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sNc from Wales. Sent 16 Apr 2017.
This should have stayed closed! Similar set up to Groene Woud. Rude and unhelpful staff, poor selection and expensive prices just to add insult! Stay away!
sNc from Wales. Sent 10 Mar 2017.
Freewheelin' Franklin from UK. Sent 30 Nov 2014.
Closed, currently has a police notice saying something in Dutch.
Pé Gordo from Brazil. Sent 17 Mar 2009.
Very nice and tidy shop with Indian decor. Nice selection of weed and hash and a friendly budtender. Prices between 7-20 Euros per gram. You can't smoke in there but there is smoking area on the back just behind the glass door with the same Indian decor (Taj Mahal) just a little bit dark for me as the walls are brownish colour. Smoked a joint a, had chocomel and moved on. The only problem is coffee shops in Leiden don't open before 16:00, they say that it is because the universities.
Doody from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2008.
Goa is what I found to be the most comfortable, relaxing, and ambient shop in Leiden. Located right on a canal, the views and are at a premium. The interior is somewhat brown bar-ish, a long wooden bar with stools along one wall, wood tables and chairs, dark wood panel walls. The back opens up to a pool table/video game area, and there is a sky-light letting in nice natural tones. There are several big potted plants about, and smaller plants on every table and the bar as well. The lighting is just right to create a mood, and a good sound system was playing some trance/electronica on my visit. There is a small booth to the right as you walk in where the wiet menu is. They had alot on the menu, but I was suggested the "Super Polm" pre rolled - mix joint, the bud-tender had just rolled them. It was 5 euro which I thought was a little much, but it was excellent, and hit the spot just right. They also have lots of drinks available, and a large candy bar selection. As I said the best place in town, check it out.
Jon. Sent 7 Apr 2004.
It's near the police station and the big windmill outside Coffee And Dreams (now called the LaRoca). It is situated on a peaceful canal and is quite a small venue with its speciality being its own homegrown called, Silver Crystal. Silver Crystal is unique to Goa with its THC content almost verging on intoxicating levels. I highly recommend this coffee shop, watch out for the bull terriers though!