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The Game
coffeeshop The Hague
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Reviews of The Game 4 1 0
Freewheelin' Franklin from UK. Sent 30 Nov 2014.
Excellent bar downstairs, coffeeshop upstairs, opens 11am, board games aplenty.
Wiet Jack from France. Sent 5 Dec 2010.
It's an average coffeeshop. Weed 5/10 and coffeeshop 6/10.
The Doctor from UK. Sent 3 Dec 2009.
This isn't the kind of coffeeshop you want to chill in. You pop in for the excellent value. They sell in pre-weighed bags and 2.2 grams of quality Nepal black hash for €14 proved good reason for a 10 minute round trip from Cremers.
Nattaman from Italy. Sent 9 Oct 2007.
A very nice coffeeshop. It is a rapper coffeeshop with great posters of Tupac, Mohammed Ali and other famous black men. The weed is very good. I take the Santamaria, great taste and great price for the quality. They have a PS3. If you ask you can play free.
Brad from USA. Sent 7 Jan 2007.
This shop is the kind of place where the wrong kind of people hang out. But the weed was good. I tried both their White Widow and Power Plant, which were excellent.