Grasshopper 2

bar in Amsterdam
Reviews of Grasshopper 2 Number of Positive Reviews 20 Number of Neutral Reviews 14 Number of Negative Reviews 23
Neutral Review Judo from UK sent 6 Apr 2011
Had a nice (but expensive) lunch upstairs then went down to sample the hash. Bought €20 of Nepal Cream and €20 of Turkish Cream. The Nepal Cream was alright, certainly not worth the price they charged (Nepal cream from Stone's Cafe was cheaper and stronger). The Turkish Cream was awful, more like Afghan mixed with some plant material. Both deals were about 3/4 the size they were meant to be I discovered when I weighed the stuff back home. Avoid this tourist trap or just bring your own and have a coffee overlooking the canal.
Negative Review Delboy from Ireland visited 28/3/2011; sent 1 Apr 2011
Don't even bother wasting your time going anywhere near here! White Widow pre rolled haha ya rite! Stay away, the staff are rude and don't matter how much u spend on weed they insist u buy a drink!
Negative Review Wackness from UK sent 24 May 2010
Most commercialised coffeeshop I found, was placed in a glass room with music on unholy levels and forced to buy drinks from very rude staff. Will not be going back.
Negative Review Mark from UK sent 30 Jun 2009
What a dump, this place gives coffee shops a bad name. Truly awful coffee served in a cardboard cup and the price 7euros, what a rip off! Staff were rude and the place had no atmosphere. Didn't buy any weed here, left as soon as possible. Truly awful.
Positive Review Dambuster from UK sent 2 Dec 2008
This coffeeshop is an old favourite but this is the 1st time I have visited since the smoking ban and I was very impressed, it was like walking into a complete new coffeeshop! They have done away with the separate bud and drinks counter and now have a multi purpose counter as soon as you walk in. They now have two separate sectioned off smoking areas, when me and my mates went it wasn't very busy and we ended up having one room all to ourselves, but the walls are glass so you don't feel closed in and can still see the whole of the coffeeshop. They also now have a massive display cabinet full of Grasshopper branded gifts you can buy. I bought 4 pure White Widow spliffs for 18 euros that got me sky high. This coffeeshop also seems to be the only one I have found that sells the amazing Gatorade energy drink! Overall I think the smoking ban has had a good effect on the Grasshopper coffeeshop and I will definitely be going back. We also visited the Grasshopper Steak House on the top floor of the coffeeshop and had the best sirloin steak I have ever tasted!
Negative Review Kenny from UK sent 2 Apr 2008
This was my first ever coffeeshop experience, and wasn't a good start to the night (I only went for 1 night). We got off the plane and went straight into Dam square and went to the conveniently placed Grasshopper 2, as soon as we walked through the doors the smell of green hit us, so we wasted no time in ordering some bud, but when my m8 ordered first, the bud tender just shoved about 15g of bud on the scale and demanded a ridiculous price, he tried it with all of us, and most A-dam virgins will just panic and pay, but when he tried it with us, we just kept saying take some off, about 5 times! The second time I went in there a year later they tried to do it again, my m8 just told him to fuck off and walked out, he never tried it again with any of us who were still waiting, the seating is uncomfortable and the staff don't make you feel welcome at all, very bad vibe, the 3rd time I went I just wanted a gram of 2 strains, and a gram of hash, but he said I could only buy 1.5g, or whatever it said on the board for the price, I said, look m8, I'm going to spend like 40 euros on weed here so just sort it out, but he refused, so I put my 50 in my pocket and left disgusted. It's a shame really, as this place has really good strong bud, but it's just too expensive, and they treat you like you're stupid, the bud tender is a total dick! Overall it's a tourist trap, but at least the bud isn't shite too like other commercial cafes.
Positive Review Dambuster from UK visited Feb 08; sent 4 Mar 2008
First time visiting the Grasshopper was at night and we went in the bar on the ground floor. I would say it was one of the best bars we went to, very friendly staff who served a bottle of champagne to our table (maybe sucking up seeing as we spent a lot of money in there). Also loved the decor and spent a while admiring many of the paintings and decorations including the giant guitar sort of instrument hanging from the ceiling with a weed smoking grasshopper painted on it, pure genius! Second visit here was to the coffeeshop downstairs, had to wait a while for seating as it was quite busy but it was well worth the wait this was by far the best coffeeshop I visited. The bloke in the booth selling weed was very helpful and recommended what weed was good and also what was on special offer which wasn't stated on the menu. I bought 1.6 grams of Bubblegum for the price of 1.0 which I thought was great. Spent quite a bit on drinks and souvenirs (grinder etc) then settled down to smoke my Bubblegum. After half an hour I was totally wasted never felt so stoned before and had to go out for some fresh air, where I embarrassed myself by falling over and taking a large plant with me. Overall though the Grasshopper lived up to expectations and was definitely the favourite part of my trip to Dam.
Neutral Review Newlyweds from USA sent 2 Nov 2007
Would not recommend for the coffee shop, but if you have some money to waste, there is a fantastic steakhouse on the top floor. The Purple Sensi would have to be my favorite, a very "up" high, and the color was unlike anything I had seen before. The staff could use a lesson in customer care, but I assume it's because they have to deal with so many tourists. I would avoid it unless you have an unlimited budget and sense of patience.
Negative Review Eroz from Scotland sent 1 Nov 2007
Four of us were very impressed by the outside of the G/Hopper2 and the fact there was a bar on one floor, coffee shop below and restaurant above. We agreed if the place was good we could spend some quality time here. What a mistake! Ripped off by a very, very grumpy barmaid who changed the final price of our drinks order 3 times before settling on 24 euros for four drinks (approx). It's more expensive to buy a pint than a half pint! Saw a few folk skinning up in the bar so decided to take a trip downstairs to sample the delights (watch your head on the ceiling as you go down!). First impressions of the coffee shop were ok. Nice bar and dealer booth at the door. I approached the dealer and asked quite simply "what do you recommend?" The dealer looked at me like I had two heads, and asked me to repeat what I had said. I asked again and, after thinking to himself, he recommended the White Widdow. I bought some overpriced, though terrific smelling, weed and went upstairs to smoke. Soft buds but quite rough taste (completely inferior smoke to the purchase I made in the Jolly Joker the following evening). Having spent a load of cash on drinks and weed I was finally sick of this place when we had to pay 50 cents to use a tiny toilet upstairs. I said we were customers at the bar and asked if we still had to pay and the answer was a blunt "yes". We all agreed that it's such a shame that a building with so much potential turns out to be a rip-off joint. I will not return.
Negative Review Big Jon from UK sent 1 Jun 2007
They sold me weed with polystyrene balls in! Avoid!
Positive Review Stan from USA sent 8 Apr 2007
Our buddy from Haarlem recommended a trip here. I asked the dealer for his recommendation and he pulled out some home grown stuff derived from the G13 strain. Very trippy and delicious. Good call Franc!
Neutral Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
We decided to use this coffeeshop to meet up. Firstly the menu had only 1grams deals but when buying it was put upto 2gram deals. To me I had no problem, to others maybe. 2g Jack Herer which was delicious - any one needed to sedate this would be highly recommended. This though was 20e. The staff unfortunately were rude and couldn't be arsed to serve. To any one. My boyfriend was pissed off only because he had to ask the lady 5 times where the toilet is. Expensive coffee and beer, good Jack Herer. But there's better places for a toke.
Positive Review Mike from England sent 25 Aug 2006
Of the 17 or 18 varieties smoked so far this year on 2 trips, the Blueberry Haze at Grasshopper 2 is one of the two best. Smells great, tastes great and you really feel like you've had a smoke! Awesome.
Positive Review Catspa from Australia sent 15 Aug 2006
This place was rockin at the time I went there, went down stairs for some Jack Herrer and that blew me away very tasty stuff indeed. Went back inside to get some alcohol and the place was going off there was a hens night going on in there at the time with chickys everywhere but there was also a separate bucks night happening too so there was a really good vibe going on and the DJ was playing some awesome tunes. Had a really really good time here, it's great for groups who want to party, and that we did!
Positive Review Dave an Rach from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Wasn't the main 1 I didn't like much in there my mrs got the Blueberry Haze it was expensive but the best tasting shit we smoked.
Neutral Review Glosta Massiv from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
This was opposite our hotel, so we made 1 visit to it on the first night. We entered the coffeeshop and were surprised to see a bouncer, although he had a friendly attitude and we didn't feel uncomfortable in there. The drinks where expensive, but the seating was comfortable, and the music was chilled, setting a nice atmosphere to smoke in. Another perk were the large screens showing the current matches of the F.A. not only was I smoking some of the finest I'd had in a while, but I was cheering Man U on at the same time! Come on u Reds!
Negative Review Richard from Canada sent 20 Sep 2005
Horribly commercial.
Neutral Review Anon. sent 1 May 2005
The lady at the front desk at the Grasshopper in the RLD was exceedingly rude and I pretty much just walked out after asking a few questions. There are a lot of nice people in other coffeeshops, but the Grasshopper does have a great location and a nice big deck.
Positive Review Dave & Janine from UK visited 22/04/05; sent 29 Apr 2005
Didn't buy any dope here but this is one cool place to stay for a J. Good atmosphere here.
Neutral Review Sam, Ben, Jon from UK sent 25 Mar 2005
The Grasshopper 2 coffee shop had good seating and a friendly atmosphere, but unfortunately the drinks were expensive and not particularly large. Didn't purchase any smoke here. We didn't try the bar upstairs.
Negative Review Matthew from England visited 14-18 Feb; sent 22 Feb 2005
Of the drinking and smoking venues this is the worst, karaoke?? I preferred the coffee shop downstairs.
Positive Review B4yes from England visited Nov 04; sent 6 Jan 2005
Good music, good hot chocolate, and low lighting levels makes the Grasshopper 2 a very good smoking venue for the night time. To add to this the best looking waitress in central Dam, will certainly catch your eye. Nevertheless the smoke and drinks are overpriced and the general commercialised feeling you get from the Grasshoppers, really takes you away from the Amsterdam coffeeshops culture. But for a change, this 'smoker friendly bar' will definitely give you a change of scenery for an hour or so.
Positive Review Dave S from England visited 17-20 Dec 04; sent 4 Jan 2005
Big and touristy, but great for larger groups to meet up and wait for trains etc. Haven't bought the weed there for quite some time but the hot chocolate has always been good. Probably the first place a lot of people new to Amsterdam will end up, and this isn't a bad thing, just not my thing! I usually end up here on my last day, with half a dozen bags of weed to get through before staggering across the road to the Centraal Station. Nice in summertime when you can sit out on the terrace out front and watch the world go by.
Negative Review Claud from Netherlands sent 22 Nov 2004
I can be short about this one: Please don't go there! It's a tourist trap! They rob you from your money with their unbelievable expensive prices so don't go there. There are a lot of other shops in the city.
Neutral Review Winterdam Boyz from UK visited 10/11 Nov 04; sent 19 Nov 2004
Still a touristy place but it's more lively than some of the other coffeeshops. The girl behind the bar was stunning, but the dealer was a bit pushy, we asked for 10 euros worth and he was trying to make us spend 20! They were showing English footie which I can't decide was a good or bad thing, after all you go to the Dam to get away from all things English!
Negative Review Elton from England sent 27 Oct 2004
Both Grasshoppers epitomise the horrendous at it's absolute worst.
Negative Review Stuart from UK sent 12 Sep 2004
The Grasshopper 2 just all round sucks. Their Zero Zero has tripled in price and now is a lame smoke. Worst start to Amsterdam is going here first.
Positive Review Helen from UK sent 23 Aug 2004
I see a lot of people have something to say about the Grasshopper but on a personal note I thought it was awesome! Cheesier than cheese itself, it was just what I needed to wake me up from death by over smoke! he he. Slightly over priced but where isn't nowadays? I really enjoyed myself!
Neutral Review Mark from England visited 13-15/8/04; sent 17 Aug 2004
A large pub with the joys of smoking buds. Not my cup of tea, but if you like a drink and music this place is for you. Didn't see the menu, but at a guess it would be the same as all the over Grasshoppers.
Positive Review SummerDam Boys from UK visited 30/07/04; sent 9 Aug 2004
This place had received mixed reviews, but it really isn't that bad. The coffeeshop is downstairs and is quite spacious. As it's in touristville one of the times we went on one of my mates got ID's, not what you need from a coffeeshop really. Anyway the weed is a bit overpriced but the tunes make the Grasshopper cool, some Balearic pumpin house blasting out keeps you awake when you're in the middle of a 17 hour sesh! The bar upstairs looks quite touristy too but we walked past the next night and it seemed to have a good atmos going on. Plus you're 2 seconds from the RLD so you can stagger outta the Grasshopper and go window shopping.
Negative Review Dave from USA visited 18-19/06/04; sent 20 Jun 2004
What a joke, over priced, mean & unhelpful staff, and way too commercialised. I stopped here on my second day in Amsterdam and compared to everywhere else I went this was the worst. Shops in the middle of the Red Light District are even better and they can be a bit scary. Don't waste your time!
Negative Review Ian from UK visited 01/06/04; sent 4 Jun 2004
If you're with a gang of lads, with some of you wanting a drink, and others a smoke, then Grasshopper 2 is good for that reason only. For the drinker, the beer is very expensive, and for the smoker, the experience is not a good one. If you prefer your reefer ready rolled, as I do, then whatever you request from the unfriendly dealer, he will only offer you White Widow in three's or five's. The rest of the staff are similarly unfriendly, and the whole ethos of the place seems to be to take as much money from you in as little time as possible. Contrast this attitude with, for example, the Bluebird coffee shop. Fair enough, you're going to end up pretty much cabbaged out of your face, but you can get higher better someplace else. Stay out of the Grasshopper guys!
Positive Review Big D from USA sent 13 May 2004
It is open early, and a great place to stop in when you first get to town. The weed is very good- though the most expensive "Kalimist" seemed a bit mellow. Save a few Euros and get the killer "Bubble Gum" - nice juicy buds, tons of crystals, and a sweet buzz. My favorite. However, the atmosphere downstairs is a bit commercial, and not very comfortable. If you are in Amsterdam alone, as I often am, this is not a place to hang out. But a great place to get your first bag, and then run off to your hotel!
Neutral Review Joe from USA sent 8 May 2004
Bought some NYC Diesel and it was very good. Also, bought some Super Silver Haze, I don't know if it was the day or the warez but I went back to my room at 10:00 next thing I know it is was 3:55. I enjoyed the warez but not the place although it's one of the biggest shops in town.
Positive Review Qenzen from USA visited Nov 2003; sent 7 Apr 2004
Best thing about the Grasshopper 2 could be that it opens at 8am. 7am Fridays and Saturdays. After a long flight from the USA arriving early AM in Amsterdam (of course it's raining) I'm very ready to chill out and take the short walk from central station to the Grasshopper 2 for my first smoke. The White Widow I sampled was excellent in appearance very white over green, had excellent smell both fresh from the bag and lighted, had excellent taste and a euphoric buzz. My compliments to the grower. Bud prices were in line with most in town (Grasshopper 2 does not sell partial grams or grams) they sell by the bag (about 1.5 to 2 grams depending on type) at 15 euro or more so they seem more expensive. Coffee prices were inline also though Gatorade was insanely expensive. The dealer was patient and took the time to show me his product and the coffee girls were all cool dames a little on the naughty side, sweet, and flirty which is always welcome. All in all a worthy 1st stepping stone to Amsterdam's coffeeshops.
Neutral Review Bubbalicious from Canada visited 26-30 Mar 04; sent 5 Apr 2004
Super expensive for food and grass. Most expensive I went to, but on the other hand, it does tend to keep the crowds down. A trade off I guess.
Positive Review Amy from USA sent 15 Mar 2004
I recently spent a week in Amsterdam with my best guy friend Rob. He took me to The Grasshopper and I absolutely loved it. We went several times that week. One evening we went to dinner upstairs, then went to the coffeeshop, then went up to the bar. We spent 4 hours there that night. I bought a lot of souvenirs, some for others, most for me. Other than Dam Square, The Grasshopper was my favorite place to be. I can't say enough. I'll be back next February and my first stop will be The Grasshopper. I've read the other comments. Most people seem to be complaining about the prices. They didn't bother me. The atmosphere and the people were all worth it. I got what I paid for!
Negative Review Rebecca from UK sent 2 Mar 2004
Not loving the grasshopper! Expensive weed. Expensive drinks. Barmaid kept snatching my drink away half full, meaning another 5 euros 4 a drink. V. nice Kalimist, made my face split with laughter.
Negative Review Jo and Matthew from Wales visited 13 Feb. 04; sent 17 Feb 2004
Shit. Too expensive,
Positive Review KT from UK sent 16 Feb 2004
It has to be said that I think the drinks are a rip off here, but they are all over the city. I made my first blunt of the holiday in the basement room and I fucking loved it! We were very stoned, so that means a big thumbs up for the Grasshopper!
Negative Review Will and mates from UK visited 4-7 Feb 04; sent 15 Feb 2004
Very Expensive to go if u fancy a smoke and a drink. Friendly staff but that doesn't make up for the prices. Seemed to remember the cheapest deal was at 15 Euro.
Positive Review John from Belfast visited Aug. 2003; sent 27 Jan 2004
Over all I had a great day there but also felt aggrieved by the prices of a pint, 4 euros! When we arrived it was early afternoon on a Saturday and not overly busy. The sun was beating down outside and we had already noted the large seating area outside by the river, so we were set. Some headed for the drinks and 2 of us, the smokers, went down to the wee booth to get our grass. A quick look and we bought a wee bag of grass, type forgotten, but hey I reckon they are much the same anyway. Outside we had a great day basking in the sun, even though the staff can be loud and rude. Service was good 'til the waitress wasn't tipped one round. When we next ordered, she took an age, before sauntering back over, and loudly announcing in front of everybody that she had been for a piss! We drank and smoked on. I had met these two English fellas who were really funny. They helped the day but I also enjoyed my time there, save for the price of a pint.
Neutral Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
Huge place and very daunting if travelling alone. Would recommend for groups of people. Nice free stickers though.
Negative Review Tony from UK sent 15 Jan 2004
Busy, rowdy and not a comfortable place to be at all.
Negative Review George from Greece sent 6 Jan 2004
Grasshopper II is a luxurious bar-pub-coffeeshop with a hype atmosphere for those who like it that way. The minimum purchase is 1.5g. When I went to buy from the dealer, after telling me that he had finished the kind I wanted, he showed me a box with the last crumbs of my second choice. I said I would prefer some bigger buds, so I chose a third strain of weed (Shiva). The dealer puts a big bud of more than 2.5 grams. I tell him that I just wanted to buy the minimum (that is 1.5g), at which point he just raises his shoulders and says that something like "...that's what I put on". After insisting that I only wanted 1.5g and that he wasn't making a good deal he takes everything off and waits for me to leave, making even some contemptuous grimaces towards me. I finally took my 1.5g cause I had no time to go to another coffeeshop, plus I wanted to see to what limits would this dealer behave like an asshole. After this you can imagine my advice to all you first timers: AVOID IT, but if you can't help it don't let the dealer do his stupid things.
Negative Review Dave from UK sent 8 Dec 2003
Just like to say that I liked the Grasshopper very much, well used to anyway. I found the staff very pleasant and helpful in any way they can. I used to visit this coffee shop every time I was in Amsterdam (which is quite a lot), but I've just left this so called great bar at the weekend and this is why I'm writing to u. Listen to this then, I went in and ordered a vodka and coke and handed over my money on sat night but as the girl gave me my change someone started talking to me. The drink was very well served, with the coke being in a different glass, but so it should have been for 18 euro. Yeah 18 euro and by the time I realised I was already on my way to Hill Street Blues, where they charged me 3euro 70cent for the same drink. It will be the last time I ever visit this bar and will stop recommending it to all my mates who visit Amsterdam.
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 16 Oct 2003
The Grasshopper, as always, felt nice and friendly.. although I can't ever see myself visiting either the 2nd level or the 3rd level restaurant.. far too much to deal with! Downstairs though of course.. fantastic jukebox filled with R&B, Hip-hop, some old cuts, and of course some reggae. Weed was very nice.. the illuminating menu on the wall is a nice touch. We got Bubblegum.. which was 20 euros for 2 grammes. Very tasty! Easy access to drinks, food, more skins, and the toilet! All you could need for a long session.
Positive Review Dave from UK sent 9 Oct 2003
It was my first time in Amsterdam, and would like to say I visited a broad variety of coffee shops and bars. Personally, Grasshopper for me was great. A large place right in the middle which looks clean, well presented and inviting. A tall building which looks like it has it's own stories to tell from over the years - and quite frankly I'd sit and listen with a beer and a joint. The staff were friendly (Very foxy brunette barmaid who I swear was giving me the eye - Hey, I was stoned!), helped out with giving me the low down on the drug laws in the city. I obviously didn't want to walk down the street with a joint of the finest Jack Harer, being watched by a million police dudes waiting to bust my ass! Anyway, the lovely barmaid told me everything I needed to know, and I ended up spending the gorgeous autumnal afternoon on the terrace with many beers and a bag of Orange Bud....mmmm, beautiful. I nice place to try. maybe the drinks could of been cheaper, but hey you're on holiday!
Positive Review Shesdynamic from USA sent 8 Oct 2003
I'm a journalist from New York City, I went to Amsterdam for a story. I liked the Grasshopper, granted it was my fist stop in a coffee shop, I had questions and the waitress was helpful, It was clean the coffee was great and I got exactly what I wanted. Coffeeshops like any other establishment are in business to make money not shell out one joint at a time to those just scraping by. I liked that it wasn't crowded and the clientele was clean and not rocking and moaning in the corner. Nice place. If you want cheap weed grow it yourself, and stop whining.
Neutral Review Kevin from USA sent 8 Jul 2003
Good if you're desperate for weed, but u can find cheaper, friendlier and cleaner places. The weed is awesome anywhere I ever bought it in Amsterdam but the price of the Grasshopper can be beat. Best thing about the Grasshopper is you can sit outside if its a nice day.
Positive Review John M. from UK sent 18 Jun 2003
I like this place, not for its smoke but for the place itself. The bar area is real nice and airy we went here on the 1st day to meet up with a friend that had a later flight than us, as I'd read the reports about this place as having not all that smoke me my wifey and friends bought some weed from Central coffeeshop then walked around then stopped here. Was a real hot day and the air-coned bar was perfect. Me and my mates went downstairs to roll up and left the ladies chatting in the bar, they didn't mind us all pulling out our stuff and rolling up. Wasn't all that busy but downstairs in the coffeeshop it was a bit warm. They have terrace seating that overlooks the canal where the Boat cruise leave.
Negative Review Matthew from UK sent 10 Jun 2003
What a rip off. Not only did they not want to sell you 1gramm,apart from there super skunk did not recon there puff much. Staff were not friendly. If it wasn't for the weather (30 c) would not of sat on terrace of Grasshopper 2.To give it credit the coffee shop in the basement of G2 had a good atmosphere but drinks very expensive. 4/10.
Negative Review Robert from UK sent 18 Feb 2003
This place is still taking the piss, tried to buy 1 gram , yes 1 gram of white widow. firstly he puts about 3 1/2 grams on and demands the money , after telling him twice that I wanted a gram I walked off with him only offering about 2. The weed isn't that special and the weed service is atrocious. Upstairs though the bar is quite lively and worth spending an evening drinking and smoking.
Negative Review Robert from UK sent 10 Feb 2003
Steer clear of the Grasshopper. Very overpriced and commercial.
Neutral Review John from USA sent 30 May 2002
The Grasshopper qualifies in my book as a tourist trap. Inconsistent deals, middle of the road pot at top of the line prices, and indifferent service, you would think I would not return. However, I visit every trip, its the only place that I am aware, that you can get a Dr. Pepper soda in the city.
Negative Review Kris from Belfast (N. Ireland) sent 12 Mar 2002
I would just like to say that I hated the grasshopper. It is the biggest rip-off in the city. The place is also full of English football hooligans and the staff are highly unfriendly. Also, what is with that big plastic barrier in front of the weed counter?
Neutral Review Steph from France sent 21 Jun 1999
(I try Super-Skunk and Manali hash). Grasshopper is normal coffee shop.