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The Grass Company

coffeeshop Tilburg
Reviews of The Grass Company Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany sent 27 Aug 2019
This place should not sell any cannabis products as it has no proper setup for selling it: The waiter - there are no budtender - does not associate with cannabis, everything is prepacked, not priced properly and should be scaled just to make sure you didn't get ripped off. Strains have fantasy names and the locals that tried their products didn't like the place neither. Do not enter!
Positive Review Jesscass visited March 2018; sent 8 Mar 2018
Huge and bright place. Lots of seats to sit at and table service available. They also have two shops in Den Bosch so indeed a big chain. Again I don't appreciate them as to me it is all about variety and in this case here all their shops (at least in Tilburg) have the same menu. Also their former owner is (still?) imprisoned in Thailand for some dodgy shit having to do with his businesses (coffeeshop is linked to a big online headshop as well) and tax evasion; look up the story on Dutch media and read between the lines, which proves again this Dutch coffeeshop policy is quite out of date and is responsible for a lot of criminal activity. That chain isn't ashamed of exploiting that case of their former owner by selling merchandise like shirts and caps, 'Justice for Johan'. Disgusting to say the least. As such a wealthy guy would be in need; while I think no one deserves such a treatment or anyone should go to prison for drugs there is no sympathy (nor grudge) for that rich businessman from me. Saying all that their coffeeshops provide the feeling of a quite professional bar; huge menu for food like in an average restaurant there as well. Also their gear is nice enough; about seven qualities each for grass and hash. Looked at their Haze (about 12€/g) and it was the best looking one we saw on that return to town. All in all quite a commercial place but not a bad one so worth a look if you're not looking for something super special but killing some time there.
Positive Review A dude from Belgium sent 20 Sep 2009
Nice shop and a fair price. The stash is packed in little boxes. I tried some Hindu Kush and Shiva, which were both quite good. Waiters are friendly, nice atmosphere!
Positive Review Pieter from Netherlands sent 2 Jun 2009
The shop looks super chill, nice bar, nice second floor. I had a gram of Hindu Kush, I smoked it, super, I went spacing, I go to more shops. First time spacing on smoking weed. 10+ and close to the train station.
Neutral Review Fred from Belgium sent 13 Jan 2009
They have been friendly only once. The proportions are in small little boxes. So trying to get max 5 gram is hard. The bar was chill & close to the bus & train station.
Neutral Review Skabouter from Belgium sent 11 Sep 2008
A real big shop/restaurant, 3 minutes walk from the station. The weed and hash are on the pricier side, but are good. They sell their stuff in little boxes. Don't buy their ice-o-later, that's a rip off! If you want some decent ice, go to Toermalijn. Their Jack Herrer and Polm are real good quality!
Positive Review Lewis from Wales sent 31 Aug 2008
Coffeeshop/café, with proper food menu. High ceilings once you come past the counter where you buy the weed. A balcony above with a head-shop & I think more seating (I didn't go up) 2g Jack Herrer for €15 - comfortably chilled. One very attractive, very busy waitress. Watching her work the floor was great - she must make more in tips than all the others together. Dutch newspapers, chess sets & probably other games too. I'd recommend it.
Positive Review Barry from Belgium sent 19 Jan 2008
It's at the Spoorlaan, which is only 10 minutes walking from the train and bus station. Very good weed, but a smaller selection. Also quite pricey. They give the weed in small plastic boxes instead of bags. This makes sure the weed doesn't get crushed. Liked it.
Positive Review Dragon from Belgium sent 24 May 2007
They got Jack Herre to get very high off! But they sell it in boxes and you don't get very much!
Positive Review Quzem from Belgium sent 21 Apr 2007
It's a rather big place. They have a bodyguard guarding the entrance near the dealer's window, which is a bit stressful. At the window you will find an illustrated menu with all the sorts they have - which isn't all that much, really. Some weed, some hash. The weed is usually 1-2 euro more then you would find in de Muze or de Toermalijn, don't know about the hash but probably too. Their most attractive feature is the availability of paraphernalia, i.e. pipes, grinders, bongs, etc. As far as I know, they are the only headshop in all of Tilburg.
Negative Review Neverendsmoking from Belgium sent 15 Apr 2007
I've tried a lot of weed and hash from Turkey, Afghan, Morocco but the stuff from Grass Company and the Ochtendgloren coffeeshop was the worst experience that I've done. Really it's not a joke, a bad reklam. I went to Tilburg two times. My first to buy some crystal hash: every chemical product was found in this stuff but no trace of THC at all (learning the explanation of Grass company the most THC containing plant!) Second time to buy Moroccan Zero Zero. A large piece of horse shit! I asked to the young man at the locket if I could first check the hash, he said to me no all our products are guaranteed! Guaranteed by who, when, and how? Don't go there if you want to be sick, it's a large business of the cake with chocolate but not for weed and hash. Continue to buy coffee or tea and toast but no smoke!
Positive Review 3 Girls from Netherlands sent 7 Mar 2007
A nice place to hang around and smoke but when you sit there for a while it gets very cold because the air cleaner blows cold air and u want to go home! The rest is perfect, good weed, nice personnel, good-looking boys and you can play games.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 10 Oct 2003
This is a classy shop, with two floors. The department where one can purchase his weed is separated sort of speak from the sitting area. You can sit down in ordinary wooden seats, in luxurious couches, or in chill seas (2nd floor). I would recommend everybody who's in the area to go there. The weed is good (I prefer Jack Herrer), and there's typical munchies-food. The toasts are a must to eat there, because you get the best sauce with it. It's a secret sauce, the employees won't tell the ingredients.
Positive Review Steven from Belgium sent 18 Aug 2003
The Grass Company is a very nice coffeeshop. It's true, they sell their weed in little boxes, but it keeps the weed really fresh. The shop itself has 2 floors. On the second floor there is a showroom with all types of bongs, pipes and other smoking devices. The interior is wood, very nice. The weed itself was top quality. They sell their weed in boxes of 7 or 14 euro. I bought one box of 14 euro (2.33 grams) of Northern Light, and I have to say it was the best weed I ever smoked. It's right next to the train station, so that's pretty handy when you're by train, and is more than enough space to park a car.
Positive Review Puncho from France sent 25 Jul 2003
An official Sensi Seeds dealer, 5 min walking from the station. Weed is packed in small plastic boxes with bar codes!! Strange but tasty...