Cafe Bar Amsterdam

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Reviews of Cafe Bar Amsterdam Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 15 Oct 2009
Walked in to Freeworld and the first thing that struck me was the size of the budtender, a massive fella you wouldn't want to upset, outrageously funny and friendly guy though. Got a gram of Desert Bubblegum and a gram of AK47, both decent buds although I preferred the Bubblegum as I prefer fruity weeds. A reasonably small shop with just one level but a decent place to chill and have a smoke.
Negative Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
The Brainstorm Haze is very good, the dealer with the baseball cap ripped me at 0,2 gr. by a 5 gr. deal, even as a told him that was not enough, he just give a smile at me! They can't calculate the 1 € of one hour (used the www.)
Positive Review Hilian from UK sent 14 Nov 2007
Hubby & I just got back from our 4th jaunt to the dam. Went into Freeworld to chill before setting off for the airport. We like this place as it feels like a wine bar. Although the decor is space themed it is very tasteful and classy. Unfortunately we bought a preroll joint (as you do) 3E, however it was a non specific mystery joint? Surprise surprise it was total shite and we abandoned it to the ashtray. It will probably be collected and recycled into another joint as it tasted like remnants of old roaches. Still never mind it's still a nice place to smoke what you've bought elsewhere in.
Positive Review Brian and Anne-Marie from Scotland sent 30 May 2007
The first ever coffee shop we visited and we will definitely be going back when in Amsterdam again. The shop interior is brilliant with an alien theme background and lots of alien models everywhere. The smoke was great and the bar staff very friendly. Very chilled out venue and we can't wait to go back.
Positive Review Paul and Chris from UK sent 8 Nov 2006
We thought it was great, the guy was cool, and got Orangebud :) The music was good, reggae and some oldies. During our smoke there, a friendly man, Nevile Valentine, came in selling his CD. He was cool unlike the other annoying ones that come in. We got pictures taken with him, we got his CD, is really good, have a look out for him! The coffee shop was relaxing and the chairs were comfy, just right for a good smoke. The weed in there is good in our opinion. Real good shit, 11.95 euro for a gram or two of a good variety listed on the menu. Overall 9/10
Positive Review Dave from USA sent 6 Jul 2006
I spent a lot of time here as it was very close to our hotel. Very cool place. I like surfing the net while smoking and this place was perfect. Good beer prices ($2.25 for 16 oz drafts). Dude that worked in the morning/afternoon was real cool. Dude that worked at night (bigger guy) was cool as well, but kinda weird and didn't talk as much as the other dude. I always bought from the guy that worked early. He seemed like the shop owner if I had to guess. He recommended White Widow (as I read on this site) and it was very good. $11.50 for approx 1.5 gms. Freeworld has a very "college bar" feel to it (for the Americans out there in the crowd). And I mean that as a compliment. It is not a classy place, but even my wife felt very comfortable there. It helped that she could go right next door and use the bathroom at our hotel, but other than the decor and the grungy bathroom, Freeworld is cool. I prefer the coffeeshops away from the tourists, but this one was very good. 8 out of 10.
Neutral Review Tyler H from USA sent 21 Jun 2006
Bud was okay, price was okay, high was okay, place was okay, everything was only okay.
Positive Review Clive from England sent 13 Jun 2006
Freeworld is the first coffeeshop Angela visited 1 year earlier on our honeymoon. She looked nervously about at the bar but was soon put at ease by the friendly manner of the barman and my encouragement to choose a weed/ resin or both. "Is this legal?" she asked. "Not exactly, actually it's only decriminalised darling" replied the smart ass sending this E-mail. Anyway, back to the recent past, and when we got back from the airport (who are more interested in terrorists than a fat middle aged man with 4 bags of weed), we rolled up the excellent Orange bud and got a nice feeling in our heads. I don't know how much it cost or how much we got and I don't care. All that matters is we both enjoyed it and that surely is the point. So, to our most recent visit. The friendly barman recognised us and we had a nice chat. I got a beer and Angela had a Sprite. We had bought a bag of the aforementioned Orange bud and some Manali Hash. The bud hit the spot but the Manali was disappointing. We don't care though because we did what we set out to do. We remember the good bits and don't get stressed about the prices. It's as much about who you are with as how much it costs. I'm on not much more than national average either, and Gangela and I are bringing up 2 kids.
Positive Review Sammi from UK sent 25 Jul 2005
Had been in the Dam for about an hour searching for somewhere I could buy and not just smoke, then I stumbled across this place. Great inside, looks like a space ship with little aliens hanging down. We met a cool local guy who was nosying at what I was buying from the menu, and gave me a thumbs up when I ordered some White Widow and even gave me a spliff to light up - I had a few blasts and tried to give it back but he wouldn't take it! Even when I built one he didn't want any. He just said that the one rule of the Dam is "if you don't bother anyone, they won't bother you". We chatted a bit more and then I watched him get on a little bike and just scoot his way down the alley out of his mind! I am already planning my next trip (pardon the pun) back to Dam this year and I definitely recommend this place!
Positive Review Graeme from UK sent 7 May 2005
Great little place, very friendly, great opening and closing times, good selection of hash. We always make a point of stopping here at least twice a day for a nice relaxing smoke.
Neutral Review Magnus from Norway sent 26 Apr 2005
Freeworld was the first of many coffeeshops we visited our weekend in Amsterdam. The place was a bit too dark, run down and shabby for my taste. The bathroom was the worst I'd seen. However, the weed I bought, Purple Haze, was excellent and of top quality! It was so fresh that it was sticky, and I got really stoned after about half a joint. Really top-notch weed!
Neutral Review Megan from Australia sent 29 Mar 2005
You can drink (alcohol), browse the internet and smoke here. I sat and read and drank and smoked while the man was on the net. Not threatening, but not a place to hang out in though - we only went there for the internet.
Positive Review Tim from USA visited Sept 04; sent 17 Mar 2005
I always stop at Freeworld as the last coffeeshop of the day. It is real close to our hotel and the service has always been good. The Internet is cheap to use, the drinks are not overly expensive and they serve beer and spirits. We have purchased pre-rolled wiet and hasj and a few grams of Orange-bud. The Orange-bud especially was tasty. I always look forward to Freeworld as a part of my whole Amsterdam experience.
Neutral Review Tid from UK visited 17/09/03; sent 20 Sep 2003
We did not enjoy this coffeeshop as much as many of the others. The atmosphere seemed pressured and although we were being quiet, the barman seemed to enjoy staring at us for long periods of time. Nevertheless, they sold some great polm - had us chasing our way back to our beds in the hotel!