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De Groene Gaper

coffeeshop Hoofddorp
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Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Basically this is one big room here and located in an industrial area not too far away from the other coffeeshop in this what at least felt to us glum and grey commuter town. ID is checked at the entrance. On the left there is a bar where one can buy and sit at, too. On the right hand there are a couple of tables and due to big windows much daylight, also a wall full of artificial flowers; a modern setup since this place is only about since 2015! All in all around fifty wooden seats, also providing newspapers and magazines. Very professional and not feeling too poky here. Staff was helpful and all that. Menu had about eight items for hasj from 5€ for dreadful Afgaan to 12,5€ for their best Moroc which was named Bruro (sp). Wiet had nine strains like Gruis (7,5€/g), Gorilla Glue and Lemonesia (sp) on. Were shown latter one and only found it so-so. Their best blondish Moroc was tested then and while of nice enough quality I doubt I would go out of my for returning here even though heard much positive stuff beforehand. Though most of us are picky bastards, not a bad shop at all. Could be way worse in such a town though and actually wonder why there are not more shops around considering this feeling of dreariness but take it Dam isn't too far away indeed. Yawn.