recommend this shop at all! You have to buy something to smoke when you will have something to drink - I doubt you can consume there some weed without buying nothing!
Positive Review Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
If you're in the Muntplein area looking for somewhere nice to enjoy a smoke, look no further than Free I. Again, I don't recommend buying any weed here, but it is clean and comfortable. It hands kind of an "airy" feeling to it as everything seems bright and open. The main level has a bar to the right and barstool high tables to the left. The dealer station is at the back of the bar where more seating areas await.
The bathroom is located downstairs where you'll find a neat little seating pit complete with full sized picture windows looking out at the street. Although you can't come and go from down there, it's a nice place to sit down and enjoy a spliff.