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Cafe Future

closed coffeeshop Amsterdam
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Neutral Review EFJ from UK (living in A'dam) sent 18 Jan 2007
Cafe Future was at Osdorperbaan 150 - needed to move to build new premises! They are moving back to Osdorperbaan but will be at no. 155-157 (not 150). They are currently at: Tussen Meer 107, 1069DM Amsterdam (tel: +31-20-619 5488). I don't know when they plan to move to Osdorperbaan 155-157!
Positive Review Gutbucket sent 29 Oct 2006
I recently visited this coffee shop, September 2006. Café Future offers two rooms side by side with the same style of interior on both sides. With each side having its own barista offering different styles of music selection etc. One side has the menu/treats etc. The other side of the café is smoker friendly as well but only has drinks/candy, no mj. Sit back at one of their dark wood round tables enjoying a coffee and a pre-rolled spliff (they sell individually or by the six pac) looking at the street traffic through the big glass windows. This is not the touristy area of Adam. With that said one can admire a very diverse Adam pedestrian zone or you can just enjoy the music, conversation etc in this laid back café. The tram that stops a quarter of a block away will take you all the way to Central Station. Look at street name that café is on to determine the number of the tram to take from Central Station, I spaced it. This café is definitely in the west end of Adam. A public park is right there as well. West is best and Café Future offers a glimpse of this.