Guna Guna

coffeeshop in Uden
Reviews of Guna Guna Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Paul from Germany sent 18 Aug 2011
When walking in the shop you will be asked to show your id. The interior is nice and all the stuff can be seen behind a glass vitrine (don't know so good, heard they were re-modelling). Good shop but their weed menu is quite small, but it has a good high. The pre-rolled joints are very nice especially the pre-rolled Santa Maria gives a good high. Their White Widow provides an excellent high when smoked right. They don't serve food but they have vending machines and snacks. Good shop 8.5 out of 10.
Negative Review Heiltje from Netherlands sent 19 Mar 2007
This coffeeshop is the worst I've ever seen. The shop's interior looks like a middle-eastern carpet shop and the selection of herbs is very poor indeed. I bought a pre-rolled hasjjoint (€4.-) and with a lot of imagination I could almost taste the hash. The service in Guna Guna is ridiculous and it's impossible to find this cabin (you won't know it's a shop 'til you're standing at the counter). Conclusion: take a big, big bag of cannabis with you when you're going to Uden.
Neutral Review Smokerz from Netherlands sent 14 May 2004
Been there several times. Small coffeeshop, but the interior is really nice, parking space (free) available at walking distance. Only problem is there are tons of snotty kids making secretly fun of 'out-of-towners', very annoying. The selection of available stuff is poor. Prices are so-so, close to a rip-off and no value for money either. My rating: 5.5 (barely sufficient).
Positive Review a_f_th_erparty from Netherlands sent 22 Apr 2004
First off all I'd like to say it's a rather small coffee shop with only a few tables. The interior is styled in a 50's kind of way with not too much attention given to the lighting. The seats are pretty comfortable though. But enough jabbering about the interior let's talk about the menu. They sell four kinds of weed and four kinds of hashish. They sell them in different portions and not, as custom, per gram. They sell hashish in portions of 5 and 15 euro and the weed in portions of 15 and 25 euros. You'll get a reasonable amount of herbs for your money. Personally I really like the Northern Light but I can also recommend the Guna Guna. They don't sell food or any warm drinks instead they have a vending machine with canned drinks. Overall I can't say it's a very good shop but since it's the only one in my shitty little town and because I usually hang out there with my friends, I think it's okay. So I prefer larger coffee shops, like The Kronkel, Nijmegen and Grasshopper, Amsterdam, but Guna Guna is a basic and good shop.