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Gouden Boon

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Positive Review Saveourwayoflife from Europe. Sent 9 May 2015.
Gentrified arrivals in the Da Costastraat are now trying to close down our local coffeeshop which has been active for about 35 years. De Gouden Boon is a quiet, local coffeeshop in a quiet street which has unfortunately been blighted in recent years by property acquisition and "redevelopment" by property developers on the make. Their victims, young upcoming urban professionals, buy in at an enormous hike in property prices, and when they realise what they have committed themselves to, in panic hit out at any and all they think threaten their way of life. They desperately pave over their ground-floor gardens because they dare not let their newly-produced children on to the street for fear of imaginary paedophiles. They clog the streets with their parked cars, and jam the pavements with their shiny electric bicycles. Above all symbols of the old order, such as coffeeshops, are targets for their venom. They form committees, contact lawyers, organise mass (e-) mailings and campaigns to get anything they see as "different" closed down and banned. The current Dutch politicians, inspired by "Wilders" fascists lend wholehearted support. It is vigilante activity with a scanty legal veneer.
Positive Review Camsterdam from UK. Sent 14 Feb 2009.
This has a bit of a social club atmosphere with pool table, pinball and footiy on the TV but sells really good hash at very nice prices. Being popular with the local Moroccan community means that the Polm here is top notch for less than the surrounds. I recommend any of them but the Blond Polm is great value for 6 E/G being oily and tasty. Definitely a place to pick up and go if you are scared of locals! They seem friendly enough to me and humoured my shit Dutch. Needless to say White Widow etc is also available.