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De Grasspriet

coffeeshop in Rotterdam
Reviews of De Grasspriet Number of Positive Reviews 1 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited Nov 2020; sent 5 Feb 2021
Please note, Covid19 influence in full effect so we were not keen buying overpriced Moroccan hashish: here we could have chosen between ten strains of wiet but we not even bothered to look at it as far as I remember. Their hashish went for 8€ for some Critical and 15€ for some Moroccan Hia.
Negative Review Dancing Monkeys from Netherlands sent 19 Feb 2012
Bad coffeeshop! Don't go there if you are looking for quality or friendly staff. Been there twice and the first time the staff wasn't helpful at all and they laughed at me. Why I still don't know. They throw your change from behind the counter to you which I find very, very rude to your customers. Shit quality weed, very rude staff and not helpful to foreigners (seen this myself, they sold the highest priced weed available and they really didn't know what they bought) There are other coffeeshops nearby so if you want to smoke, go there!