Get Down To It

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Get Down To It Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Max from UK sent 14 Mar 2024
Went here several days during my recent Amsterdam visit. Bought 1g of Frosty Papaya hash @ €14g. A nice soft squidgy hash, dark in colour, easy to pick off small bits for a spliff. Well…that was really nice, quite strong for me. The usual couple of puffs got me high for some hours. The place itself is downstairs, menu is on a large led type screen and compulsory drink purchase before entering the separate smoking area. There’s enough comfy seats and stools, seating for around 80 and two pool tables. I’ve always wanted to pop in and the time was right, glad I did, as it’s a cool joint. Also had a Pure Kush joint for €10. Put me in orbit.
Positive Review Mike R. from USA sent 22 Sep 2017
My first place to hit every trip over the pond. Stones concert coming up on 30 September and I’ll be counting on some great smoke. Thank y’all for staying right there. Enjoy the hash and smoking room, big enough for a party.
Positive Review Degs from UK sent 24 Feb 2016
Good shop, dealer let me pick my own buds. Got a lovely OG Kush. Would go back just for that.
Positive Review Mikkel from Denmark sent 13 Nov 2010
I was randomly looking for an Internet-cafe and then I bumped into this Internet-Coffeeshop. Really big room in the basement and fair prices, but not the best weed in town.
Positive Review Missy from USA sent 29 Sep 2010
n our first trip to Amsterdam, this was the first coffeeshop my friend and I ran into as we exited our hotel into the Leidseplein. Well, it was our absolute favorite for our entire 3 day stay. Awesome laid back vibe, never too crowded, and the bartenders were wonderful. It is underground and the pot and hash are displayed as you enter. We purchased 5 grams of Shiva, which was a medium grade sativa recommended by the barman. We were not sure how intense the highs would be as this was our first visit, so we thought medium was safe. We ordered beverages at the bar and even got a pipe to use. Sat in the back where there are plenty of tables and even computers with internet access and a pool table. Excellent pot but not as intense as we hoped, so we ended up purchasing 1 gram of White Widow, another recommendation by a bartender when requesting something strong. Fantastic! Amazing high and ended up mixing it with the Shiva. Came back here several times that first day and got to know all the bartenders as they were so friendly and helpful. Had space muffins there too which actually tasted great with a cup of tea. We felt really comfortable here. Lots of choices on the menu that were very decently priced - more expensive for better quality/stronger weed but that is to be expected. Overall, priced very well in comparison to other shops.
Positive Review Samidjay from England sent 21 Dec 2009
Was apprehensive about this place at first, went underground and had to purchase some weed, and gladly did. We got a gram of Super Lemon Haze which was stinking for 12.50e. One of the best weeds we had the whole trip and the barman was the friendliest. He was really helpful and they had a wide range of weeds and hash. They were out off the L.A Confidential which was apparently the best to be found which was a shame, spent a few good monged hours in here!
Positive Review Karel from Belgium sent 14 Nov 2007
Good coffeeshop with a large bar downstairs, you can also surf the internet or play some games there. Friendly staff and the Shiva and Dutch Power hash I bought there were excellent!
Positive Review Stoner Association from UK sent 9 Nov 2007
Real good if you wanna play pool and get baked, hash was alright although I'm not too fond of hash. The menu wasn't great.
Positive Review Feedkarma from England sent 18 May 2006
Last two visits to Amsterdam I have been to Get Down To It, first time I found it by accident and the second I made a beeline for it. The Super Pollen might seem expensive but I had trouble smoking an eighth over the whole weekend and that was with the help of a German punk I met over there. We ended up hammered waiting for our coaches home at the Amstel Coach Station and I still had some left. The shop is a nice chilled place and the staff were sound as a pound. Give this place a try!
Positive Review Elizabeth from England sent 4 Apr 2005
I have been to this shop many times over the years, very chilled out laid back place great fun & friendly staff various kinds of music played, pool tables, internet services.
Positive Review Misturmorbid from Scotland sent 21 Nov 2004
It was a nice place to chill out. I picked up a bag of White Widow while waiting for the steak house next door to open. The weed was pretty good, they had some killer art on the walls, pool tables, friendly staff, and a big bar. The weed selection was good as well. I saw they had computers too but I didn't use any of them. Oh, and the music was good during the day too.
Negative Review The Cloud from England sent 15 Sep 2004
Went to Get Down To It when I first arrived, still haven't finished all of my bag of White Widow because it just does nothing, all the stuff is sub par with expensive prices, touristy and expensive internet, avoid.