Green Valley

coffeeshop in Ede
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Positive Review Jesscass sent 12 Jul 2017
Next to coffeeshop De Kink and just opposite the train station (how many customers literally missed their train here?). Also busy place. Here focus seemed to be on mostly comfy seating (50+) and about six TV sets. Also quite modern (bet they had a refurb some time ago as well). Weed on was: Silver Haze (12€/g), Amnesia Haze (11€/g), Amnesia Lemon (11€/g). Enemy of The State (10€/g), Dutch Power, White Widow and Pandora/Gruis (6€/g). Hash on was: Tidighine (10€/g), Critical Cream (9€/g) and Polm Special (9€/g). All weighed in front of you. Communication was difficult as oriental guy in his fifties barely spoke any English but managed to tell him what I was after; his youngish colleague (his employee?) helped out later. He then conjured a slab of blondish Moroccan Tidighine out of his pocket which I went for and didn't regret it as best Moroccan I found in both shops in Ede. Also later examined their Critical Cream and Polm Special. Former one was indeed a dark cream but seemed to be a bit less in quality compared to what I got sold as 'Critical Mass' (Moroccan hashish, 12,5€/0,7g) at Bluebird in Dam about two years back but still nice; anyways Moroccan hash particularly labelled as such seems to be around almost everywhere lately these days. Polm Special was also a blondish polm looking interesting. Took a look at the Amnesia Lemon and also got me something; found it better than the CW Haze from De Kink. Good enough quality as well! Also a nice shop in this small town!