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coffeeshop Enschede
Reviews of Grasshopper Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany visited April 2019; sent 27 May 2019
We have been customers with this coffeeshop since 2012. Yes, the bald guy is a bulldog and some other budtenders are equally protective. They protect us as smokers, their quality is consistent and the weed is definitely stronger than what you would expect for 'border' weed. They warn you when the German border police are lurking around so you aren't going to lose your stuff and get in trouble and they help you when you get molested by foreigners that try to sell you hard drugs in Glanerbrug. During Christmas, not every shop does this, they give you a neat present. No one ever gets into the bar area behind the dealer / budtender and it has nothing to do with selection. The smoking lounge is next door upstairs and has always been there. Yes, they did renovate it last year with leather couches and playstation area (which was there before). The glass shelf with all the small bongs for sale is now gone though. They do sell snacks, like sandwiches. The toilet was broken the last time we were there. All in all this is a very, very friendly store. The budtender doesn't want to chat with you since the menu is always small and consistent. The locals // Germans know what they want. Border is like 500m away. One more thing: XW isn't that good guys, but still thanks for the recommendation!
Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Hooligan or what ever subculture he belongs to in his fifties was polite enough and gave honest advice after I told him what we were after. So their Hia for 10€/g it was then. Got sent to the lounge next door when we tried to enter shop on site where obviously others of his kind as well as locals were consuming. 'This is private' we were told. Selection, anyone? Though to be fair as usual experienced similar behaviour at other coffeeshops which were giving lame excuses like 'only for members' while the truth of the matter is it is only for locals or elitist circles but of course I do not appreciate this approach in both cases. However, what we found then was a medium sized relatively bright looking place, especially near the big window where there is a billard table as well as a corner with couches; dealer guy before told us proudly place there have been remodelled previous year. Guess about forty to fifty seats available; on the right there was a bar and stools where you order or get one of their clean bongs (deposit required). Little snacks and usual beverages available. By the way on tap they had those strains (all products pre-packed): Skunk (6€/g), XW (8€/g), Power Plant (9€/g), Special (12€/g) and Haze (13€/g). Hashwise it was: Ketama (8€/g), Afghaan (8€/g), Polm (8.5€/g), Super Polen (9€/g), Hia (10€/g), Ckh (10€/g), King Hassan (11€/g) and Amnesia (12€/g). The Hia was quite a surprise as even though I try to be as free of prejudice as possible but didn't expect too much as on one hand it is very, very close to the German border and on the other stuff I read or heard about that shop over the years. Taking this into account I was presented a genuine piece of Moroccan hashish which ticked all the boxes and seems to be one of the best products hashwise to be had in that area. Nothing extraordinary but fine product! Taste of the piney kind and nice enough effects. Another proof for going even to places with a bad reputation to see what the fuss is about first hand; though often reviews and hearsay give somewhat of a tendency. Their weed doesn't seem to be good though and just average judged by what people were smoking at our table. All in all not necessarily worth a look if you're after grass but if in Enschede on a hash hunt and looking for variation definitely an option; at least top five in this town. Though take into account that despite a clean and relatively comfy place to smoke there is a weird atmosphere about which I can only describe with professional kindness but in an somewhat aggressive undertone probably due to many really young people around which I can imagine isn't always easy and needs lots of patience when some misbehaviour, intended or unintended, happens. Seems those guys make short work. Though this is one of many side effects when it comes to phoney Dutch tolerance policy on drugs, especially that problem of the backdoor and others.
Positive Review Coney from Germany sent 21 Jan 2011
Nice place right behind the German border. Enough parking lots in the area around the shop. Opens soon at 12am. Separate lounge and shop parts. The personnel were not very friendly. I just take note of the kinds of weed. They had a big choice. Also pre-rolled joints and headshop-stuff. The personnel don't like answering questions about the kinds of weed. I choose the special offer: Skunk for just 5€/g. The smell and the quality was real good. I can advise the shop.
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 23 Oct 2007
Big Shop with a extra lounge to chill. The weed is bad but cheap.
Negative Review Studenti from Germany sent 15 Jun 2006
Worst shop I've ever been to! Extreme unfriendly owner/dealer. He wasn't interested in answering us one single question about the weed and absolutely overreacted because it took longer then 2 seconds to take out our passports. One time we were just waiting near the shop, the owner opened the window to let us know that we should leave immediately (he used way more explicit words!) So even if this is the first shop behind the border, better invest some time to go to Enschede into a good CS!
Neutral Review Meigel from Germany sent 18 Mar 2006
We've been to the Grashopper when we just got 18 the first time, but this had been the last time, too. The person at the counter was very unfriendly, not giving us time to choose what weed we wanted, either helping us with it. The weed was quiet good. We tried "PP", but I don't remember the price. Guess it was something about 6 euro per gramm. We got quiet high, but one of us overdid, but handled it like real man. All in all, I would recommend to choose one of the shops in the center of Enschede. The only real advantage of Grashopper is that it is real near the German border, about 300 meters. But it's really worth it driving the last few kilometers to the center of Enschede.
Positive Review Anke from Germany sent 16 Apr 2004
Very large, wide variety and good quality! There one is able to sit in comfort, however, I was only there and away again because the disadvantage is that this shop is approx. 100 meters behind the German border and one is liable to be observed!
Negative Review NBC from Germany sent 27 Nov 2003
A very dark and levelless shop with a not very friendly seller. You can buy some hash and weed its about 4-6 Euros a gramm, some days you can buy it for favorable prices. Ketama is pretty good but not great. The weed is bad. A sort which called WK, the seller said that it is White Widow is not good and I think it's not really White Widow. It doesn't make you high only depressive. Another weed is PP (Power Plant) it has a good taste and it is better than WK, but not really good. If u want better weed you must go to another shop but not to this shop.