Grey Area

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Grey Area Number of Positive Reviews 99 Number of Neutral Reviews 9 Number of Negative Reviews 5
Positive Review errorterror from Germany sent 23 May 2018
What can I say? The Grey Area is for me the top address. No. 1 when it comes to weed. As a tip, Grey Haze is highly recommended! When I am in A'dam, I am also in the Grey Area! 5 stars deluxe!
Positive Review Tom from France sent 26 Feb 2018
The only decent weed of my stay! No (or almost no) bad nutrient after taste. Their Golden Sole hash is pure and very nice. The shop is small and crowded with noisy American teenagers so not a place to stay and chill. Staff is nice and helpful.
Positive Review Sam from Wales sent 26 Feb 2013
A must for weed is but very hard 2 get a seat. Gotta try the og cush.
Positive Review Niklas from Germany sent 4 Jan 2012
Tho it's small, the variety and quality of the weeds are good. Sadly we couldn't sit because it was full, but next time this will be my #1 stop. Bought half a gram of Chocolope and enjoyed it quite much. I don't know if they sell drinks, but it seemed like this shop is more focused on selling cannabis. 8/10
Neutral Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Wow this place is small! Cool comic booky decor, nice buzzy atmosphere although if I'd been an older visitor I'd probably have felt uncomfortable. Too busy in there had to squeeze to even see the menu (which was ok to be fair but nothing special, reasonable prices though compared to some).
Positive Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
The Super Afghani Hash was quiet potent and smooth tasting. The Chocolope Haze was incredible. The winner of the Dopestock Cup - dopecast 172. Definitely recommend going somewhere else to smoke as this shop is extremely small and very busy.
Positive Review Jason from USA sent 2 Jul 2009
Nice small cube of a place, I stood in line with about 3-4 kids making conversation. Friendly stoneys work at the bar. There are several great bud and hash options, and huge bongs to borrow to sample your new purchase. Price is 8euro for lower-grade weed (but still good!) and 11-13euro for the good Sativa weed.
Negative Review Alex from England sent 29 Mar 2009
I went to the Grey Area on Wednesday the 25th of March 2009 at approximately 13:00hrs, it was the first coffeeshop I had been to that day and so I was not stoned when I arrived. The shop was busy and very small, usually I would have passed by, but the guy who ran our hotel (an American) recommended that we go there and try their smoke, so we went in and I bought 2g of GreyBerry for €16 off a Yank and asked for one cup of tea and one coffee, I gave him a €50 note. In reply he said I could have the drinks for free and gave me €4 change. To this I said that I had given him a 50 and wanted €30 more change, but he refused and said that he only had 2 €50 notes in his till and I had not given either to him. He said that if I left him my mobile number he would ring me back the next morning after he had cashed up his till if he found €30 extra, but he never phoned. In summary I would say that the Grey Area is a complete tourist trap run by a bunch of long fingered Yanks that should be best avoided.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA visited July '08; sent 7 Jan 2009
Happen to show up at 4.20. How nice. This place rules the 'Dam. John & Adam know how to treat a customer. Had some lovely Grey Mist Crystals @ 18 eu/g. Well worth it. Picked up 2.5 g of this killer trichrome. Also picked up a g of some Golden Soles H, 2g of the Big Buddha Cheese - which was a major score. This stuff delivered the knockout punch I was looking for. Don't forget 2g of Chocolope. With such a great reputation going in, it was bit of a disappointment. But overall, the Grey Area always has the best of the best. Next day picked up 2g of the Grey Mist - the original couch lock! Much love to John & Adam.
Positive Review Fredster from UK visited April 08; sent 14 Jun 2008
Must have been here to and from during several years, and it bores me as most things on the menu seems to taste a bit of the same. However the Yanks can be trusted as they have an overall high standard on the grass, sometimes burns a bit weird and seems a bit to pumped up. Can I mention that this place has 20+ people waiting for it to open at twelve (everyday now). Must be a good reason.
Positive Review Paul B from UK sent 10 May 2008
Good Chocoloupe, amazing Cheese and Sour Diesal, tall thin guy was pleasant.
Negative Review Steve from USA sent 13 Mar 2008
I knew going in this was an "Americanized" shop. Alot of Americans visit this shop and rave about it. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I was disappointed. The guy behind the counter was an American (or a least he faked it well) and was friendly enough. He hooked me up with some good weed which gave an intense high but not long lasting. I was not concerned about the price. What turned me off was the guy was on the phone, the music stopped and everyone had to listen to his conversation which went on for what seemed forever. The dead silence of no tunes was a buzz kill. I left.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
About a page or two down is my first review which still stands. This time around I tried the: Sourlope, Lemon, Chocolope, Sweethaze, GreyDiesel, Grey Haze, Grey Mist, Bubbleloope, Yellow Cab, Super Silver Haze, Kushage, and Grey Berry. All of them are amazing but all of them are also expensive. Super Silver Haze and Chocolope by far were the best two and quite possibly the best period. I love this place with a passion although in recent times the suppliers they get weed from (yes that's right, they don't even grow their own) have been changing what they have and for how much money. As far as hash this time I tried the Trichromes again obviously, the best hash ever, the Golden Soles which I was looking forward to, just too strong for me and too harsh but once you've been smoking all day puts you to sleep! MexiMelt was too much money for too little product. Do yourself a favor and stop here before you die, but go when they just opened (1200 hours) or else its packed.
Positive Review Yankee from Germany sent 6 Aug 2007
Bought Grey Mist, a cross between Hawaiian and something else. Then some Grey Area Mist Trichomes, 2 grams, 30 euros. It was definitely worth it, unpressed hash, I could make figures out of it, then drop it and it would be a pile of dust. Still have some now, for a rainy day, a very special rainy day, it is really that good. I am getting 5 grams next time, it is definitely worth the price.
Negative Review John & Becky from USA visited May 06; sent 9 May 2007
We wanted to see this shop as it is owned by Americans and wanted to wish the owner well and buy from his establishment. We arrived after a lengthy walk for us past multiple other coffeeshops to get our time in at the Grey Area. We arrived at like 1500 hours to find the owner closing down the shop for the day/night. We did get a chance to briefly ask about hours and he replied that he had a life and needed to keep banking hours, actually rather rudely I might add. It was obvious he was in a rush to leave (we never entered shop) and replied that he has early hours and we should come back at 0700-0800 hours for the best time to find seat as seating limited here. We replied that we are in fact "Night Owls" and we would not be partaking in early morning "Stoning" and prefer afternoons/evenings. He just shrugged and stated that he does a bang up breakfast crowd and perhaps we should consider a early AM visit. So, my suggestion to everyone is get there early, earlier for a seat, and be there when he opens for the breakfast, which I am not certain is a real meal or one with a bunch of Looza drinks, brownies, milkshakes etc. Perhaps we will try again in May 2007.
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Mar 2007
Bought a g of Grey Berry, a cross between Bubblegum and Blueberry, tasted as nice as it smelled, but got us couch-locked for a good while.
Neutral Review Lindser from USA sent 14 Mar 2007
Overcrowded even in the off-season, the Americans love to flock there to buy their "8ths". Unless you're homesick, there are hundreds of 'uncrowded' shops to attend when you visit Anne Franks' house.
Positive Review Brad from USA sent 7 Jan 2007
This was the absolute best shop we visited while in the Netherlands. The dealer was extremely friendly and helpful. The bud was incredible. The best were definitely the C13, Recon, Kushage. The Yellow Cab, Chocolope, and Grey Diesel were also very good. The Special K wasn't bad, but wasn't as good as I expected.
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
This year, we went to this shop the first time, to see Grey Mist Christal (Cup Winner). It's a very small shop, so nothing to stay hours. The Grey Mist C. had a good strong high but was too expansive for its quality. I don't understand why it's a cup winner. The Golden Soles (an absolutely not ductible, blond Moroccan hash 12,50€/g) had a very strong high. A real great hash! Otherwise they had a small menu. The Grea Area was the only shop we visited where you can get a clean glass bong (mostly ROOR) for smoking. A big advantage for this shop!
Positive Review BigMan from Wales sent 24 Aug 2006
Amazing weed, awesome service, cool bongs and a gud laugh once you get chatting to the owner! Grey Area crystals are amazing, Grey Mist is the best weed I've ever tried!
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 18 Jul 2006
Try the "Martian Mean Green" at 12 euro a gram, a mind blowing sativa! One of their most expensive wiet items, but well worth it. Their menu has really grown and the choices are limitless; indicas, sativas, many hasj choices, they will tell you all about them when you are there. If in town this summer, look for the Martian!
Positive Review Nibes from USA sent 16 Jul 2006
Popped by at one point to see what they had. I would have liked to sit down, but true to reputation, they were completely full. Bought 2 grams of Grey Berry (11€ish, if I recall correctly) which were very strong. If their other wares are anywhere near the same level, which I gather they are, then this is a must-visit for every coffeeshop tourist.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 16 Jun 2006
It's amazingly small, only 3 tables with 4 chairs a piece, and 4 stools - therefore it's hard to get a seat, but if you get one they have glass bongs to use. Prices are 7.50 a gram for good buds, 8.50 for slightly better, and 9.50 for mean green. They have a small selection of Afghani, Moroccan, and Dutch hash; they also have un-pressed Dutch hash called Grey Area Crystal which is the best hash in Amsterdam for 15 euros a gram, which is a powder that tops any bowl perfectly; It's simply amazing and well worth the money. They added "Martian Mean Green Ice-O-Lator" 5 days into my trip for 35 yes that's right thirty five euros a gram which was flat out admitted to be over priced but is so strong a big time smoker like me was buried in one hit (one hitter quitter for real). Two men run the shop that are more interested in the products then the profits, and everything drink wise is very fairly priced (most 1.50 euro) and the co-owner with glasses is extremely nice and friendly and after a while started hooking me up Phat. Probably because I spent well over 300 euros here in 14 days! My advice? Go here!
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
I taste the new weed Shakes Breath, and it smell fruity and the turn was good and fresh.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 18 Apr 2006
Have been here a couple of times. Only stopped here to buy some smoke. Grey Diesel and the Recon were really good, Rocklock wasn't cured very well and the Yumboldt was weak! The Nepal Creme for 12/gram was very nice!
Positive Review TWoz from USA sent 3 Apr 2006
Bought 1g of Grey Mist Bud and 1g of Grey Mist Crystals, a deadly combination. Smoked it out of one of their bongs and got faded! Very small, you have to go early to get a seat as there are only about ten of them. English guy behind the counter who was very friendly. Definitely lives up to the reputation!
Positive Review Beth from USA sent 15 Mar 2006
Awesome smoke. Really tiny room, and it was really packed when we went, but the bud is worth it, and they have bongs for use for free. The guy working there was also really nice.
Positive Review Dave an Rach from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Went on Monday wasn't that busy just wot u want got the Cannalope Haze tasty shit man. Got the Rocklock 2 both were excellent there menu was amazing lots of new strains. I wanted the Sharks Breath but there was only shake left, he said there was a new batch comin l8r had 2 get the plane thow :(
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
Waterpipe powder: Grey Mist Citral, it´s 1*****.
Positive Review Bran from France visited 10-13 Nov; sent 19 Nov 2005
The first time I go here, it was a good experience. Very helpful smiling waiter (joking with friends at the bar), he advised me on Hawaiian weed and Nepal hash; both were excellent! A great classic to do in A'Dam.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
A must visit! They were nice enough to let me get half grams of like priced weed. I tried the "Stella Blue," and the "Cataloup Haze," at 9 euro gm., both amazing! I have tried almost the entire menu throughout the years and it is all some of the best stuff anywhere.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA sent 24 Oct 2005
Place was busy, but had to stop in. Very nice people, bought a gram of Grey Mist, nice taste and high. Would have stayed longer if not too packed.
Positive Review Richard from Canada sent 20 Sep 2005
The atmosphere is not so friendly but the buds are fantastic. The best shop for Canadians since we already smoke some of the best buds in the world hehehe. Very nice selection of high potency weed.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
5 grammes of Grey Mist Trichomes please, say no more.
Positive Review Yank from USA visited 9 July; sent 20 Jul 2005
5 star shop, unpressed Neder hasj most fine and a Haze that is very nice. Great coffee if you take the time. Hopefully by time you read this, the nimrod spraying paint with aerosol spay cans will be done polluting the ozone and the air in the shop, cough cough hack hack, so that is why I was outside much more than inside during my visit.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
3 trips to this shop and each one gets better. This time I was given a free coke when I bought 3g of Grey Mist Crystals - very friendly staff, a first class coffeeshop.
Positive Review Fatboy Scouse from UK sent 2 Mar 2005
I never stop here, it's always cramped and packed. But the consistency of the place is amazing. The weed menu which tops out at €7.50 is great. Lovely quality, great taste, never disappoints. The hashes are great too, if pricey. The Grey Mist Kif is a must. Go!
Positive Review Peter from USA/Europe visited Jan 20-23; sent 29 Jan 2005
It's true what they say about the guy who likes to ignore people, but it's their fault as well, you should be high enough already not to worry about every little details. The stuff they selling there going to help you get through the early difficulties really fast.
Negative Review Al from Scotland sent 22 Jan 2005
Place was empty & bald guy behind bar (if u call it that, tiny place) talkin to mate. We stood at counter right in front of Kojak but unbelievably was ignoring us. We made sure we caught his attention I got 2 grms of Grey Mist was 24-25 euros gave him a 20 euro note, being childish, but dafty took it for granted it was a 50 and not only got free 2 grms got paid for it! Ha ha ha. Point being if you're not a sceptic tank (yank!) you get ignored. Blo was average nothing special big let down 1 out of 10 that's being generous! Will not be back and advise people not too!
Positive Review Dave F visited 5 Jan 05; sent 19 Jan 2005
Grey Area always has some serious quality weed, this place is a must. If you're in a large group (4+) forget about sitting down. On my last visit we were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves for 30mins, the atmosphere here in summer is heavenly with the windows wide and hot sun beaming in, during winter it's dark, yet warm and cozy. Service is always top notch, you get the feeling the guy totally respects you for smoking his stash.
Positive Review Choice Cuts from UK visited 14 Jan 05; sent 19 Jan 2005
Not too far from the centre (Dam Square) and a great place to buy your goods. Tried the Grey Mist Crystals and some Bubblegum weed, both lovely smokes.
Positive Review Naman from USA visited Jan 05; sent 8 Jan 2005
Only had time for quick stop in the Grey Area on the way to grab take out from Foodism next door (highly recommended). Chilled in the shop on some Grey Mist Crystals while waiting for my food. Super high and highly recommended. John was holding court at the bar when I came in but took the time to walk me through the menu. Always a favorite stop!
Positive Review Andrew 'n' Lyndsay from USA sent 14 Dec 2004
After many hours on our first trip, the chief who waited on us remembered us more than a year later (I think it was John as I never asked his name.) Gave us free drinks and lighters as it was our honeymoon. Grey Mist Crystals! And three foot Jerome Bakers. Thanks guys, Grey Area rules.
Positive Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
Grey Area was a little pretty American shop. The dealers "chiefs" were very kindly and have great advice, we try Greyberry, whose entry in the Cup this year. A little bit disappointed, cause I think Blueberry from the Noon is better. We take some Nepal Cream for 12.5€ very smooth & really cream taste. Their GreyHaze is a good deal. If you want fruity buds test Yellow Cab & Grasstaby. Go in this coffeeshop, you don't loose your time!
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 19 Nov 2004
Grey Mist is some kind of Hawaiian Indica hybrid, a great wake and bake, pleasant and spacey for that first early morning cup of coffee. GreyBerry is a Blueberry/Haze hybrid and it was fantastic, I couldn't put it down until it was all gone. 4077 was a little loose and dry, but overall ok. Grey Area is the kind of place that makes you wish your vacation was longer so you could have time to try everything on the menu, some over and over again.
Positive Review Mark from USA visited 9-13 Nov; sent 16 Nov 2004
Visited around 2:00 in the afternoon. A very small shop with not much atmosphere for hanging around. It is best for buying and taking the smoke with you. The tall, thin, bald guy was behind the counter when I entered. I've heard mixed comments about him, but he was friendly with me. I bought a gram of Grey Haze and was not disappointed. It gave a good buzz, but didn't put me in a stupor, and was good to use if you plan on walking around the city and wish to keep your mind alert. Would definitely recommend.
Positive Review Emma and Ben from UK sent 13 Nov 2004
Truly amazing AK47! Despite there being no queue we did have to wait a while to get served but boy was it worth it! I think the guy serving (not one of the owners) was worried we were going to get into the same state as some young lads in the corner who were looking a tad green. He relaxed a lot when he realised we were seasoned smokers!
Negative Review ChillinLeeds from UK visited 26th Oct; sent 2 Nov 2004
What a twat prick tosser loser some git from the U.S, many say the U.S have a bad name in damm well this loser has, didn't take any notice of us no coffee no coke, but after reading so much I was looking forward to the Grey Mist sorry but I left better at home. Dirty small cold and it wasn't just us, 4 couples came in and he talked to a old slapper thinking she was the queen of weed so we left.
Positive Review Rob from USA visited 1-10 Oct '04; sent 12 Oct 2004
All the hype is true. Lucky enough to get a table, met some cool people, mostly Americans in there. Grey Haze, simply amazing. It could be argued that it's the best weed in the world. Seriously. Grey Mist Crystals, nice mellow buzz. Would've stayed all day if my fiancee would've let me. My favorite coffeeshop.
Positive Review Adam from USA sent 4 Oct 2004
Just returned from first time in Amsterdam - Grey Area was our first stop and lived up to the hype. Dealers were friendly and gave great advice, loved the Bubble 5 because it was a very warm and cheerful high. The place is a bit small but they loan out pipes, which is nice.
Positive Review Bill and Mike from USA sent 27 Sep 2004
Grey Area is a must-stop for anyone visiting Amsterdam. Grey Haze was great, and the kif takes it to another level. Worth every penny!
Positive Review Damien from USA sent 8 Sep 2004
Great shop. I never ran in to crowds (I was there in late Aug.) so I always got a seat and a bong. I don't think your average Dutch smoker likes bongs much cause I got these shocked and somewhat demeaning looks for using the binger. Eh, fuck em. Anyway, great weed. Best AK-47 in Amsterdam. They had the only kif in the 'Dam and it was great. I got two grams and it sweetened every bowl of the trip. The dealer (I forget his name) is a really nice guy. Koodos. The shop must be hell at cup time, it's real tiny.
Positive Review Puffmutter from Germany sent 5 Sep 2004
Very nice, small shop. They don't have much space but the atmosphere is very cool. The owners are two very friendly guys from the US and they can recommend you the best sorts for your pleasures. A must-try is their Grey Mist and AK47. Stoned for hours!
Neutral Review Andy from UK visited Jul/Aug 04; sent 23 Aug 2004
Quite nice, but has it's flaws. First time we went we got a gram of crystals which kinda sucked and a gram of Grey Mist which rocked. Chiefs were cool and toooo stoned to talk. We sat next to this American girl who ended up following us around all f*ing day and breaking my friend's lighter. Next time, it was too busy and a guy said something in another language to my mate we didn't understand so we split. Worth a visit. Not worth a sit.
Positive Review Sebazz from France sent 13 Aug 2004
A crowded little shop, which seems to attract every American furious smoker! The hash is a real massive destruction weapon! The best smoke you can have in A'dam if you like it strong, very strong...too strong for my friend who took a memorable bong who let him unspoken (I didn't took one, I was too scared...but hey! I'm not American!)
Positive Review Wingding from USA visited July 04; sent 12 Aug 2004
I was most fortunate to find the Grey area on a Tuesday afternoon 3:00pm. The shop had few customers at the time and I was able to sit down with a fine looking water pipe and enjoy some Grey Haze/ Yellow Cab and Grey Mist crystals. The products were cured to perfection. The shopkeeper "John" was most gracious and offered advice on drug policies by country and product choices. The atmosphere was wonderful as we all shared and passed around. Although some of the customers were not use to the high quality and did not communicate much, it was all well understood. I do understand that this shop can get quite crowded and a water pipe and a seat an impossibility. So I guess I was most fortunate. Overall, I cannot say enough good things about John's attitude, the overall shop atmosphere and most important, the quality of the product.
Positive Review Steve from UK visited Feb 04; sent 11 Aug 2004
A very small coffee shop which was packed out (I think by about 6 people!) so we couldn't stay. Bought some Shiva to-go which was a lovely smooth smoke.
Positive Review Master P from England visited 5-15/07/04; sent 7 Aug 2004
This is probably one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The weed is pretty good but nothing can beat the Kif (a bag of crystals). It was 15euro for a gram which is pretty expensive but well worth every penny spent. I went to this shop everyday as it was only 2 mins walk away from my cousins house were I was staying. Some of the weed is pretty good, I liked the 4077 Medicinal Leaf, this gave a very chilled out mellow buzz. The best weed in this shop had to be the Grey Mist or something like that. I can't remember what it was called, I was too stoned to even care what I was smoking. The Ak47 wasn't that bad but it wasn't as great as I was expecting it to be. The bubble gum weed was alright, (not great). This shop was pretty small and I expect it is hard to find if you do not know where you're going, but is well worth a visit if you're an experienced smoker and want to smoke the best hash you will ever smoke in your life.
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 6 Aug 2004
I couldn't recommend the Grey Area enough, however they really need bigger premises. Nicest staff and smoke in Amsterdam. Please try the Greyberry - it's a mindblowing Blueberry grapefruit hybrid if I remember correct.
Positive Review Ollie and Charlie from UK sent 4 Aug 2004
As soon as I arrived at 12 when it was suppose to open, there were a couple of Americans waiting to get in. Half an hour later, the bold headed dude finally opened up. Me and my girlfriend didn't want anything too strong to start off with as we had only just got there, so brought a couple of grams of Grey Haze, sparked up a joint and let the good times roll, very nice high, made me laugh my ass off. When the effect died down, I still felt very chilled and very comfortable. I also brought an eighth of Ak47, boy this shit is good! Have to get there early to get a seat, but by far the best smoke in Amsterdam, and I have been to alot of coffee shops. I would rate the smoke 10 out of 10, 5 out of 10 for the seating area, 7 out of 10 for location. Very friendly owners, both of them seem wasted, but they were cool!
Positive Review Doozer from USA sent 21 Jul 2004
By far the best place for marijuana connoisseurs on the entire planet. I went in there damn near everyday for 2 weeks, Super Steve was fucking cool and I saw him at the Melkweg and he waved at me, which isn't a huge deal but it was a sign of respect which is something that most Dutch coffeeshop workers don't give to Americans. Look this is it. This is the center of the weed world. Their prices are superior, their Grey Myst crystal for 15 euro is the best shit in the world. The WORLD! When I was there one day they started filming duece bigalow 2 male gigalow on the street, and Steve ran out and gave them all some Grey Haze. So Eddie Griffith and "The Schneider" smoke the Grey Haze, and so do I. I laughed to myself for hours in there about the schneider. This is the place where Dave Atell from insomniac on comedy central went and got some AK-47. And the best part is that it is American, so they are very polite to you in there, never ever pushy, they had big old Jerome Baker Design bongs to use. It's next to a badass little bistro called Foodism with great food for your munchies. They close at 8pm which kinda sux. If they were open longer then I would have had a nice place to sit and smoke into the night. I just can't say enough good things about they Grey Area, I met so many people there. I felt so very comfortable. Can't wait to go back.
Positive Review Ryan from USA sent 10 Jul 2004
This place was small, and a little crowded, so I just bought some weed and left. However, the atmosphere seemed pretty cool, and the staff was nice. The dealer was very knowledgeable, and eager to talk about their product. The location makes for a great 'grab-and-go' experience because it is right near some beautiful canals to smoke at. I tried their Bubble 5 weed. It was good, but not the best. It had a good taste, but the high was milder than I would have liked. Still, I enjoyed the shop and the smoke.
Positive Review Cheeto from USA visited June 04; sent 28 Jun 2004
Small shop but very friendly, they gave me a map with all the coffeeshops to find my way around and a bong to smoke my new stash with. The bongs could use some cleaning though. I got Grey Haze (sativa), Grey Mist (more Indica) and the sativa version of AK47. The Grey Haze had me flying in no time. I tried the AK later that night but I was about to pass out from 12 hours of work (on a business trip) so I couldn't really comment on that.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 23 Jun 2004
A very small shop. It was pretty crowded when we went in there, so we decided to only buy some weed. The guy selling the weed was very friendly and greeted us with a "what's up" when we got in. I bought some "Grey Haze" and some "AK-47" there. Both were really nice in taste and effect. Grey Haze definitely was the best weed, I bought in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Dave from USA visited 18-19/06/04; sent 20 Jun 2004
As an American and a bong smoker not a joint smoker I must say this place (though small) is absolutely fantastic. Borrow a bong or a bowl try the Grey Mist, I think is what it was called can't really remember that's how good it was. The music is great the staff and customers are very friendly and helpful.
Positive Review Al from USA visited 27/04/04; sent 22 May 2004
Had a custom rolled joint, based on my desire for no tobacco and contents that would allow me to continue to walk around Amsterdam with my not so pleased spouse. For 6.50 I got a mix of pot and hash and a good buzz on. I opted to take a canal cruise instead. I followed that up a couple of days later with their hash and at 12.00 got my money's worth. The Grey Area was a comfortable place for an old dude like me to experience the coffee shop environment. I appreciated the time the dealer took explaining the effects of his product.
Positive Review Gabe from USA sent 9 May 2004
The best herb I had on the entire trip was the "Grey Haze" that my buddy picked up. Ridiculous. It tasted great, smelled good, and gave us the cleanest high we had ever experienced. I don't like to be glued to the floor and if it's a clean ass buzz your looking for this is what you want. The "AK47" was definitely the biggest disappointment there. I've had stress that AK couldn't touch.
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 6 May 2004
As always, fantastic smokes. Went back a few times, ended up trying the Grey Haze, which didn't seem to have that nice hazy flavor like I remembered from last time I was in Amsterdam, but I'm not really complaining. The Double Bubblegum was great. I really liked that one a lot. But best of all, the 4077 Medleaf was one of the very best I've seen anywhere. This is highly recommended. I was talking to a girl who said she usually smokes only hash, I gave her a blast of this stuff, and she was all fired up about it. So I gave her a nice big fat nug. The guy who runs the place is really cool, and they have nice bongs too, but it's a little weird in there because the pot is so strong that people tend to be a little zoned out. Myself included, of course. Amazing place.
Positive Review Jake from USA sent 5 Apr 2004
We walked in and I was greeted with a friendly "hey guys, whats up?" My brother and I walked to the counter and ordered some drinks and took a look at the other menu. I tried the Outdoor Bubblegum shtuff. What a fantastic way to start the first day in a country that I had never been to. The place is very small, but they have enough room to kick it with other people and get well acquainted with them. The music was garage indie kind of rock (I felt like I was back in the states again). We took off very happy to see the rest of the town. A few days later we made our way back. This time, it was crowded but we still found our way to some seats. The man at the counter wasn't as cool as the other guy who greeted us the first time we went, but then again, he had an attitude like "fuck you, I'm a punk, I don't care what you say," he still sold us weed but when we sat down, he bitched at us about seats or something like that. Then he came by to clean the table we were sitting at and there was ash all over the table from my brothers joint, so the guy just blew the ash really hard and it flew all over my brother. I had to laugh, even though it was not a very nice way to treat a customer. I give this place two thumbs up and a middle finger to that guy who worked there for being so snooty. Geez, if you're so "punk" then you probably wouldn't care if there was ash all over the table, oh well. Some people are just fucked up. Thank you grey area. You made my fuckin day.
Neutral Review Mike from USA visited Mar 04; sent 27 Mar 2004
They probably had the best weed of the trip. We tried the Grey Haze, awesome looking big buds and that great hazy smell. I then had the GreyBerry. Easily the best weed of the trip. Best looking bud, great taste, nice uplifting high. I also suggest the Grey Mist Crystals and 4077 medicinal leaf. The 4077 truly is a body buzz. The first dealer was really cool. The other guy "with a funny hat" was a total turdburglar. The shop is ok, but you only come here to buy.
Positive Review ace42 from USA sent 24 Mar 2004
Everyone knows the product is the best, but I just wanted to put in a good word for the much-maligned Steve (one of the owner-operators of GA). I see so many people bitching about the guy's attitude, but I found him to be friendly and informative. Here's a tip - try real hard to act like a normal human being when you arrive, and you'll be surprised how often your behaviour is reciprocated.
Positive Review Amy from USA sent 23 Mar 2004
Grey Area was packed, I grabbed some Rock Star that was awesome, AK-47 and Grey Mist crystals that you have to try, you can add them to anything. This was the nicest polite shop I was in. Would highly recommend it.
Positive Review Josh from USA sent 22 Mar 2004
This place is a must for all Amsterdam visitors. The guy behind the counter with the glasses was very very courteous. He is even seen on comedy central's "Insomniac". The weed here was fabulous. Try the Grey Haze if you want to be up and active.
Positive Review DoughGirL from England sent 7 Mar 2004
This was my 4th trip to Amsterdam and not once did I come across this coffee shop, until this time. I made sure I found it with a print out of the map from this site and it was well worth the walk. I picked up a gram of Double Bubble Gum which was so smelly and tasted very fruity with a very nice buzz/high. I also grabbed a gram of the Cali Mist crystals. This was a nice smoke but didn't seem to smoke right in a joint. We was very lucky and we managed to find a empty table of 4 so the 3 of us sat to roll a few joints, here we met a man from the same town as one of my friends (who was with us on the trip) which was a strange coincidence. I like this cafe and the staff (one of the chiefs) was very polite and helpful. 8/10
Positive Review Gasper from England sent 18 Feb 2004
This is what the Dutch call a 'Get & Go' as in it's a tiny shop with very little seating. They consistently have some of the best weed and hash in the city. If you can get a seat, it's worth staying just to eavesdrop on the other customers or listen to the collection of stoned Americans who are the owners and their buddies. Some of their conversations are hilarious! If it's busy, get some smoke and go smoke it elsewhere. Their weeds are all of a very high quality. Word of warning: don't try their unpressed hash if you have hayfever - I sneezed like b1tch for hours after!
Positive Review Bonnie and Clyde from USA sent 2 Feb 2004
Great everything. And to add to this they have the only keef that we ever found in Amsterdam and it blew our minds (worth purchasing the most expensive keef, it will rock your world). The place is totally American friendly cuz its owned and operated by "former" Americans. The place is full of pictures of famous Americans that visit whenever they're in town.
Positive Review Dil from Scotland sent 30 Jan 2004
A regular port of call as I love there weed and the fact I can get 1/8th's or half quarters in my lingo - that sounds so much better than 3.5 grammes - "Back of Brussels"- And another thing there seems to be debate on the staff in this place, one is certainly more chatty, the other a bit forgetful, but you will always get what you asked for, and that is consistently good weed of varying strains at 7-15 euros a gramme. I went for the "bubblegum" and "yellow cab" this trip and I am hoping that next time they have added something new as I think I have now sampled their complete menu.
Positive Review Ben from UK visited 9 Jan 04; sent 16 Jan 2004
Popped in here for an hour or two before catching the train back to Schiphol. Bought a gram of Grey Mist crystal hash and a gram of Double Bubblegum. Borrowed a large hand blown glass bong and preceded to get extremely high. The best high in Amsterdam can be found here, the crystal hash through those lovely bongs was sensational along with a few bales of 'Gum and I was gibbering arse to my mates like a rabid badger. A MUST VISIT.
Neutral Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Dec 16-23, 03; sent 13 Jan 2004
This was my third visit to GA. I finally encountered the guy who's supposed to be such an ogre. I walked up to the counter, made my purchases and walked out. Everything went smoothly and courteously, just as on my first two visits. That's the good news. I was pretty disappointed with the gram of Double Bubblegum and the gram of AK-47 that I bought, and for which I had very high expectations. The GA AK did not hold a candle to the AK I had scored at Greenhouse Centrum the nite before. In my two previous visits, I just bought their pure joints and a gram of their excellent Grey Mist Crystal unpressed nederhash. I understand that their pure joint is a random mixture of the shake of all their herbs, and I have always found it to be absolutely electrifying, better by far than the individual selections I got on this trip. The Double Bubblegum on its own was nothing to write home about, but did mix very well in my bong a few nites later with some Sheherezade hash I got from BushDocter to produce a delightful high. I'm still a moderately happy camper, and I'll go back to the GA to sample some of their other famous strains, or if for no other reason than their pure pre-rolleds.
Positive Review Marc from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
The Grey Area is probably tied with Homegrown Fantasy as my favorite shop in Amsterdam. They have the best smoke I found (with LOTS of hands-on and in-lung research) period. The Grey Mist and the Bubblegum are fantastic and a little sprinkle of the kif (unpressed hash) is great on any joint/spliff. Good prices, great smoke and a cool, if uncomfortable, shop. I just can't sit too long on those metal seats. This was the first coffee shop I went to on my first trip to Amsterdam and was an almost daily stop. The wall-o-celebs is cool as are all the stickers and stuff hanging on the walls. If it's quiet, John is a really cool guy to talk to.
Positive Review Rob from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
(7/10): Simply put, great weed (AK-47), nice staff who are always willing to chat with Americans, not exactly an extensive coffee menu, and a small, small shop. You have to stop once, but it's so small you may not want to stay real long.
Positive Review Koikkalainen from USA sent 14 Nov 2003
Our first time to this place because of all the recommendations here. Never been to this place before. Small, tiny, not very comfortable tables and chairs and overall. Nice guy behind the desk, American. They seem to have their own crowd there hanging around their desk. No problem. We had juices and Bubblegum, this can really mess you up for a while so just take it easy for the next hour or so. No special taste to go with it or anything like that but very sticky bud and bong was the choice for this bud. It was OK. Nothing to write home about. No visuals or aurora borealis here. Went back there another time toward the end of our trip, didn't buy anything, only juices, rolled *the last stokie* from our left over bags and shakes - this was towards the end of our 3-day trip, you end up with pockets full of little buds and shakes, and of course you can't stomach the idea of throwing those into dumpster ..... so, you smoke it! ..... it's called the last stokie, you just poor everything into one huge paper funnel thing. They had no problem us lighting this beast and boy did everyone have fun ! Overall a god stop, clean bongs and nice dude behind the desk. Nice shopping neighbourhood (Jordaan) so it makes a good midday stop ..... definitely
Positive Review James from UK sent 2 Nov 2003
Great weed, best that our group tried. You should definitely check out the Double Bubble, Yellow cab, 4077 (medicinal shit) and their grey myst crystals (unpressed hash). The Guy that was running it when we went in each day was very helpful an friendly, refreshments are well priced too. Not too big, but certainly worth it. Decor was tres cool, lots of cannabis cup prizes.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 10 Oct 2003
The Grey Area is the best to purchase your weed. The boss is American, so that's even easier for you guys.
Positive Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited Frequently; sent 21 Sep 2003
Great buds. Watch out for the bald guy working here, on one of my visits he was so out of it that he left a large bud on the scale whilst packing my order of 3gm of bubblegum. The trichomes are the dogs bollocks.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Sep 2003
The Grey Area has some of the best weed in all of Amsterdam!!! The shop itself, while very small, can still be inviting. While I was there I got a gram of the "Double Bubble Gum" (8 euro I think) and there was a place left on one side of a single table. The guy there asked me if I wanted a seat and motioned for me to sit down. We ended up having a great conversation as we smoked my weed from a pipe and his weed from a joint, it was a fun time had by all. I was already so high from the Bubble Gum that I couldn't try anymore at that time. However, I did return later that trip for the AK-47, another must try!!! For the serious smoker, to miss the Grey Area while in Amsterdam would be a tragedy. Even if you can't get a seat you have to get some weed to go!!! For a great chill out place go West (right) out the front door and a short walk down the Leliegracht canal, one of the oldest in Amsterdam. At the end (Leliegracht 60) on the North side, is the "Spanjer Van Twist" cafe and straight across is cafe "De Prins," both w/ terras tables right on the canal.
Positive Review G-Man from USA sent 2 Sep 2003
The best place in town to pick up stash. The fellow with glasses is kind and will serve you very well. If there is a bald guy with or without a weird hat and crazy psychedelic clothes it is best to only use the take-away services of this little shop. The aforementioned individual resembles a rather obnoxious MDMA abuser exiting a rave after a night of excess with chemical hallucinogens. I believe this overt fondness for XTC is the source of his rudeness. As for weeds, the stuff smokes amazing from handblown glass. A nice pure joint is good too.
Positive Review Stevo from USA visited Sept 2002; sent 28 Aug 2003
It's the smallest place but has some of the best weed in Amsterdam. We got a bag of the Double Bubble and a bag of Grey Mist crystals. We mixed the two together and rolled a couple of joints. Let me tell you something we were wide open. This weed combo was killer. It started to get a little crowded so we walked up a couple of blocks away but I we had to stop and take a rest on some benches we were too high to be moving around. Note: we are regular smokers and have a high tolerance. This cat just has the bomb ass weed!! Good prices, good selection, and a good atmosphere.
Neutral Review Scott from USA sent 19 Aug 2003
I went in, looked at the menu, decided on some Yellow Cab and left. The clerk didn't seem too interested in having people around and the couple tables in the small place were filled. Later that night I rolled a small joint, nothing really happened. The next day I still had a gram and a half so I went back to the shop, another guy was behind the counter and was much much nicer. I got a coke, rolled a big joint and smoked it listening to the story between the clerk and some French guy who only understood about half of what he said. After the smoke I was feelin' alright but not that much of an effect. Until I got up to leave that is. Almost fell out the door, and was stoned the entire night. Their weed is the best I've had, great taste and smell, great high. I don't know if I can recommend actually smoking in the shop, especially if the first guy I encountered was there, but its weed is a must try, the other places I went to weren't nearly as good.
Positive Review Brew from USA sent 2 Aug 2003
Great concise collection. Too small to stay and hang out. Friendly American owners. The "grey mist" is a must try. Great hand-blown glass bongs lent to me by owner. As someone else said, this place is best used as a "take out" shop. Take your stuff back to the hotel or wherever. Little tricky to locate at first.
Positive Review Denise and Mike from USA sent 31 Jul 2003
For many years, The Grey Area has been our favorite coffeeshop. After an 8+ hour flight from Miami and the train ride to Centraal Station, we drop off our luggage at the hotel and take the pleasant walk (well, not quite so pleasant in Winter) down the Singel to the shop. The owner is always very friendly and helpful. The crowd is mellow. We highly recommend The Grey Area as "THE BEST" (and this is coming from two 50+ year olds who have seen it all).
Positive Review Chip from USA sent 28 Jul 2003
I visited this place only twice in my A'dam tour. I must say these guys not only know their bud, but it's cheaper and better than most everywhere else, and John was superfriendly. The place is extremely small, but the atmosphere is very relaxing, good music with stickers everywhere. The drinks were also cheaper, though it's Europe and not much here is cheap. Here's my story. I went to my hotel, and 20 minutes later I went straight there. I walked in, very small. I talked with the guy for a second, then told him how I'd read alot about the place on the internet, so I wanted to try Double Bubble Gum and AK-47. I also looked at a menu, which gave good details, such as what to expect from the strains and how it's grown, etc. John offered us a bong to use, but my girlfriend thought it would be better to start with a bole. (She's afraid of bongs anyway). 15 minutes later, I was rambling with her, and my favorite phrase of the day: "What was I saying?" I was somewhat dehydrated to begin with, because I had been on a train all day, so I ordered a couple of cokes and relatively cheap for A'dam. The best high I've had in a very long time. I went back the next day to try Gray Haze, very good, but not like DBG or AK. He remembered us, which in my mind was always good. It was sortta off the beaten path, but well worth the short journey. The map was really helpful. If you're looking for quality, price, and friendliness in a coffeeshop, Grey Area is the best choice. My personal favorite in A'dam. On the other hand, when you start with the best, the others seem progressively worse.
Positive Review Mikko from USA sent 24 Jul 2003
Of all the coffeeshops we visited during my recent trip to Amsterdam (and there were many) I would honestly have to say that the Grey Area and the Greenhouse competed for the best quality of herb. I bought a gram of the AK-47 which was everything it was supposed to be, and my friend purchased some of the famous double-bubble gum (which took the prize for best flavor and odor) and had a chat with the guys at the bar. It was nice to talk to someone who spoke fluent English for a change, but other than that the coffeeshop itself wasn't anything amazing. I still give it two thumbs up and this will probably be my first stop next time I'm in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Seppe from UK sent 23 Jul 2003
Quite possibly the best weed in town. The shop is only very small but if there's room you should definitely stop for a joint here. The list of great buds includes Double Bubblegum, AK-47, Grey Mist and many others. I can also recommend the Nepal Creme (Temple Ball). The smokes are sweet and the prices are fair (2g bags for €15). The drinks won't hurt the wallet as much as most other places either. Top Quality.
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Yep, it's hard to find. Still, if you have the directions from their web site, it's a breeze. I followed the directions exactly and found myself standing in front of the tiny shop within minutes. I walked in and was shocked. Utterly shocked. This was the so-called "place"? This was the place with the best buds in all of Amsterdam? Couldn't be, could it?
John was sitting behind the bar as I waltzed in. There were four very small steel tables to your left and a few barstools to your right. As you approached the bar, a few more barstools could be seen and that was basically it. There were tons of stickers everywhere. Phish, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, and the like were all represented here. The clock on the wall has the time 4:20 every twenty minutes (or something like that). There are very clean restrooms downstairs (if you can negotiate the steps in that state) and an upstairs area roped off to customers. They serve all forms of LOOZA as well as soft drinks, water and of course coffee. They don't have a dishwasher so it's only bottled drinks for me.
The place was very empty (something I have come to find out that doesn't happen all that often) allowing me to pick John's brain a bit regarding the different varieties. I told him who I was, that I just got there (heading straight for his shop) and what type of weed I liked to smoke (Indica). He quickly brought out the "Grey Mist". Note, this is not the "Grey Haze" they are now touting and entered into the cup in 2002. This stuff was PURE!!! It looked and smelled great. Very dark greens and light yellows accentuated the bud as the trichomes nearly jumped off the leaves. I also requested a gram of Golden Soles hash and sat down. Quickly realized that I had nothing to smoke out of, nothing to drink and not even a lighter. Got all three from John. Sat down. Two hits later I was staring at the floor. I could not move. This was the best high I had had in years. I sat around for the better part of an hour before finally going back up to the bar. John and me got into a conversation and within minutes I was being shown every single strain they possessed. He would open each container and put them under the light for me to see. Pretty soon he had about ten of these "tubs" filled with buds in front of my face. I looked through them all, touching and squeezing, smelling all the good stuff. Finally I purchased a gram of "Yellow Cab" and told him to give me one more of the "Grey Haze". Had to get going though as I had to report my initial experiences back to all you unfortunate (oppressed) American's.
I have been back to the Grey Area numerous times since that first trip and have always found John to be friendly and courteous. Although I cannot say the same about Steve, he still seems to be a very nice jovial person. I do think the Kif is out of this world but almost impossible to smoke. It just tears me up. Maybe put down the glass and roll a spliff with your favourite weed for that one as taking it on its own hurts. I also don't think the "Grey Haze" is as good as the "Grey Mist" used to be but that's just my opinion. I always like "Yellow Cab" and "4077".
Neutral Review RC from USA sent 12 Jul 2003
I have to admit that I was a bit put off by the place, although the Double Bubblegum was excellent. I asked for something that wouldn't make me sleepy. DB did the trick. I found it to be spacey and a great head trip. Especially fun for music. Unfortunately, the guy behind the counter was not overly friendly the evening I was there. There were about 6 or 7 people in the place that night. Some trying too hard to be real cool stoners.
Positive Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
They have a great selection of top quality grass. it is very hard to choose. Definitely try the AK-47 and the Double Bubble Gum, both are amazing. One of the owners, Jon, even rolled some joints for me cause I couldn't at the time. Very small in there but we didn't seem to have any problem finding a seat. Great music.
Positive Review TG from UK sent 21 Jun 2003
I had heard so much about the Grey Area coffeeshop on this site and in other areas and I had set my sites on checking it the next time I was over. I managed to drag a couple of my friends out of their mid Sunday afternoon slumber in La Canna (don't try the Space Chocolates - we did and they were shit!) in order to search out the 'Holy Grail' of Dam coffeeshops. I only had a rough idea where it was but we headed towards the shopping mall behind Dam square, asked in a shop and followed the accurate directions we were given to the shop. Upon arrival, I was really surprised how small it was. There were about 5 other people in there and it was full! We never intended staying (which was a good job as there were no seats!) and we just picked up some very good quality weed and hash. We got grams of Double Bubblegum, AK47, Grey Mist, Medicinal leaf and Grey mist Crystal. All of the weeds were lovely but the real gem was the grey mist crystal skuff. It was pure powder and looked like dodgy speed but was by far the best thing I sampled all weekend, without a doubt. I went with 13 friends and we were buying a selection between us in each coffeeshop but everyone was saying about this stuff. It has a reputation for being a bit unreliable in terms of opening but we had no bother and while the dealer didn't say too much, he wasn't rude or unco-operative. Make the effort to find this place as it has an excellent selection of top draw weeds and hash. Don't plan on staying too long, I recommend you just get what you need and find somewhere relaxing to enjoy it!!!
Positive Review Kind Bud Kid from USA sent 18 Jun 2003
Grey Area is fantastic, the "chief" behind the counter was the nicest guy we met in Amsterdam. We got Double Bubble and Grey Mist (hash). The bud is outta this world. Personally the best bud I have ever smoked. We also got a massive bong to smoke out of. Overall Grey Area is my favorite shop in Amsterdam.
Neutral Review Stuart from Australia (staying in NL) sent 16 Jun 2003
The general feel when you walk in isn't anything special, the weed and hash selection is the usual and the counter staff, although friendly do not promote a 'cumffie' feeling.
Neutral Review Ari from USA visited May 03; sent 8 Jun 2003
Top quality smoke. Small uncomfortable place. Use for take-out only.
Positive Review J.C. from USA visited Mar 20-27, 2003; sent 24 Apr 2003
This place was rarely open, and the guy working there was so tweaked that he could hardly focus on anything long enough to remember what he was talking about, but the weed was great. I got what I think, and I might have this wrong, but I think they called it Grey Haze. It was fantastic. The flavor was truly unique, you might say it was like incense. And what a nice buzz! I really liked that one a lot. I also tried the Double Bubble and it was great too. I can't imagine anyone wanting to sit around in there very long, but it is an absolute must for the great weed.
Positive Review Debs from UK sent 3 Apr 2003
Tiny but mighty! We got Kif, good stuff! makes your eyes squiffy and top of your head tingle. Had one in there, rolled another but quickly realised after head and eyes were no longer functioning as one, it was time to go. Definitely spend your euros here.
Positive Review N_Mo from USA sent 27 Dec 2002
G.A. stands out in my memory for some reason, I guess I'm still coming down. Man, these guys are like Herbalologists. It doesn't matter if you've got a Rx for thc, these folks will shake your frontal lobe. Killer all-around menu. A small hole in the wall shop, but you will laugh both in and while walking out. Despite small box appearance, this place will hold like 15 or 20 people at once before getting loaded. Ceiling air filters like the other big guys keeps this shop up to the limit.
Positive Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited Frequently; sent 15 Dec 2002
After having read (on this sight) about this shop, I was disappointed to Find it closing when I arrived there at about 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon and although I passed it several times over the weekend I didn't find it open. On subsequent visits when I have found them open I stock up because they are not that reliable on weekends. I have enjoyed their AK47 9/10 Double Bubblegum AK47 9/10, Yellow Cab 8/10 and Trichomes 10/10 I still want to try their medicinal leaf. This is a quality shop, with very friendly, helpful staff who obviously enjoy their jobs when thy actually open up. I use this shop to buy quality smoke but only once have bothered to sit and have a drink the music was good but not a place I would sit out of choice.
Positive Review John from USA sent 30 May 2002
The Grey Area aka "Herb Extraordinaire" My last visit was a strange one while standing in line for it to open. I found my paternal instincts kick in and smoking and tourist etiquette was the topic of conversation among a crowd of young USA tourists. I became the proverbial Pied Piper of sorts I did drive the rats out of town but left in their place a more manner conscience group as other chance meetings revealed.
Positive Review Pedro from USA sent 26 Feb 2002
Always excellent with great selection and reasonable music. What a concept, love the Yellow Cab, I'm a big fan of sativas vs. indicas. Just personal preference.
Positive Review Dan from USA visited 29/10/01- 09/11/01; sent 27 Nov 2001
People at Dutch Flowers and the Grey Area were the most friendly. Truthfully, no matter what coffeeshop you go to, you WILL find the pot and hash superior to what you get day to day in the states; and I grew up in California. The average bud in Amsterdam, all you Californians, is as good or better than the best purple northern Calif. bud you have smoked.
Positive Review Holf from UK sent 21 Oct 2001
Grey Area was also a great new find for me... think I came across it before but misjudged it due to the unassuming exterior. Now I know better and must agree that those trichomes really pack more punch per puff than anything else I have ever smoked.
Positive Review B-Li from USA visited 18/02/01;
Cramped hole in the wall with FANTASTIC Trichomes! After two previous trips to the 'Dam without being able to find this shop, I decided that on my third visit, I would make it a priority to finally find, at any cost, the Grey Area coffeeshop. I had been looking for 'kif', or the crystals from the dope plants in basic refined form, and had been told by an online tip that Grey Area was pretty top notch with their Grey Mist kif. After consulting the rough guide, Boom Chicago guide (great, funny helpful guide from and American expatriate comedy troupe), asking a vendor at La Canna, and generally fumbling right by it for a day or two, I finally found my mark. Only problem was, it was a Monday, and they just happen to be closed on Mondays. Frustrated, I retreated and decided to find it the next day. On Tuesday they were open, so I went in to check it out. This is basically just like everyone says--a super crowded hole in the wall that you have virtually no chance of getting a seat in, with high profile dope and flocks of Americans descending on it 24/7. While I myself am American (and proud of it), the notion of hanging out with my fellow yanks on a holiday in Europe is not real high on my to do list. If you're looking for a multi-cultural hangout, then avoid this one. I purchased a bag of Grey Mist, which was fantastic, and a bag of the Grey Mist trichomes. The trichomes were absolutely, without a doubt, the most knock me on my ass in as little as possible buzz I have had in all my trips to A'Dam and years of weed sampling. It even beat out the 40 guilders a gram hash from the Tweede Kamer, and the Super Silver Haze (for amount it took to render comatose). My advice: Forget about even getting a seat here. Buy heavy on the trichomes, try the Yellow Cab, Double Bubble (they were out of the latter and have yet to try the former), and the Grey Mist. The guy behind the counter was a skinny guy with glasses that was very helpful under the extremely crowded circumstances, and even recognized me when I came in the next day to pick up yet more trichomes. All in all, a great place for weed, but you have a better chance of nailing Famke Janssen than getting a seat here.
Positive Review Ron from USA sent 31 Oct 2000
Best Pot (Bubble Gum), AK47 was a close second.
Positive Review Ev from USA sent 6 Sep 2000
I didn't go to too many shops but I did go to Grey Area which lived up to its reputation. I bought one of our "American" 1/8's of AK47. It was primo smoke.
Positive Review Don from UK sent 2 Jul 1999
Never been here before as its reputation is for Grass. I walked in off the street, very crowded - i.e. 6 people - Bar guy was a bit out of it and I think took me for a lost straight tourist initially. Menu was small but obviously high class. 2 Hash on menu Moroccan "shoes" and Manali - this is one of the very few places that gets "shoes" - very sticky, very, very, nice. I noticed the Barman was a bit surprised when I ordered a g of the "shoes" and he said "enjoy your smoke" when I left.