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coffee shop Goed-Goed, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of Goed-Goed Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Bobson34 from Amsterdam. Sent 1 Aug 2009.
Positive Review Stoned Goat from Australia. Sent 27 May 2009.
Standard "get in - get out" kinda place. The weed menu was cool - this hideaway fold-out wooden dealie, not quite sure how licensed they are. The prices are cheaper than average. As for quality I can't really comment - I only got a bargain-basement six euro Super Skunk but it's got me good and ripped.
Positive Review Kamila from USA. Sent 20 Apr 2008.
Goed Goed is my local coffeeshop and it's very nice. It's located near the RAI for any of you that are looking for a chill local experience! If you like hash get the Ta-wizzla and don't 4get their fresh mint tea is the bOmb! Nice people, nice conversation! See ya there!
Positive Review Antonio from Italy. Sent 28 Jan 2008.
Much more room compared to the "Dampkring", I went there on a Saturday evening like at 23 p.m. and the place was almost empty (end of January). Nothing special to pinpoint, I guess. Comfortable sofas. The owner correctly advised me against enjoying stuff from outside (me lame).
Positive Review Dangerdanz from USA. Sent 12 Oct 2007.
I noticed a menu sticking 1/2 way from under a place mat. I ordered a great Turkish coffee and then Jimmy sold me some great treats: 1 gram Bubble Gum and 1 Silver Haze. I rolled it in the back room and sipped my coffee while I noticed several people come in for coffee and relax, all very friendly and jovial. There was plates of breads and cookies in the back and pinball in a side room which I'm saving for a later visit, can't even find pinball in America any more. I stayed a good 2 cups and a good smoke hour and a 1/2 and talked English with a local ex-pat who lived near by but only drank the coffee. I told Jimmy about ACD and asked for pictures. He was cool although I'm not sure he understood me. The smoke was by far the best yet Bubble Gum 6 euro and I was finally treated to a buzz familiar to my hydro back in MN.