Miss B / La Grotte

bar in Amsterdam
Reviews of Miss B / La Grotte Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review B&E from USA sent 11 Oct 2008
We went here a few times and enjoyed it more than most of the other shops. We spoke with a lady who worked there at length about the new tobacco laws and what they were doing to her business. We also had lunch here one day and it was great food. They serve beer too. This was one of our favorites and probably had the nicest people working there. They seemed genuinely happy to chat with out of towners.
Positive Review Butter Possy from UK sent 3 Jan 2008
Probably the best view in town. Higher end of the market cafe, no license to sell but has deal with Popeye's over the road, nice gear, always up for a deal. Nice people if u talk to them, food of good quality. Good window views for New Years Eve wondrous fireworks display should be a must visit for top quality evening.
Positive Review Curly Sue from UK sent 21 Aug 2007
The luvly blonde lady that served us was really friendly. I ordered a toasted all day breakfast sandwich, it was full and came with a side salad as well all for 5 euros. The food was delivered to the table as we were rolling our second joint and the lady just asked us how we was and how the weather was back in the UK. We had to leave the next day and I was hoping to get breakfast there again but unfortunately they didn’t open that early, but the sun did finally shine.
Positive Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
We went here everyday for a big breakfast for 10.50e. One particular girl that serves never cracks a smile and it seems we force her to work hehehe. But ignore this, order and go sit down - it's a cool coffee shop. Many people weren't sure but u can smoke in there. Nice coffee too.
Positive Review Bitchmaster from USA sent 8 Dec 2006
Didn't buy weed, but this was a comfortable and friendly place to eat and straight "smoke it yo". The food and beverages were excellent and the upstairs seating is incredible. A great alternative to crowded and overpriced Barney's. Friendly staff in a nice neighborhood. Cheap souvenirs in the area. A must for my next trip this summer.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
This was it. You become here the best breakfast in town, he have great tosties, Continental, English, Italian and French breakfast. Here was my best start on the day, I'm eating breakfast and smoke waterpipe inside this bar/shop. Here you can buy 4 weed and 4 hasjh varieties, and great eat.