Greenhouse Centrum

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Greenhouse Centrum Number of Positive Reviews 44 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Anon. sent 27 Jul 2023
Bad Cali. Paint stuck to my grinder. Zero out of ten. Very disappointed.
Positive Review Ben from Ireland sent 21 Nov 2021
The Greenhouse was my favourite coffeeshop out of all that I visited on my trip. Every morning ended up in a routine of going there to smoke their pre rolled Kush joints, they where amazing, I also had 1g of their Amnesia Haze. Top smoke, reasonably priced, can’t wait to get back.
Positive Review Sam from Wales sent 26 Feb 2013
A good smoke.
Positive Review Paak from Netherlands sent 11 Feb 2011
My first coffeeshop I went in to. Got my first weed with a good buddy: Arjans Ultra Haze #1. Very good stuff and the best shit I ever smoked. In the shop it's really Amsterdam style, always people there, good feeling there, I love this shop.
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Didn't stay here as it was very busy and nowhere to sit but nice vibe. Bought Lemon Haze 3/5 milder than the UK's stuff but nice flavour etc still.
Positive Review Jason from USA sent 2 Jul 2009
Super Silver Haze is very nice, so are the brownies. Brownies!
Positive Review Pé Gordo from Brazil sent 17 Mar 2009
My favourites are Arjan's Haze #1, Strawberry Haze and Cheese but this time Hawaiian Snow was great very sticky and smelly.
Positive Review Jerry the Gooner from UK visited Jan 6; sent 7 Jan 2009
Not a shop that stands out as a coffee shop and I wouldn't have noticed it had not Ricks Cafe recommended them to me. It is opposite Ricks Cafe on the other side of the canal. I was after Cheese and Ricks recommended them to me. A bit dingy and not the friendliest of swarthy staff but they had the cheese I was after at 10 euros a grm. Very tasty and the buz you expect from good Cheese. They had some good offers on as well including 5grms of Super Silver Skunk (not haze!) for 30 euros that I bought. Similar invictor high but without the spicey taste of the s.s.haze. Highly recommended for good prices on 5grm deals. I had a latte cost 2.50 euros.
Positive Review Glenn from Canada sent 14 May 2008
After a long day of way too much walking this lively place was just what my feet needed. I grabbed a gram of Ice 'o' Lator Supreme for 36E. That was the most I have ever paid for a gram of anything anywhere. I was extremely happy with the smoke as well as the very long lasting high. I normally buzz along for about an hour after a smoke but this lasted over 2 and a half hours. It was the best pain relief I could have hoped for and the best hash I had during our 9 days in Amsterdam (or ever for that matter)!
Positive Review Newlyweds from USA sent 2 Nov 2007
We spent a day just looking for this place, but it was very worth it. We smoked last year's winner of the Cannabis Cup and it was awesome. They have a great menu, prices are worth it and a nice atmosphere.
Positive Review Zack from Canada sent 11 Aug 2007
Awesome staff and the Adrijian's Haze is bomb! Got me very stoned for a fun walk through the Red Light District. Great little patio and nice atmosphere with staff who actually serve you at your table! 8/10
Positive Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
Has an energetic vibe to it, it's covered in beautiful crystals and fantastic art. The dealer was extremely cool and collective - and seemed he could do everything blind folded. Definitely the best I've seen. It was our first shop, so we dived in and brought. Supersilver Haze 1g 10.50 1 gram Strawberry Haze 10.50 and King Hussan Pollum 8.50 1g. Recommend all three. Smells great and tastes superb.
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 27 Jun 2006
I loved this place! Being very close to Dam Square this shop can be very crowded, but a great place to hang day or night, especially if you can get seats out front on the terras, looking out to the Oudezijds Voorburgwal canal. Very elaborately decorated such as the other shops in the chain; mosaic tiled designs all over everything, a large windy bar, several tables with different style chairs and cushions about, mood lighting, ambient music, etc., overall a very nice place to hang and relax. The wiet counter is in the back where they have several Cannabis Cup trophies on display. The menu is great! Very sativa heavy on this trip it seemed, I tried the "Arjan's Haze #1," at 10.50 euro a gram and it was really amazing stuff, you really should try it, great aroma, flavor, and effect. They have all the beverages you would ever want, booze included, and they do make an excellent double cappuccino. The staff was very helpful with both the beverages and the wiet. Had a great time here, suspect others would as well. Also very close is the profloekal, "Wynand Fockink," (open since 1679) from out the front door cross the canal towards Dam Square, then right about 10 steps, then left down the tiny little alley by the souvenir shop.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 21 Jun 2006
Red Lebanese hash is my dad's favorite so I tried some here and it was nice. The place wasn't very cool to chill at so I just grabbed it and left cuz the people in there looked really drunk and restless!
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 21 Feb 2006
I just went there to buy some weed cause it was extremely crowded in there. Bought a gram of Buddhas Sister and Red Diesel, furthermore some "King Hassan extreme" hash. I was satisfied with all 3 of them. Buddhas Sister and the hash made me really stoned, Red Diesel wasn't very strong. Staff was very friendly!
Positive Review Cathleen from USA sent 6 Aug 2005
I thought that the shop was a little too hot but good smoke was available. I really enjoyed the NL 5 Haze.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 5 Apr 2005
We spied this from the other side of canal from the Wild Style cafe and thought we would give it a try. It is a nice looking place with some nice touches with lights etc, but on the whole we found it a bit on the expensive side, the drinks and weed whilst not the most expensive in the city, they must certainly be up there with them. The weed was good though I will say that (can't remember what I bought) but it was a nice smoke! When we were there, about 8pm, it was busy but we managed to get a window seat, this place is a bit more of a trendy bar, and we did not find it a "chill place" more of a meeting place than a place to sit and chill.
Positive Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
Quite a chilling place to smoke with really cool tables. Slightly annoying American guy selling the weed, and the woman behind the bar was a brainless half wit, but having said that the weed was nice (great White Shark), for 9 euros, and it was somewhere you could sit and chill to smoke it, so that's good enough for us!
Negative Review Bear from USA sent 13 Nov 2004
Once at the top of my "most favored coffeeshop" list, this place has sunk to the bottom. I used to enjoy a nice, fat joint of super silver haze there. Then, they started being out of stock every time I visited. This visit, it was off the pre-rolled menu. In its place was now the "pure haze joint". What I was sold was the skinniest joint imaginable and it was 1/2 filter! I figured, maybe this is some top notch stuff. Wrong! It was quite mediocre. I threw half of it out! Another lasting impression, watching the staff ignore me but sit there lovingly polishing their cannabis cups. Watching this scene and looking at the celebrity photos on the wall, it all became clear, Greenhouse is now a tourist trap. Won't be coming back any time soon.
Positive Review German from USA sent 12 Oct 2004
One of my favorites in the red light. Very mellow, could sit in there all day.
Positive Review Craig from UK sent 26 Aug 2004
I really like this place, decor very eye catching whilst remaining chilled, great selection of weed and friendly staff. Also in a really good location. Only gripe is that toilet facilities are pretty poor and I had to pop next door and buy some weed so I could use their toilet instead!
Positive Review Mark from England visited 13-15/8/04; sent 17 Aug 2004
Busy but great. Menu was good and prices were very reasonable. My personal favourite from there was the Super Skunk (great smoke).
Positive Review Carlos from UK sent 22 Jul 2004
I cannot praise this coffeeshop enough for the quality of the herb, no matter which one you buy you always get a good deal! Spent many an hour in here, very dim light but comfy and good service at the bar, although the weed man always seems a bit grumpy, but never rude! Good to look at all the stars who've visited the place. Even if you don't want to stay here for a smoke I'd recommend scoring your herb here each morning, make sure you stop for a quick fresh orange though!
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 6 May 2004
I always like this place, it's a good place to have a beer with your smokes. But I didn't buy anything there on this trip. I was interested in the Hawiian Snow, with the cannabis cup success and all, but the first time I was there they only had the ass end of some broken up stuff left. Next time I was there I already had all I needed so I didn't want to buy anymore, but it did look fantastic after they had restocked. And let me tell you, I was sitting at the bar when this fantastic aroma drifted by, I looked up instantly and I saw it came from three seats down where a guy was breaking up a huge bud to roll a joint. I said excuse me, but I have to ask, what the hell is that, it smells GREAT. It was the Hawiian Snow. Amazing.
Positive Review Spud from Ireland sent 29 Apr 2004
Another favourite watering hole of ours since the very first time we went to Amsterdam, couldn't wait to get here as I love their "great white shark", this is primo smoke, just have to watch you don't get bitten!
Positive Review Mike from USA visited Mar 04; sent 27 Mar 2004
Tried the Cup winner Hawaiian Snow. Super sticky, great hazy smell and taste. I got super high. My friend tried the AK-47, he looked totally stoned and stupid. I liked the inside of the shop, the window seat was nice, as it overlooks a canal. Helpful weedtender as well. I wish I had time to go back. It was close to our favorite falafel place so that was also a plus!
Positive Review Josh from USA sent 22 Mar 2004
I got here when they first opened in the morning and it was dead but still a decent place. Nice decor. I tried the Hawaiian Snow, which was pretty damn good. This place is sort of near the Marijuana museum, which is why I stopped in.
Positive Review Ben from UK visited 9 Jan 04; sent 18 Feb 2004
Although the Greenhouse was very busy when we visited, we luckily grabbed a table after we'd scored our treats from the, what has to be said, a top quality weed menu. I went here looking for Hawaiian Snow and was disappointed to hear they had sold out so I opted for the Super Kali Mist at 7 euro a gram and wasn't let down. I smoked it through a bong borrowed from behind the bar and had a few beers at 3 euros each. The relaxed vibe and beautiful bar girls convinced to visit the next nite too and, as luck would have it, the Snow had arrived back on the menu. I quickly purchased a gram for 10 euro and repeated the process of the previous nite. The Hawaiian was magic, quality weed, women, beer and a very chilled out vibe make this a kickass place to hang out. Top notch.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Dec 16-23, 03; sent 14 Jan 2004
After we got freshened up from the journey, we bopped over to GHC. Major disappointment that they were out of their CC winning Hawaiian Haze for at least 3 more weeks. Also, they have stopped selling pure pre-rolled joints, which used to be just incredible, and like the Grey Area consisted of the mixed shake of all their fine gear. We did buy a gram of their AK-47, which never disappoints.
Positive Review Max from USA visited 27-30 Dec 03; sent 2 Jan 2004
Bought a gram of King Hassan extreme hash for 10.80 euros was not disappointed, rolled some for the evening with the K2 from Abraxas, very very nice. The waitress seemed to be new was friendly, the counterman was okay.
Positive Review Rob from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
(8/10): My favorite of the "Bar" style coffeeshops. If you want some quality herb and hash, they've got it. The widow is phenomenal, and it's a friendly place to sit for a pint of Heineken and chat with the nice looking female bartenders.
Neutral Review Michael from Austria sent 16 Nov 2003
Very good shop with the very beautiful decor. We have bought Super Silver Haze, which was okay but not really as good as for example all the other samples of the Damprking etc. . Means not worth the high price in my opinion. Rating: not too good
Positive Review Kats from Japan sent 29 Aug 2003
It was very crowded when I visited so I decided to buy weed here and smoke it elsewhere. The reason I like this place is that they have quality weed. I bought Kalimist and Hash Plant Haze. Kalimist was absolutely wonderful! I like the looks of the buds, very nice green with the red hair and the white crystals evenly mixed. The smell was very very nice, one sniff and I got hooked. It's gentle to your throat and the taste was something I will not forget. High was great, Helter Skelter [from Barney's] was a little more powerful but the Kalimist will not disappoint. Overall, I think the Kalimist is one of the best weeds in Amsterdam!
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Let me start by proclaiming that I like this place, I really like this place. Not only is it rather large for a coffeeshop, but they have excellent service (used to be all hotties, now they are not), a fine selection of primo smoke and probably the best cup of coffee/cappuccino in all of Amsterdam. Well let's just say they tie with "de Dampkring".
There is outside seating on either side of the front door and many tables, booths and barstools within the shop. They have recently gone through some renovations towards the rear so we'll pick it up there. The bar sits to the left as you enter and the dealing station is at the right rear. Like I said, they only recently built the new dealing station. All table tops and wall murals are extravagant. It's really hard to explain but the tables are made from some heavy type of wood/glass/granite or something with interesting formations embedded in the material all detailed by ingenious illumination points from below. The barstools were recovered in leopard print material with termination points in the form of marijuana leaves secured to the wood floor. The wall mural (the "eye") is done in some type of tiling that is out of this world. The decor continues throughout the bar in their light fixtures, spirally gothic-like bar accessories and glass racks. Someone spent some serious time (and money) getting these things exactly perfect. The bar is plentiful and well stocked serving spirits, beers, juices (fresh squeezed OJ), soft drinks, etc. They also have a house bong for us American's and sell T-Shirts, hats and stickers all depicting their logo.
Again, the real reason for coming here is the shit. They have a very diverse menu specializing in hydro and hash. They have some very decent bio weed while a bit pricey still gets the job done nicely. The first bud I bought there was the "White Widow" which proved to be excellent. I have also tried the "N. Lights/Afghani Mix", "Godzilla", "White Shark" and "Super Silver Haze" all of which did not disappoint. They also have some of the best hash I've found in all of my excursions in Amsterdam. There are at least three varieties of the stuff I like but I think I've settled on the " Super Blond Palm". It's a bit cheaper than the "King Hussein Palm" but has about the same effect in my opinion.
Positive Review RC from USA sent 12 Jul 2003
Theo was behind the counter and made a great suggestion in Super Kalimist. The girls at the coffee/drinks counter were really friendly. Overall, it was a good experience.
Positive Review TG from UK sent 22 Jun 2003
I thought that I'd been here before as on previous visits I'd been in the coffeeshop down stairs next door thinking it was Greenhouse Centrum! The outside of the shop is welcoming, with chairs to enjoy the weather and passing scenery and a colourful decor. The bar is on the left with sofas and tables on the right, leading to the counter at the back. The menu was the most varied I saw all weekend. Most of the strains were hybrids of others I had commonly come across, NL, Blueberry, Haze, SS etc but they had their own slant on each. They had 2 Hazes that were flowered for 17 and 19 weeks respectively on the menu but were unfortunately out of stock! The 19 weeker was nearly 20 euros a gram!!!! This is a really nice place which is close enough to the redlight district without being tacky or intrusive! If you are around this area, take the time to get your weed here.
Neutral Review John M. from UK sent 18 Jun 2003
Had been showing my friends round the Red Light for a while for a giggle we came across this place, I'd read somewhere that this place does Great White Shark a top quality weed with a hit similar to 'shrooms. Didn't stay here as it was heaving inside and outside. I popped in and looked at their menu, which was large with a good selection of weed and hash but unfortunately they had run out of Shark so we bought the House 'Big Bang'. Was not like the name suggests. Was OK but I'd not buy it again. Had better, much better. I'll try next year and hope that the Great White's back in.
Positive Review J.C. from USA visited Mar 20-27, 2003; sent 24 Apr 2003
This place it pretty much in the red light district, and it has an alcohol license. I thought the staff was really nice and interested in having fun while they were working. The buds looked great too. I know you can't tell a book by looking at the cover, but everything they showed me looked very nice. Upon the dealers recommendation I tried the Super Kali Mist and that proved to be a wise choice. I really liked that one. I stopped back another day and couldn't decide between the Jack Herrer and the Super Silver Haze. I was enjoying all the hazes so much that I decided on the Super Silver Haze, but I didn't like it because it clouded up what had been a great buzz up until then. Incredulous, I tried it again another day and found it to be the same. Skip that one, but definitely go to the Greenhouse because it's a lot of fun and the Super Kali Mist is great.
Positive Review Robert from UK sent 18 Feb 2003
Possibly the most chilled psychedelic coffeeshop I went in and I'll go again and again. Nice staff and full with locals of all different ages and genders. Bought Kali Mist , Bubblegum, and my Amsterdam favourite (by far the fruitiest) Shiva Shanti.
Positive Review Robert from UK sent 10 Feb 2003
Probably the best I've visited so far. A very good choice of hydro, bio and hashish. Super Silver Haze and Greenhouse Godzilla/Great White Shark were my favourite.
Positive Review Dani from UK sent 14 Oct 2002
Favourite coffeshop. Tried some beautiful giggly grass that was just new in called Purple Lila. Had us in uncontrollable stitches and was a wonderful change from London's monging stuff!
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA sent 2 Apr 2001
I had never tried AK-47, so I made this my sole 10 guilder buy at GHC. This turned out to be the cat's meow and I rated it as a tie for top honors with Blueberry.
Positive Review Scott from USA sent 12 Nov 2000
What I like most about Green House on OZVB, aside from the fine weed, is that everyone working there is super friendly.
Positive Review Ron from USA sent 31 Oct 2000
Best hash (Manali Cream). Best place to sit and enjoy a joint.
Positive Review Jason from UK sent 28 Mar 2000
Greenhouse Centrum is a small shop. It was busy the evening we were there, though they do have outside seating. They sell both beer and soft drinks and have a good range of grass, (including Super Silver Haze). Greenhouse Centrum seemed to me to have quite a large Dutch clientele, which must be a good sign!
Positive Review Don from UK sent 2 Jul 1999
Fast becoming one of my favourites for its location, décor and ambience - great if it is quiet, awful when crowded. Mind boggling "Menu" - settled on 1g of "Afghan" - I figured if they named a grass after a hash then there has to be some similarity in character and strength - I needed a grass that got me well stoned but allowed my legs to work! -f14 a g and very good at this price level - hash like stone with a "speedy" buzz. Recommended.
Neutral Review Steph from France sent 21 Jun 1999
(I try White Widow, Jack Herer and Dalai-Lama hash). Wide choice of hemp but expensive.
Positive Review Mokum Bear from USA sent 7 May 1999
Their pre-rolled Super Silver Haze was GREAT and came complete with handy plastic cone shaped carrying case. (Good, because it was so strong it lasted all day!)
Positive Review John from USA
We found ourselves in the lower level setting at the bar and was immediately helped by a young man who took our drink orders and presented me with a menu of smoking items. Asking for help in my selection, the man behind the bar kindly helped me in my purchases of small quantities of King Hussain Hash, Super Silver Haze, and another product that resembled one I fancied in my youth. The product and price exceeded my expectations.