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The Future
coffeeshop Delft
The Future
coffee shop The Future, Delft, Zuid Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of The Future 2 2 0
Epsilon from USA. Sent 25 Jul 2009.
Is now strictly buy-n-go. No seating, no drinks, just weed / hash and the odd accessories. This shop has the same menu as CS the Game.
Kelly from USA. Sent 9 Aug 2005.
Good location, near town square; very small with limited seating; limited but good selection of herbs/hash; mostly locals there.
Joe Momma from USA. (living in Delft) Sent 22 Sep 2003.
Very similar to The Game. It was also small and I had no place to sit so I didn't spend much time there either. I got my bud to go. I only got the "California" and it was just OK. Wasn't impressed.
Skyterix from Netherlands. Sent 19 Aug 2003.
Perfectly situated in the centre of town, right next to a popular (and good!) snackbar/grillroom, The Future is a snug "gezellig" coffeeshop. The atmosphere is warm and smoky, but with relatively limited seating, feels crowded quickly. They have a broader selection of smoke than some places in Delft, but they are not good at keeping their menu up-to-date... I've had several visits when I've asked for something and had it be "op" ... what you do get is usually reasonably priced, although for me the biggest advantage is the snackbar next door!