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De Groene Ster

coffeeshop Winschoten
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Reviews of De Groene Ster Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review esco89 from Germany. Sent 22 Sep 2014.
They got 2 types of weed there. You can get 0.8g Power Haze (10€) and 1.2g White Widow (10€) there. Pretty good weed and nice joints there. I never chilled there 'cause it seems not very relaxed there.
Neutral Review el_loco from Germany. Sent 6 Feb 2007.
I can tell everybody not to go there 2 chill! They got good weed and some good hash but the area where you can smoke your stuff is not my style! Bad music, light and very unfriendly seller. No smile, no nothing! You can buy, but better leave! I bought Power Haze 3,2 for 20€, was correct!
Neutral Review AnubiS from Germany. Sent 11 Jul 2004.
I have visited other coffee shops in Wischoten, illegal and legally ones. But as far as I can say 'De Groene Ster' is maybe the one with the best weed (about hash I don't know - I prefer the funky skunky smelling green shit). So they might have good shit, but there isn't a harmonic atmosphere in, the guy behind the desk, where you buy your stuff, looks, when he talks to you, never friendly. Maybe they don't like Germans much there (that's something I recognized in several coffee shops, most times people react unfriendly. Why?). Further the desk behind which the guy sits, who sells the stuff, is used to separate the customer from the salesman. That's normal. But there is a big windowpane, with only a little hole, where you've to trade. So it's a very cold atmosphere right after you entered the shop. When you go further into the shop you will see some tables and couches, where you can sit down. It's not very charmful. No good light and the music gets boring after an half hour, but's a possibility. "What you say is what you get!" The Prices there are correctly, I never got ripped off (I think so). But's not the cheapest shop in the town. I got more shit for my money in other locations (but this were not ever legally). So the result at the End. It's okay, but's not ingeniously. (I'll look furtherwise for a more friendly Coffee Shop).
Positive Review Buddha Bruda from Germany. Sent 23 Jun 2003.
Pretty relaxed atmosphere. Great weed (Power Haze, Afghan Skunk, Super Skunk, etc.) and even better hash (Zero [careful with this shit!], Maroc, Pollm)! And the prices rock, too! Great shop! But the music was crap!
Positive Review DiG from Netherlands. Sent 15 Feb 2003.
At this time, De Groene Ster is the only shop [in Winschoten] that is legal and open.