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Positive Review Absolem710 from Ireland. Sent 27 Oct 2018.
I stayed locally to this coffeeshop recently. I found it to be a really chilled local shop, full of "Happy People!". Reasonable selection, good out of Centrum prices with a comfortable smoking room and tables outside.
Positive Review Jay from Amsterdam. Sent 26 Dec 2010.
Been here a lot of times. It's a real local shop and I know the owners and they always recognize me. They have one of the best coffee shop personal in Amsterdam and you can hang out inside and in the summer time outside as well. They have a good few seats, a television, good music and the place gives you a warm feeling. The most important: the weed is great. You pay a normal price and get good weed for what you pay. I see people coming in and out all the time and it a bit crowded but nice place. If you are a tourist and not from Amsterdam, I would go here if you are here for the first time. Staff is really helpful.
Positive Review Tucci's Guide from Italy. Sent 17 Nov 2010.
This shop is great. Surrounded by the nice Dappermarkt and the wonderful windmill/brewery "t'ij" just round the corner, this is a real local place, but still really friendly with tourists. They have 4 kind of weed: White Widow, Crystal and Power Plant at 7euro and Amnesia Haze at 10euro, all for 0.95gram. Sometimes they have some nice outsider strains, for example during my visits I had the chance to try some nice Bubblegum at 8euro per gram or an absolutely amazing Super Shiva Haze at 12euro per gram. They sell great hash too, Twizla at 8euro per grm, Super Polm at 6euro(that is a great value!) and Afghaan at 8euro per 2grams. So, nice people, nice weed, nice staff, nice prices, no limit on your purchases, is it enough for you guys?
Neutral Review SeniorHippies from USA. Sent 25 Nov 2009.
We had a very mixed experience of this shop when we visited at the end of September. Our first visit was about 19:00 on a week night. There was nobody at the weed counter even though we waited a minute or two. We figured we'd get a seat, take off our packs, and order a cup of tea while we waited for the guy to come back. The door was locked and nobody seemed to have the least bit of interest in letting us in or giving us any information. There was a guy sitting by the door looking at least half drunk. His only interest was mocking our discomfiture through the glass. Other people saw us through the same glass and were completely unconcerned. We left. A couple days later we thought we'd give it one more try, this time at opening. We were received rather pleasantly on this occasion. We bought some nice weed on the way in. Once inside, a very decent guy behind the counter bought us our first cup of tea, and welcomed us to the shop. We'll give it another try when we go back this spring.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA. Visited 15 Dec 07. Sent 7 Mar 2008.
We bought drinks here, but no weed, though I will next time. Take the No. 3 or 6 tram to Zeeburgerdijk, and you're just a block away. I hated the buzz-in door, and when one of the locals helped me out by opening it from the inside, it pinched my finger. But once inside, the place is really one of the hipper little joints in Amsterdam, in my opinion. We sat on the long couch near the front window and skinned up, then spent the next hour walking down the spectacular Dappermarkt, a lengthy strip of street vendors with a wide variety and distinctive Middle Eastern flavor, with Happy People located at the extreme north end. Albert Cuyp Market gets all the fanfare, but try Happy People and Dappermarkt, in that order. When you get to the extreme south end of the market, you also reach a stop for the Nos. 3, 6 and 10 trams, or can walk just a couple blocks east to catch the No. 9 tram, or just a couple blocks south to the Muiderpoorts metro train stop. Very convenient at both ends of Dapperstraat.
Positive Review Shannon from USA. Sent 6 Jun 2005.
Visited many coffee shops in Amsterdam and this one is definitely my favorite. It's a small place and there aren't many menu (food) items, but the weed is great and cheap compared to the rest of the city. By comparison, Bulldogs charges slightly more (12 Euros vs. 10) for smaller, pre-rolled, pure-weed joints. My brother and I were helped out quite a bit by an absolute sweetheart working at the bar named Bianca (from Suriname). She helped us with our rolling technique and threw in several freebies. The rest of the staff was extremely friendly, too. The crowd is cordial, mostly Moroccan and there will surely be a game of darts going on. The music is great in the evening if you are a fan of house/trance/jungle.
Positive Review Bob from USA. Sent 10 Sep 2004.
The shop is small but comfortable, good selection and good weed. Orange juice is fresh and cold. Had the White Widow, recommended by the dealer and a few of the folks sitting at the bar. 7.50 euro and a great high. Smoked a 1/2 gram and watched the folks walking about. Shared the other 1/2 gram with a few at the bar since I needed to leave for the airport. Well worth the trip to find the place, prices are good and the weed was great. Will go back for sure on my next trip.
Positive Review Nicholas and mates from Spain. Sent 19 Mar 2004.
I recommend the Happy People coffee shop. It's very small but very friendly and the Super Polm, it's really nice, try it. It was our first coffee when we arrived and our last one before we returned back. Try it!
Positive Review Dil from Scotland. Sent 30 Jan 2004.
This place was heaving when I went and it was still early on a cold crappy day, the place opens at 7am. Went for "Crystal" weed 24 euros for 5 grammes. This is a no alcohol shop which is not great for me but I will return to sample further treats from the menu that matters.
Positive Review Andy from England. Sent 4 Jan 2004.
Called in here many times, very friendly place, good prices and most importantly, some quality smoke. The Super Polm is highly recommended.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 7 Feb 2003.
We've been welcomed there over the years. This is well outside the usual tourist areas but deserves a listing I feel, as the prices were perhaps the best in Amsterdam. During last year's World Cup it was fun to sit with the regulars and cheer.