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Memlock from UK (expat). Sent 8 Sep 2015.
This shop is over priced, and no shop can justify prices higher than the Grey Area! They use to get nice Sour Diesel. I went for some of it but they had none. He started going on about this crazy batch of Fallen Angel. Shit was 18 Euro a G, but my God, this batch was immense! Taste smell buzz, all top drawer! I've been here for long, and this was the best bud I've ever had! Been back a few times but it's never been the same. When that bud is done properly, it truly justifies its name. If you walk by, go in and check the batch, you might get lucky! Big Budda is also not bad here.
Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 22 Feb 2011.
Had a nice "environment", nice staff, nice hash.
Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
The "Power Plant" had a sharp citrus smell which I like, but were dark buds, sticky, harsh smoke with moderate stone yet weak potency overall which I did not like after all as much as I first thought. The place itself was not very enjoyable but wasn't anything bad either.
Crosby from England. Sent 18 Nov 2006.
Nice place, good chilled reggae tunes, strong pre rolled joints and nice tasting coffee. One thing, though, the barman didn’t really seem to give a toss and wasn’t the most hospitable.
Deano from England. Sent 10 Nov 2006.
Really liked this place, didn't buy much weed but stopped in for coffees quite a lot, very chilled atmosphere. A coloured guy working there one morning harmonised with the soul music playing as he whisked round clearing tables, very cool.
Uncle Ghost from England. Visited Feb 11-14. Sent 18 Feb 2005.
One of my favourite coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Situated well within the red light district, and doesn't seem as touristy as most of the other coffeeshops nearby. Nice, ambient atmosphere, great music (they played Faithless when I was in there) Very friendly staff, and the best fresh orange juice you will taste in Amsterdam. They had a sign saying they were world famous for their Space cakes, but I opted for a bag of Super Skunk instead, which was top quality. Great range on the smoker's menu, but they only sell weed in 15 or 50 Euro bags.
Bill S from USA. Sent 21 Jan 2005.
This was the first shop I ever went to in Holland, it was quiet, only a few patrons. There were three of us but only one of my friends and I smoke, so we each bought a gram of the Hiro Chirac. I also got an apple juice, my buddy got some fatty papers, he rolled one up and we blazed. The two of us have been smoking for at least five years, but I don't know the last time I've been that baked. We were trying our best not to cough and look like typical Americans, but it was in vain. The only thing that saved us from too much embarrassment was the tasty apple juice. Still can't remember being that stoned since.
Stu from UK. Sent 10 Dec 2004.
Nice coffeeshop nice staff the Hiro Chirac bud was awesome and the Nepalese was the best I found in Amsterdam. Nice and chilled perfect Sunday morning place.
Patrick from USA. Visited Oct '04. Sent 6 Nov 2004.
This coffeeshop got really packed the day I went there. Then they only sell two grams increments. So I got the Super Skunk for 15 euros and Pollen Hash for 15 euros. Bud wasn't bad, but the Hash did come in a test tube. Place is better at night when it's not as crowded.
Kane and Hannah from UK. Sent 25 Jun 2004.
Great little place over-looking a canal. They had signs saying how their space cake is world famous and I saw three guys in front of us purchase a slice. We didn't however, although we kept it in mind as they seemed to hold their space cake in high regard. Instead we bought some Pollen, which came in a cool little test-tube type thing. Probably the best hash I've ever had to pleasure to sample. Two thumbs!
Al from Scotland. Sent 27 Apr 2004.
One of the best wee c-shops in the dam, the spacecakes are terrific, orange juice unbelievable, blo well above average!
Guy from England. Sent 15 Feb 2004.
Tried quite a few different places, but this was my personal favourite. Great mellow atmosphere, good music and nice staff. Dead good orange juice. This will be my first stop next time I come back!
Salamanda from New Zealand. Sent 21 Jan 2004.
Very nice décor, cafe style. Bought a 1.7g bag of White Widow for 15 euros which I found to be a bit expensive. Very cool music, they played Massive Attack and Portishead. They also have a selection of board games available so my friend and I played a few games of backgammon. Good crowd, very relaxed atmosphere.