De Vrolijke Gaper

coffeeshop in Gorinchem
Reviews of De Vrolijke Gaper Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited October 2022; sent 22 Dec 2022
This visit was intended since ages as I read and heard much about this place before. The shop itself is a bizarre mixture of a headshop, Dutch souvenirs shop, a New Age shithole and indeed a coffeeshop selling wiet and hasj for take away only. Clean and all that but quite gloomy on this very occasion. Latter one is no problem at all as only for picking up anyway but the rest apart from the headshop section is to some degree. Though everyone has the right to choose their personal way to go astray in life and some enjoy not only one option e.g. their wiet and hasj but many as this shop carries a lot of them indeed. After passing the kitch one approaches two counters where their wares are displayed behind glass; still I prefer a fresh look at tubs. Latter one was no problem for typical Dutch female budtender in her sixties who gave honest advice. Wietwise they sold about 9 varieties at funny prices: Buiten (6.99€), Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Super Silver Haze (12,5€), Lemon Amnesia (12,5€), Pineapple Glue x Power Plant (11.99€), Wedding Gelato (14.5€), Bio Candy something (sp, 14.5€) is all which can be remembered. Hasjwise they had four resins: Super Pollen (10.99€), Twizla (12.99€), Mango Maroc (9.99€) and one from Asia which was Nepal (9.99€). We chose the funnily named Wedding Gelato which was indeed kushy in taste plus stony on the body and an acceptable smoke these days when considering the usual wiet quality of today's coffeeshops though of course still pricy. The Moroccan hash was easily the best in town on that visit and also in general as so typical classic Moroccan of rock hard consistency containing that very sweet taste among other traces of wood and such. Calming on the body and to some degree uplifting on the mind. Would come for more anytime and all in all a quality shop it seems, cheers!
Positive Review Bilsfmr from France sent 17 Jul 2012
The best stuff in Gorinchem! The weed is amazing and really tasty. The have more choice than in the other small city (they won many cups). The lady is very sweet and speaks French. Selection of my last trip: Santa Maria, Lemon Haze, Amnesia Bio Gold (!), Super Silver = 70e for 5grs. The price is highly justified in this shop.
Positive Review Benjamin from France sent 8 May 2012
Interesting place with chic atmosphere. Beautiful town nearby.
Positive Review Jim from Ireland sent 26 Jan 2011
Have to say, best coffee shop I visited in Holland. They used to have a loyalty card, spend ten euro and get a euro credit on your card. The Temple Ball was unbelievable, Sugar Haze never beaten, their White Widow and K2 were also top smoke. It's not a place where you can sit back, but plenty of memorabilia and great to see the indoor growing systems in action. If you ever make it south to Gorinchem drop in, it's worth a visit and its weed is worth its prices.
Positive Review bigdaddyK from UK visited 09/08; sent 24 Aug 2008
This is just a shop, you can't smoke here just buy weed, but the weed is very good, the best in the whole of Holland. They have won a lot of medals including the gold in the 2008 Highlife for their Powerplant. Skunks tend to be no more than 10eur a g but they will do any quantity you want e.g. half g, or even less. Their scales are linked to the register so you can see how much you r getting. They even take the big stalks out for you there! This is a very good shop located in the centre of town and not far from the other coffee shop on the canal behind it. Anyone passing near to Gorinchem would be very mad not to visit this shop as it has undoubtedly the best selection in the whole of Holland.
Positive Review John from Netherlands sent 4 Aug 2005
This shop is a bit weird, it's quite literally a shop indeed because you can't really sit anywhere. It's a touch and go kind of shop, but nonetheless worth looking at if only for their immense collection of bongs. All neatly stacked with spots set on them, they blink away nicely in this black and red, 80s style shop. There is a very attractive lady helping customers sometimes, too. :) Needless to say, you can't really buy any food here, and there's not much to drink either. Usual drinks are provided in tin cans or bottles, like Sprite and Coca Cola. They have no permit for beer as far as I know. Selection of weed and hashish is wide and good, they give a nice high and the price is average, around 7 euros for 0,5g of weed or hashish. This shop is right in the city centre, with the church across the street and a lot of shops around. If you like shopping, there'll be plenty for you to see.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 23 Jul 2003
Take away shop, big assortment of pipes, friendly staff, best stuff (Afghan Special) and especially the grass (Sugar Haze) in town. Bit expensive.