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Happy Days

coffeeshop in Hoensbroek
Reviews of Happy Days Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited Feb 2020; sent 5 Feb 2021
Small shop with about ten to fifteen seats, more or less basic as far as I remember. What I too remember is mid-aged Moroccan (?) budtender gave honest advice regarding his two best options for Moroc as he came up with pros and cons et cetera which were roughly 9€ and 12€ if I recall correctly again; about five types of hashish and a bit more weedwise but standard strains including haze. Hashish was alright but nothing special in itself. Same goes for the shop but could be way worse considering location again.
Positive Review Jahmal sent 4 Jun 2011
A nice shop with kind people. They have a great White Widow, liked it very much. Not much place to seat, but not much people there so it's not a problem.
Positive Review Christine from Netherlands sent 4 Jun 2010
I like this coffeeshop. The staff is really friendly, the prices are average for this area. The interior is a bit like a pub. Their joints surprised me, they are really good! The weedjoints are good and the hash joints are excellent! (they are known for their great hashjoints)
Negative Review Blundy from Netherlands sent 13 Sep 2005
They are too expensive, you really get almost nothing for 5 euro, you can roll just one joint from it! They are greedy! And second, every other shop I know, are open from 10 am to 12 pm and this shop goes open at 4pm, for most people I know, that's very late, you have to wait so fucking long till the shop finally opens! And then it's closed at 12 pm, but when you come to buy a joint at 11.50 you won't get none, they are already closing then, while instead you still got 10 minutes, because by rules they close at 12 and not at 11.50. And also very bothering, they already know my face they have seen it hundreds of times, but when I accidentally forgot my ID I can't get in, and this guy that works there is such a grumpy man, he isn't polite or something, hell no! And for a woman, it's very annoying to go inside the shop, all the Moroccan boys that are in there immediately want your attention, they are very horny over there! So my opinion about 'Happy Days' in Hoensbroek, Akerstraat-Noord, is very very disappointing, bad place!
Positive Review Chris from USA (working in Europe) sent 3 May 2004
A friendly little local shop. All Dutch. They had unbelievably cheap prices. The dealer recommended the Santa Maria. I bought 5g for 30 Euro. It was OK. Not even in the top twenty compared with A'dam. The staff was very friendly. They opened early for me and gave me directions to the other shop. Oh yeah. The girl behind the bar was hot. Nothing better then a pretty young girl smoking a fat joint.