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Greenhouse Namaste

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Reviews of Greenhouse Namaste Number of Positive Reviews 20 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany sent 19 Aug 2019
Sample: Cheese & Cheese Cream. Cramped little place. Budtender was a nightmare. Hash was mishandled. Hash was bagged instead of boxed. Overpriced. Flower was clean under microscope.
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 16 Apr 2017
My favourite of all the Greenhouse venues. Great decor and relaxed atmosphere. Staff are usually friendlier here (pretty sure Franco's brother works in this one I spoke with him the other day). Out of all the Greenhouse establishments make sure you try this one. Close to lots of other great shops in a lovely area.
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
By far the best and best looking coffeeshop in the area, but also pretty expensive, so come prepared. Awesome place to space out, and one of those places I visit with friends on special occasions (went here after graduation for example). It has the same menu as all the other Greenhouses, with Super Lemon Haze (€13), Super Silver Haze (€12), Hawaiian Snow (€11,50) and NYC Diesel (€13) being one of the most special and toughest strains I ever tried. Highly recommended if you wanna get stoned properly, but be sure to bring your wallet.
Positive Review Q from Amsterdam sent 29 Dec 2010
Super Lemon Haze, That's all I've got to say.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 15 Oct 2009
Just over the Amstel is the Namaste, a small shop on one level with a turnstile just after the dealers bar. Purchased a gram of King Kush and a hot choc and went and sat at the back of the shop. My mate got a gram of Super Silver Haze and one of Lemon Haze with a view to buying 3 grams of the bud he preferred. He settled on the Lemon and got another 3 grams. I was happy with the King Kush but fancied a quality bit of hash so went for another look at the menu. Asked to see the Indian Jungly Cream. Wow my eyes lit up, dark black oily looking outer with a lovely golden inner, this stuff is expensive at 18euros per gram but you get what you pay for. The fella put a piece on the scales and went to cut a gram off. I asked how much the whole piece would be (1.88grams) and he said 34euros. I couldn't possibly not have the whole piece so went for it. Gorgeously rich and creamy smooth smoke, a piece of hash to be cherished! Great decor with little statues of various Buddhist kind of things in little alcoves in the wall, also one of the funkyest toilets I've ever seen! While we were there a young American came in to make a purchase. As soon as he had his gram around 5 of his mates came in and made a b-line for the seats. Unfortunately the turnstiles prevented this and they were told they would have to purchase more than a gram between 6 of then to sit in the shop and toke. Sounds fair to me. The budtender was a top bloke and we had a good old chat with him for quite a while, he also gave us a grinder each, mind you we had spent about 100euros between us! Top place.
Neutral Review B&E from USA sent 11 Oct 2008
We didn't have a great experience here but it could have just been a bad day for the lady working there. We felt very rushed here. Despite the really elaborate decor, it doesn't appear to be a 'hang-out' type of coffeeshop, but more of a 'process-the-tourist' type. There's even a turnstyle as you come in. We didn't come back and I probably wouldn't come back again on any future trips.
Negative Review Fredster from UK visited April 08; sent 14 Jun 2008
I have visited this place many time and received "super stash", this time the guy asked me a few questions about my travel plans, didn't pay attention to his intent. When I got to my next destination I found my stash to be of the non-resin type and i tasted awful. Damn you Arjan for having such weird staff. I was a happy customer. I also went back and told the guy a week later on my return, he did not expect me back and boy he's lucky, I will never visit this place again. He instantly turned red when I arrived back with the shit stash! This guy will sell you crap! I put it on the table and said with a loud voice, this is shit dude wtf was several of the superstrains that I know since earlier experiences, should have called Arjan
Positive Review Zack from Canada sent 11 Aug 2007
Small but cozy, very smokey but it didn't bother me at all. Nice group of people including the staff, and a small but very potent selection of weed. The AK-47 and NY Diesel were by far the best choices in my opinion but according to some Brits we met while smoking there, the hash is amazing as well. 7/10
Positive Review RK from UK sent 18 Oct 2006
Visited numbers of time, the place can sometime be a bit dusty but the music is almost always good, and the quality of the rolled joints is above average. A nice place in a very nice and quite part of Amsterdam, highly recommended for those of us who wish to experience Amsterdam away from busy tourists spots.
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
A very small but lovely shop directly at the Waterlooplein. We bought Super Maroc (6,70€) and King Hassan Polm (8,20€). A nice and basic shop in A'dam. It was near to the hotel, if I would stay in the hotel again, I would also visit the shop again. They had the same menu like the Greenhouse Tolstraat
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
We like this decorative very small place (15 peoples).
Positive Review Patman from UK sent 26 Nov 2005
Harsh one Sean, but I had the opposite experience when visiting earlier this year. Me and my girlfriend were asked our age when we arrived at the Greenhouse and I replied 21 and 18, to which the dude said that you had to be over 21 in theory but we could come in anyway. He didn't even ask to see and ID. Maybe they've tightened up recently. Had a nice reefer of Mango Haze that left us in the mood for wandering!
Positive Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
Bought some Bubble Gum from here for 8 euros, both my wife and I thought it was really potent, we both seemed to have 360 degrees view! Really weird! Quite a comfy place with chilling music, but the waitress seemed a little pushy.
Negative Review Sean from USA visited Nov 15 - Dec 2; sent 3 Dec 2004
I had visited this coffeeshop at least 10 times in my stay in Amsterdam spending on average 30-70 Euro (+tips) on each visit. Well, on one of my last nights in town, I decided to go back 1 more time for a beer and some grade A weed and was welcomed by a brand new shinny sign in the window saying in Dutch that all persons must be 21 to enter. Knowing that I had been carded by the same dealer 2 nights before I didn’t worry about looking so young as I do. The same guy that had been so kind to me and thanked me for spending alot there just pointed at the sign and told me to leave without asking for a passport although I was holding one in his face. I guess spending alot of euro and being a quiet, polite, tipping customer wasn’t enough to earn a little respect for my kind actions. This is a very weird staff that may be kind one moment and angry/rude the next, I don’t recommend this place for the staff, but the weed is very good (kinda expensive though).
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited Oct '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
As you walk in you notice how small this shop is. Great menu, but not enough seating. I got the Super Skunk Haze for 10 euros for a gram (highest bud I bought), and it wasn't the best, it was just alright to me. Nice people!
Positive Review German from USA sent 12 Oct 2004
One of the tightest shops I've been to. Good ass weed and the girl working there was definitely one of the hottest chicks I saw while I was there. Everything was beautiful: the bud, the girl working there, the decoration and the location. Outside of the red light and right close to a market. You can go outside and chill, just watching the scenery or stay inside and trip out. It is very unique decorative.
Positive Review Craig from UK sent 6 Oct 2004
For me, the best all round coffee shop I've found. Plenty of space to relax and get comfortable before undertaking a hero's smoke. The AK on offer delivered both in price and quality and the rest of the menu looked equally interesting. Alcohol is also on offer. The music seemed varied and generally the atmosphere was more social than most of the shops I visited. A fairly similar comparison would be Rookies.
Positive Review Rob from UK sent 3 Oct 2004
Firstly, pity about the turnstile. Don't let it put you off though, it is a shop worth a visit. I bought some blonde hash actually on my way out, nice smoke, sat and rolled with previously bought grass and had a beer. Good conversation with a Russian girl. Lady behind the counter and man serving the cannabis started to sing but not for long. Rating for the shop - excellent, rating for singing - poor.
Positive Review Gasper from England sent 18 Feb 2004
Very small but very intimate. All the tables are very close to one another so it's easy to get talking to the other customers. An excellent range of souvenirs is also on sale along with some Cup winning smokes. Be warned about the toilet: it's very cool but you might not think you're in the toilet. It looks like someone's boudoir. Definitely worth a visit if you can get a seat.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Dec 16-23, 03; sent 14 Jan 2004
I asked for the Neville's Haze, which was the most expensive item on the bill-of-fare. The dealer told me that their current batch of Neville's wasn't worth shit, and he recommended the Shiva Haze as their best gear currently in-house. I took his advice and was pretty well satisfied. It was the second best haze of this trip, after the stuff from Hunter's Bar.
Neutral Review Max from USA visited 27-30 Dec 03; sent 2 Jan 2004
Inside has been changed from my visit four years ago, liked it better before. Had to wait at the counter, and what's with the turnstile? Bought a gram of Bubblegum for 8 euros which was just okay, guess I didn't care much for the smell. I liked the lighting and countertops at both Greenhouses.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Oct 2003
I went to Namaste back in August, and I went for one thing, the "Super Kali Mist," and I got it (8 euro gm.). The Kali Mist is amazing!!! One of my favorites!!! A very uplifting smoke with a sweet, but pungent aroma, and a "Give me another fresh hit of that immediately," kind of flavor!!! You must try at one of the greenhouses if in Amsterdam!!! The staff was friendly and very patient as there were alot of people there. They were also very informative about their products and served us with a smile. I didn't stay because the area in the back was full, so after a sample, off I went to the entertaining open market right across the street, you must check this out. If you're looking for a bier go through the market and you will find the "Groot Mokum" bar/cafe, they have terras seats where you can chill and watch the market and all the people going by.
Positive Review John from USA sent 12 Jul 2003
I had the extreme pleasure of stumbling onto this shop in the morning hours. As for smoke ... I went to many shops in Amsterdam and have never found "bad weed". So, with that being said, there are points that Namaste has above others that should be mentioned. Its located sort of diagonally across the street from a flea market/street market/junk shop area. This market is an excellent spot to dump the lady while you hit Namaste. When I got there it was just opening. The employee was an Italian guy (very cool) we had a nice chat while he made me THE BEST damn cup of cappuccino I've ever had. This was after an extended trip thru Italy. The weed was good don't get me wrong but go for cappuccino too. The woman had a good time, I had a good time and an excellent cup of morning wake-up. And you know as well as I do how much your lady loves to browse thru junk.
Positive Review N_Mo from USA sent 28 Dec 2002
Another house of green presented by our friends at the GreenHouse. Some of the best buds can be found here. If over by the Bluebird (one of the best) coffeeshop, just head down to Waterlooplein and you're almost there. Located just around a corner, look for a sign reading "Greenhouse" in clear white christmas lights. Nothings cheap so don't show up looking for the 50% discount. Not toooo expensive though for a taste of some of the best crops in the world.
Positive Review B-Li from USA
The Greenhouse chain is looked upon as having some of the most potent marijuana on the face of the planet, judging from all of the hype and excess Cannabis Cups it has generated. And while allegations of payola bribing of judges and bully tactics have clouded its reputation over the last year, in many ways its claim is well founded.
I had taken photos of the Waterlooplein location on previous vacations, but had never taken occasion to amble in and explore it until the most recent. The inside is only a fraction larger than as its Centrum location, with the same basic floor plan of wood-carved benches by the window and bar to the left. The only difference is that the bathroom and a fountain adorn the back end of a narrow cavern of a corridor.
Beer is served in addition to juices, colas and coffees, and there even appeared to be small snacks on hand for the asking. The smoke dealer offers the same basic selection as the Red Light location, other than two or three strains seemingly absent from the fold.
Since nothing was catching my eye that couldn't be bought at a later time, I decided to just grab a seat at the bar for a quick smoke and a black coffee. The waitress was very friendly, and even offered me some of the fruit she had cut up for her own snack since I gave her a nice tip. It also seemed as if she was in the same awkward position of wanting to strike up a conversation, but somewhat restricted by shyness and cross-cultural uncertainty. It probably didn't help the suave factor on my end either when the first sliver taken from her slipped into the dirty dishwater. So much for being smooth.
There was also another brief (albeit pleasant) foreign relation. A Dutch ska skinhead gentleman with freshly shaved mellon also asked me to use my lighter, and an unspoken 'I'll leave it here between us in case you need it' polite exchange took place.
The Greenhouse Waterlooplein is a quieter option for stragglers off the beaten path to sample the crystal saturated produce than the perpetually slammed O.Z. shop, and worth a look when the need to fry those directions right back out of your head takes hold.