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coffeeshop Soest
coffee shop Hacas, Soest, Utrecht for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Hacas Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass. Visited June 2018. Sent 10 Jun 2018.
Oldschool shop, maybe a bit run-down but still nice and gezellig. About fifteen seats inside and about thirty outside. Their courtyard is indeed decent and even comes with real flowers. Sun was blazing this trip massively so we had an enjoyable stay there. On their weed menu they offered about thirteen strains along with their cheapest Power Plant (9,5€/g), White Goblin, Underdog OG, to their most expensive S5 (13€//g) and Amnesia (13€/g). Hashish were about eleven offers and started at still too expensive 5€/g for cheap border Afghan and their most expensive Caramello at 11€/g. Too they had Super Pollen (8€/g), Blueberry Block (10€/g), Hia (9,2€/g), Hacas Cream (10,5€/g) and Amnesia Block (9,5€/g). Friendly budtender recommended Amnesia and their Moroccan Hia (9,2€/g). The Hia because a fresh batch just came in. By the way sadly their gear is pre-packed but that Hia hits the spot for sure; like chewing wet soil in your mouth. One of the tastiest I ever had! If you are in that very area give it a go!
Positive Review Docgonzo42. Sent 27 Feb 2011.
Went to Baarn and Soest to visit MC Echers grave and used Google maps to find this shop. This is the only coffeeshop in a 25km range. CS Hacas was one of the best CS experiences I've ever had. Amazing girl running the place showed me some of the best weed I smoked. The locals are true locals. Only place for miles means quality in here not convenience. Snow White 1g 9e was a good solid smoke then I tried the Cheese--10e--Have you ever smoked weed and it tasted like butter and cheese? Only way to describe it. The high was so good I bought 3 g for the road. This is only one of 2 times this trip I went back for seconds. I will go back to this place one day.
Positive Review Dim from Greece. Sent 13 Apr 2010.
Worth a visit if you are around! Very good quality and big menu of weed and hash. Try the triple A hash! 20e per gram. But...
Positive Review Michael from Netherlands. Sent 26 Feb 2006.
They've got the best weed and the best service in town (they are the only coffeeshop in town).
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands. Sent 20 Dec 2004.
The best shop in the whole area and friendly people behind the bar.