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Happy Days

coffeeshop Hengelo
Reviews of Happy Days Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Shop was remodelled in 2018 and you can really see this. While the design wasn't too special it at least was quite clean and not too dark. Especially the back of the shop leading to the inviting looking patio (which was still closed what a bummer) there was enough daylight, also two gaming consoles with two big screens. About sixty comfy seats around which makes it obvious targeted at bigger crowds but nonetheless coming with a nice enough layout. Little snacks and clean bongs available, too. Menu for grass: Mix Weed (7€/g), White Widow (9€/g), Bubble Gum (10€/g), Lemon Haze (11€/g), Amnesia Haze (11€/g) and Og Kush (11€/g). Hashish: Primera Gold (11€/g), Critical (11€/g) and Kush Block (12€/g). Budtender recommended their Primera Gold and I also opted for some Og Kush at it had despite looking merely ok a somewhat light kushy smell at least. Hashish wasn't bad at all but nothing special either, the weed was only average at best and is not recommended. Quite young crowd. Still worth a look and in the summer probably the place to be. Bring your stuff from elsewhere so halcyon days indeed.
Negative Review Virginie from France sent 26 Jul 2013
Very bad coffeeshop, to be avoided! Not very welcoming seller and especially not with the foreigners and the cannabis dipped into some sugar!
Negative Review Dim from Greece sent 27 Jan 2012
Last summer I was there and was my last time for sure. They sold me Bubble but in fact it was nothing. Not even small buds. Crap place for me.
Positive Review t_stoned from Austria sent 19 Aug 2008
There are pool tables, football, chill-out chairs etc. But- no smoking inside now, neither tobacco, nor pure pot. But they have a large terrace where you can smoke free, but if the winter comes? 2 weeds and 2 hashes on menu. Purchased: 7e/g PowerPlant. Very good cured, rich aroma, more better as the same PPlant in Amsterdam and nearby. Strong but mindly mild body stone. 10e/g Hija hash- maroc polm, mild sativa high.
Positive Review Kim from Denmark sent 21 Jul 2008
Very nice coffeeshop. Almost always a place to sit down and relax! Nice chairs in leather etc. Opening hours: 12-00 (Don't know if that is in the weekend also). They had K2 to 25 euro, but now its gone :( Weed for 35-45 euro (Santamaria, Haze, PP etc.) And some hashish. Definitely a place to visit if you are in Hengelo :D
Positive Review Max from Germany sent 16 Apr 2008
Nice atmosphere, big coffeeshop, many places to sit and chill, with nice chill out couches, pool table and a kicker, clean bongs. 4 types of weed and some hash. I bought Santa Maria which gave me a nice, long lasting sativa high.
Positive Review DaveO' from Ireland sent 27 Mar 2008
Excellent, brilliant, chilled, relaxed, friendly, comfortable. It was like a second Moonlight and our first impression is that it is better! Good quality stuff, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. A couple of Internet/Lan PCs for gaming or whatever. Nice outside space. Good seating and rooms layout.