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coffeeshop The Hague
Reviews of Greenhouse Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany visited May 2019; sent 27 May 2019
Jack Herer Cup Winner. Clean, good store with only minor flaws: We wanted to sit down and they insisted that one of us has to present a passport. We are EU citizens and do not carry passports with us. But after the supervisor came down and winked at us, we shall give it another chance the next time. ;) Oh and one more thing: I find it amazing that the budtender showed us the weed and told us 'not to touch it'. +1 And what does she do a couple of minutes later? Just take her hands and rip the stuff into tiny shreds on the scale. I hope you licked your fingers afterwards, as we paid for those trichomes! And please please, either turn down the music, remove that heavy glass between customer and budtender or wash your ears. Having to repeat everything 50 times is not funny. At all. :|
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Jul 2015
I am travelling through the Netherlands 3 times a year and I have tested a lot of coffeeshops all over the country. This time I have been in Amsterdam for some days and came then to den Haag. I have to say Greenhouse is the best coffeeshop I have ever been in. Very big menu. Weed is separated in mostly indica, sativa and 50/50 hybrids. They even tell the exact ratio of indica and sativa like indica 70% and sativa 30%. Every type of weed and its effect is well described on the menu. And one thing i never saw before. They even tell you for every weed which breeder produced the seeds that have been used. So you can grow exactly the same sort of weed at home. I bought four kinds of weed. Casey Jones from Headseeds, Hindu Kush from Sensiseeds, Superlemonhaze from Greenhouseseeds and Killer Kush from Reserva privada. Every one of them had been superprofessionel dried and delivered a fantastic taste and the bang was fantastic too. I've found this coffeeshop even better than, for example Barneys or Greenhouseseedsshop in Amsterdam but much more cheaper. So if you want really good weed visit the Greenhouse in Den Haag.
Negative Review Gordon from Netherlands sent 1 Jun 2014
After almost a year of not buying any weed here, I walked in again. The selection of weed looked great. I bought 5 grams of Bubba Cheese, the price was 57,50 euros. I paid with a 50 euro and a 20 euro and got 2 euro and 50 cents back. I said that I didn't get enough money back and I got another 10 euros back without any fuss. However I am thinking the guy behind the bar did this on purpose, so make sure you get the right amount of change!
Positive Review Jesscass sent 11 Jun 2012
Good selection of weed and hashish. Polite budtender and pleasant not too small shop. Had their strongest hash recommended by the staff (about 13€/g I guess) and Cheese. Good smokes, recommended.
Positive Review Wiet Jack from France sent 5 Dec 2010
One of my favorite coffeeshops, the bartender is nice and good weed, the coffeeshop inside is ok. Weed: 8/10 coffeeshop 7/10.
Positive Review K.Butler from UK (living NL) sent 8 Nov 2010
I have really grown to like this coffeeshop over the last 3 months as it has offered reliable, good choice at convenient times (opens at 10am). I call it a coffeeshop, and it does have a 'private' back room, but the set up here is like many others in the Hague and you are served from a covered hatch type affair. Good choice of 6/7 types of bud, on display in clear plastic boxes, so you can see product before buying. The best bud (and most expensive) is the Bio Haze at 11.50 a g. Sticky, stinky, fruity delight! A 'mega' stone that you somehow don't feel creeping up on you. Good selection of hash and I can recommend the Nepal black, so smooth and creamy! Very 'professional' attitude here. Always a queue here so don't expect individual attention.
Positive Review Ruben from France/Italy sent 13 May 2010
Having now lived in the Hague for quite some time, I can safely stake my reputation of this establishment. I live on the opposite side of town and it takes me a good half hour to get there, but I refuse to buy anywhere but at the Greenhouse. The selection is not astronomical, but just enough for any connoisseur or beginner alike, showcasing some top strains. The more expensive ones (Mexican Haze, Super Polm) are not worth their money. However, the lower-priced goods are the best on the market. Chocolope, AK 47, Amnesia, Bubbelicious, Jack Herrer, are highly recommended ranging from a modest 8.50-9.50 Eur per gram. On the higher-priced end, Cheese (a classic Dutch strain) is excellent in both high and aroma, for 10 Eur. and my personal recommendation for a buzzing, cerebral high, their new arrival and speciality for 11 Eur. per gram: Bio Amnesia Haze. The only downside to the place is that it's one of those "go in, buy, get out" places. Don't get me wrong, the staff is friendly and all, but except for some good music, it's not the best place to chill. It has no bar, but does have vending machines for munchies and drinks. They also have a Volcano Vaporiser for anyone to use, just ask at the counter!
Positive Review Karlos from France sent 23 Nov 2009
The best in the whole country! No kidding! Very friendly and very competent staff, that was appreciated. And what was even more appreciated, was the 20 or so varieties of weed! You read correctly: Over 20 sorts of grass! Excellent stuff for regular prices! Unfortunately, this more a place to buy and go rather than to stay and enjoy. There are a few tables of course, and 2 vending machines, but that's it. However, once you've been there, you don't want to buy anywhere else anymore! I wanna say to the staff: Thank you! And keep rockin' of course!
Neutral Review Jos from The Hague sent 10 Apr 2005
This shop is close to 'De Mazzelaar'. This is not my favourite shop, but it's alright. You don't have a lot of choice which type of weed you want. When this shop sells the weed 'Sticky fingers' make sure you buy it: it's (one of) the best in town. Most of the time they don't sell it or it's sold out. I think their best weed, after Sticky Fingers, is K2. You don't get much of K2, but it'll get you high for sure. I would say this is an average shop, not outstanding.