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coffeeshop in The Hague
Reviews of The Canna Club Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany sent 19 Aug 2019
Budtenderess did molest the buds to remove stems. Flower looked dirty & had crushed trichomes under a microscope. Service was OK. Prices were average. Large menu, good selection of indica, hybrid, sativa. Glass storage. Budtenderess had some strain knowledge.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Excellent bar downstairs, coffeeshop upstairs, opens 11am, board games aplenty.
Neutral Review Wiet Jack from France sent 5 Dec 2010
It's an average coffeeshop. Weed 5/10 and coffeeshop 6/10.
Positive Review The Doctor from UK sent 3 Dec 2009
This isn't the kind of coffeeshop you want to chill in. You pop in for the excellent value. They sell in pre-weighed bags and 2.2 grams of quality Nepal black hash for €14 proved good reason for a 10 minute round trip from Cremers.
Positive Review Nattaman from Italy sent 9 Oct 2007
A very nice coffeeshop. It is a rapper coffeeshop with great posters of Tupac, Mohammed Ali and other famous black men. The weed is very good. I take the Santamaria, great taste and great price for the quality. They have a PS3. If you ask you can play free.
Positive Review Brad from USA sent 7 Jan 2007
This shop is the kind of place where the wrong kind of people hang out. But the weed was good. I tried both their White Widow and Power Plant, which were excellent.