Happy Feelings

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Happy Feelings Number of Positive Reviews 12 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Degs from UK sent 24 Feb 2016
Good little shop, small though. Got some nice Jack Herer borrowed their massive vaporizer and got wasted.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Aug 2009
A smaller shop, only five tables, but a nice menu, so stop by even if you don't get a table. The shop itself is one room, long and narrow typical Amsterdam, and there is a counter as you enter where the menu is. There is a turnstile to let you into the seating area. The cool part about this shop is not only the menu, but the overall ambiance, especially the lighting. There are vaporizer water pipes on each table made of glass. Under each one there are color changing lights that make the whole pipe change from hue to hue, very cool effect, when mixed with the other lighting effects it makes for a very unique experience. There are only five tall, wood tables with cushioned stools, and the clean bathrooms are in the back. The menu had 8 wiet, and 12 hasj choices with the "Super Silver Haze" even though a little pricey (14e/gm.), being one of the best strains of the trip. The service was very friendly, they even have a Novex micro-scope on the counter they encourage you to inspect your wiet with. Not the best place for drinks as they all come from machines in the back, but overall a very chilled little shop, check it out.
Negative Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
I thought this place looked mind bending, and bought some "Chillage Surprise" I was told it's a Sativa, and had a light smell, looks moderate, but it was deceptive and tasted bland, and had almost no stone about it with harsher hits. Wrong place to get weed for sure, I would not buy any smokeables from this place again.
Positive Review Wiggs Dannyboy from USA visited July 06; sent 14 Aug 2006
Good Chrystal Lady grass. It was slow and the only customer I spoke to was a fellow American where we laughed about how unlikely we would ever have the opportunity to do this in America.
Positive Review Bran from France visited 10-13 Nov; sent 19 Nov 2005
One of my favourites, we go back 2 or 3 times just to have a tea and a joint. Tables are strange and small but it gives us enough space, and you can draw on it I assure you ;) menu is ok and I find very helpful waitress (it was not too crowded so ..) Cool music in the back, very quiet place to chill out when you can find a seat I guess.
Positive Review Simon from England sent 6 Nov 2005
This coffeeshop is one of my favourite places on earth! The menu is average to say the least, and the seating gets a little uncomfortable for any sustained length of time, but you'll smoke yourself through this. For shear beautiful ambience, this is the place. Often playing ambient techno and electronic, but I've been in before now with Yellow Submarine on the stereo. Perfect for that Sunday morning smoke after a heavy session the previous night. The tables are ideal for skinning up and you can borrow a bong from the bar. Get your drink, skin up, sit back, then just look round and listen. The imagery, décor, murals, and music intertwine impeccably to give a most pleasurable experience.
Negative Review Ross from USA visited Aug 23-30; sent 8 Oct 2005
Of all the coffeeshops I visited in Amsterdam this was my least favorite. When I visited all the tables were taken, and I had to smoke a bowl in the back by the door. This was uncomfortable not to be able to sit and smoke. The lady dealer working there at the time, was extremely unfriendly and cold to me, when I asked her questions about the weed. She kept glaring at me as I smoked, and I got the feeling she wanted me to quickly finish my bowl and leave. Not a very friendly atmosphere and an overall disappointment. I will not be back again on a future stay in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Dan from England sent 19 Sep 2005
Found this coffeeshop on the third visit to Amsterdam. The front of the shop does not look much like a coffeeshop making it pretty hard to spot (if you're coming from Leidsestraat it is a little way down Kerkstraat on the left). Good weed, chilled out atmosphere and good music but uncomfortable seats. Also has a very trippy mural on the wall, I could stare at that thing for hours if the seats weren't so uncomfortable! Not somewhere you could spend a long time, but still well worth a visit.
Positive Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
Excellent coffee shop for chilling out in! Nice decor, real good music, the woman who was serving seemed ok, but there was a 12 euro min buy, so didn't buy any weed, didn't want to buy any more than a gram, as we wanted to try as much as we could! Really recommend it as a good place to smoke your weed.
Positive Review Winterdam Boyz from UK visited 10/11 Nov 04; sent 19 Nov 2004
This place is still the best to chill out in on a morning. You can usually find a few people in there enjoying the ambient music. Flew in from Philly so after a long flight we needed to chill out for a while, the smoke is still pretty darn good, think we bought the White Widow and the Super Skink, both seemed to do the trick! Don't know what the guy below was on about only pre-rolled joints tho!
Neutral Review Mary from USA visited 2-8 Nov; sent 9 Nov 2004
Is Global Chillage still in existence? I was walking down Kerkstraat all the time, but never saw the place. Was there in 2000, and in my 4 trips to the 'dam I actually was trying to find it again. The interior was cool I remember, but I don't remember if I had any weed from there back then in '00.
Positive Review Rob from USA visited 1-10 Oct '04; sent 12 Oct 2004
Got the Bubblegum, and it was pretty good, but didn't blow me away. Interior was nice and comfortable, music wasn't too loud. Ran in from the rain for a joint and got kicked out (closing time) 15 minutes later. Disappointing, but what can you do? Go earlier I guess. Nice place.
Positive Review SummerDam Boys from UK visited 1-2 Aug. 04; sent 9 Aug 2004
A little corker of a coffeeshop, right near our hotel on the Kerkstraat. Really chilled ambience inside with decorations of trees hanging down from the ceiling, the murals on the walls are quite trippy especially after a few j's worth of chillage special. Nice to come here first thing in the morning for a few pre-breakfast spliffs. They play proper mongy music which can send you right off to sleep if you're not careful, really cute girl behind the bar tho!
Positive Review Chris from Switzerland sent 12 Oct 2003
The only person who was very sympathetic was the girl at the Global Chillage. This place is not in the centre, but it's quiet, very relaxed, has a laid-back atmosphere and outstanding ambient-chillout music. Well, she warned us about the effects of her space cakes.
Positive Review TK from UK sent 21 Aug 2003
Excellent decor - just looking at the murals when high is enough to lift you out your seat and (pleasantly) out of your mind. Had the Purple Haze, NLA, and Silver Haze. All excellent, Purple Haze ideal if you want to get high and still function like a human biped, I dunno, see a museum or something.
Neutral Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
This place is both short and narrow. It has three small bar-type backbreaking benches along the walls with these really cool mini rolling-tables at each chair on the bench. The pads on the benches are merely for show. Both walls have been painted in some psychedelic scene that most likely will be most pleasant while tripping. There's a small DJ station at the right as you enter taking up quite a bit of room.
Still, I was amazed at how many people this place held. Not many types of weed, all pre-rolled. I bought a small bag of NL but my notes don't reflect the effect, sorry.
Neutral Review Ev from USA sent 6 Sep 2000
I spent an afternoon getting my laundry done and sat at the Global Chillage right across the street from the laundromat, very convenient. I had the Nepalese Temple Ball at Global Chillage.
Neutral Review Jason from UK sent 28 Mar 2000
Global Chillage was, very surprisingly, not at all busy the evening we were there. It has very good interior decoration and plays good music, (ambient). However, it does have uncomfortable seats. Global Chillage could be one of the very best coffee shops in Amsterdam. It has some of the very best murals and plays good music. However, it is not a comfortable place to stay for long and does not have anything other than the smoke and the music to occupy oneself with.