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Het Gelderse

coffeeshop Amsterdam
Reviews of Het Gelderse Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Burns from USA. Sent 11 Aug 2018.
Great coffeeshop just off the busy part of the red light district. Nice mellow vibe, the staff was friendly and helpful. Not a touristy type of shop. Good prices and products. Def try the Moonrock joint. Will come back next time in Amsterdam.
Positive Review One Shot Paddy from Ireland. Sent 25 Jun 2017.
Enjoy this small coffee shop more than the others. Great selection of gear and well priced too. The tobacco regulation not fully enforced for those who like to mix. Found it friendly, in a Dutch way, with lots of locals. Good music and good times watching the world go by.
Positive Review Andrew from UK. Sent 6 Feb 2014.
It's more for locals, they speak mainly Dutch. I've been in a couple of times and they sell good quality gear. It's maybe not as welcoming as Voyagers, but it's worth a visit.
Negative Review A from USA. Sent 29 Nov 2010.
Just stopped in and after buying a 3 euro coffee was gruffly informed "you must buy it here to smoke it here." After which I wouldn't buy anything they were selling. Had a quiet laugh to myself that the place has that kinda super commercial attitude yet has Che Guevara's face plastered all over. Avoid for one of the dozens of good friendly shops around!
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 17 Oct 2009.
On my recent visit I realised I made a mistake in my review in May. The Bubblegum is 16euros for 2 grams not per gram as stated in previous review. So it's cheap. Whoops!
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 10 Aug 2009.
This small, but comfy shop on the Gelderskade Canal is now one of my favorite shops. East of Centraal Station, away from all the hustle and bustle, actually a quiet area even though only a canal or so away from the Red Light District. The service was very inviting, showing me everything I wanted to see up close. The menu is great, 14 wiet and 8 hasj choices, I tried the "Chocolope" (12e/gm.) and it was the best I have ever had, go here for the Chocolope! The shop is on the smaller side, with a foosball table taking up alot of the area. However the view is very picturesque, looking right out to the canal through a large front window that has a small counter with cushioned stool seating. Then there are high counter tables w/ cushioned stools as well along the walls. They have a Photo-Play video game, TV w/ MTV, good koffie and tea, Native American pictures and decorations, nice mood lighting, good sound system, trancy music, overall a very relaxing and chilled atmosphere. Perhaps more of locals shop as I saw many folks come in for a "take-out", visit this place for a "real" coffee shop experience. Good Vietnamese food next door as well. Highly recommended.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 1 Jun 2009.
Just to the north east of the Centrum is the Geldersekade, the next street to Zeedijk, it's not the prettiest street so I can understand why not many people have been here, the shop itself is fairly small with a football table in the middle and stalls at the dealers bar and also a ledge to the left and at the front window looking out to the canal, pictures of Che and Red Indians dominate the place, there is even a Red Indian's arrow above the door! The menu is very extensive for a small shop, the cheapest weed was Super Skunk at 6.50euros per gram up to a version of Bubblegum which was 16euros per gram (seemed expensive). Went for the Chocaloupe at 11euros per gram, tightly formed buds, when I put a small bud into the grinder it fluffed up wonderfully and smelt gorgeous, tasted great as well, slightly musky with a tiny hint of chocolate, the lady budtender was well friendly and welcoming and while me and the missus were there a few locals were popping in and out for takeaways as well, nice tunes playing and all in all a pretty decent place, would go back and recommend to anyone.
Positive Review Matty from England. Visited 25 Oct. Sent 30 Oct 2008.
A fairly small shop with a couple of tables and some stools at the budtenders bar and at the big window. It's decorated as a bit of a tribute to Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, the famous revolutionary. In there, were 2 really friendly local guys playing chess on a sleepy Saturday afternoon. It was bitterly cold and the coffeeshop was roasting warm, which was great. I bought some Chocolope, which was amazing, a better batch than Grey Area had, so after smoking a gram, I bought some more! Really recommend the shop - relaxing vibe, mainly soft reggae music when I was there and a friendly budtender.