Green Place

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Neutral Review Anon. sent 14 Feb 2022
Good weed but overpriced menu.
Positive Review Memlock from UK (expat) sent 8 Sep 2015
I hear a lot about shy deals in here. I have been going here regularly for over a year, never once have I had a short deal! If you got mugged off here, it's because you are, or acted muggy! The BTs here ain't really friendly but fuck it, it's a service, buy your weed and be done with it. I never stay here, buy and fly, but no doubt their Kush is some of the best in Dam! I use the Purple Kush as my sleeper joint, that shit never fails, serious kick on it. Shoreline is hit and miss here. Last time it was wet, and they raised the price! But it's hard to get Shoreline, and when it's done right, it truly is a wonderful smoke. The Gin and Juice is also nice bud. Anyway, carry yourself right and your be treated right in here. These guys put up with a lot more shit than a dealer from your ends would ever put up with!
Neutral Review Davy Kushman from USA sent 28 Jul 2015
I didn't like the atmosphere and unfriendly staff but the 5 gram deals are the best in the center! It is best to buy from here but not to hang out here. Great Purple Kush as well!
Positive Review Niklas from Germany sent 4 Jan 2012
Very nice coffeeshop with nice people, good weed. It feels like going to a pub. Tried my first Kush ever and was amazed. 7/10
Positive Review Wackness from UK sent 24 May 2010
Ordered a gram of Chocolope and was very impressed. Unique taste and smell, a must for anyone visiting Amsterdam.
Positive Review Lisa + George from Canada visited July 09; sent 3 Jan 2010
On our first day in Amsterdam we were recommended by a helpful local to visit the Greenplace. We are from British Columbia, Canada, so we are accustomed to and chronic smokers of some of the best weed in the world. The Kush here is delicious, and they have several varieties, the best selection of high stone weeds for the chronic smoker. The staff was friendly, the drinks reasonably priced. The white coffee was tasty. A tobacco room in the rear for smokers, and a small terrace for those who prefer outdoors. The sole purpose of our visit was to sample as many weeds as possible. We visited at least 50 coffeeshops in a 2 weeks period, purchasing only the top-quality and priciest weeds. We sampled on average approx 5 shops per day, but returned to the Greenplace everytime. The only downside was that there was no discount on purchasing multiple grams of the top Kush. The budtender did attempt to make up for it by throwing in free coffees and packs of papers after multiple visits.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Aug 2009
Right on the Kloveniersburgwal canal, the terras seating is especially nice in the evening when this area just south of the Nieuwmarket gets very "alive." A long, narrow interior, with a big front window that has cushioned, couch seating. Then there is a long bar on the right with stools, and smaller, tall tables with stools on the other wall. In the back there is a smoking room where you can use tobacco, it is very dim lit. The front area has candles at every table and nice mood lighting with a cool, decopage, dome type of light. Overall, the ambiance is very chill. The menu is very top notch with 16 wiet choices and 10 hasj. The "Blue Berry Cheese" (13e/gm.) was one of the best cheeses on the trip. They have lots of drinks available; coffee, Chocomel, sodas, teas, Red Bull, big candy-bar selection, TV with sports/music videos, good sound system and music, very clean, friendly service, a nice place to hang. Directly next door (the terras connects) is an above average bier cafe, "De Bekeerde Suster," and right down the canal on the corner of Koestraat is "Raan Phad Thai," one of the best deals on Thai food in town, with terras seating on the canal. Green Place, as well as this entire part of town is worth your visit.
Positive Review Macker from Ireland sent 10 Jul 2009
A stop-off on all our trips to Amsterdam this shop has a cool interior and offers a nice place to smoke with tobacco down the back. The staff are always friendly and you can get great 'GreenPlace' lighters etc for cheap prices too. Has a nice weed menu and the 'Chocolope' is a must-buy purchase @ 13euro per gram if my memory serves me correct and they do good deals on 5grams of 'Jack Terrer' which is always a good starter.
Positive Review Jerry the Gooner from UK visited Jan 6; sent 7 Jan 2009
My first stop on arriving in the 'dam. Nice range of weeds on the menu including Lemon Skunk 12 euros a grm. Train Wreck 9.50 euros a grm. Chocolube (3rd place in the 2008 Can Cup) was also on the menu for approx 10/12 euros a grm. If you haven't tried it already you really should. You know you've had one! I bought a gram of G13 haze for 13 euros (the most expensive item per grm on the menu). A lovely mellow high. Extremely recommended.
Positive Review Cantona7 from USA sent 31 Oct 2008
I went to the Green Place one day with a friend. Nice shop, they have internet. I believe they now have a separate smoking area for tobacco users. I ordered the Master Kush. Good mellow smoke. Very diverse menu. DNA Genetics strains. Definitely worth a look.
Positive Review Jerry the Gooner from UK sent 27 Aug 2008
Always have a great choice of buds ranging from the more common White Widow, K2, Jack H and AK47 at 8 euros a gram to the 10-12 euros a gram Train Wreck, New York Diesel, Super Super Silver, Jucy Fruit (when available), Red Cherry Berry, Cheese, Blueberry Cheese, L.A. Confidential (the most expensive at 14.50 euros a gram) and quite a few others. Always has at least 10+ types of skunk and 5-10 types of hash. Although at the higher price range all their buds are top quality and the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I have spent many a complete day sitting outside smoking when I've been there. They also have several pre-rolled joints available. They also have a separate partitioned room inside where you can also smoke tobacco with the skunk.
Positive Review Blowmonkey from UK sent 11 Aug 2008
When recently in Amsterdam I stopped right opposite the Green Place. I was always back and fore. My personal favourite is the Nepalese Temple Ball, great smoke. Stoned off my taters on this stuff the whole time I was there. Friendly staff and a chilled deco but sat outside the most of the time soaking up the wag square.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA visited June 04; sent 23 Jul 2008
Located on the Niewemarket square, we found this to be a top tier shop. Master Kush on the menu at 35 for 5 grams was the smoke of our June 08 trip. We also sampled Super Bubble at 11/gram and found it of high quality. This shop has an outdoor seating area with a nice view of the square, as well as a bar and nice dark chillout area in the back. The budtenders were helpful and friendly. Music was at nice volume and of the techno/house variety. Clean shop and restrooms. Drinks priced a little lower than many shops. Recommended stop.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
Smoked some "Love Potion" buds which were only moderately nice looking buds, with an off scented earthy almost sweet smell, had a light mellow type smoke with a light sour taste about it. Something new and had a unique feeling it gave, rather nice place but just really not my cup of tea.
Positive Review Shaun from England sent 1 May 2007
Visited this place on our first day, guy behind the counter seemed more interested in Pimp My Ride on the television but still, when asked, he recommended the Caramello hash (not the most expensive!) which was very good indeed. Also bought here Blueberry and Bubblegum. Both good, but the Bubblegum sticks to mind as the best smoke of the trip.
Positive Review Dave an Shtu from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Nice clean coffeeshop and nice and bright inside, excellent hot chocolate and some half decent comfy chairs to mong in. Wasn't very busy when we visited and the English bloke running it was amiable enough. Bought some Power Plant here a couple of years ago and after many subsequent visits to A'dam this place still sticks in my mind. Will visit again if our stoned selves can find it again.
Positive Review Greg BP from England sent 16 Jul 2003
Whilst walking in a stoned daze we came across the blue canopy of Experience and it guided us like a beacon. First impressions are of a small greyish coffee shop, but after your eyes adjust its a nicely laid out clean place which stretches beyond the bar into the rear of the building with plenty of comfy seats/tables. This place has some amazing lighting and each lamp is unique and quite cool which adds to a comfy cosy ambience. The British chap behind the bar was very friendly, recommended a good smoke and took time out to clean up a nice bubbly bong for our use. The menu was quite small and they had sold out of most of their hashish, I bought 2g of K2, which seemed to hit the spot nicely. Sitting in the back of the shop we found a nice area to chill, the shop has a really cool kitten there which runs amok thru the shop. A good selection of fruit teas, munchies etc. A nice place which is worth popping into.