coffeeshop in Gorinchem
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Positive Review Jesscass visited October 2022; sent 22 Dec 2022
One enters here and finds the counter for scoring to the left hand. On tap they had about nine strains of wiet of which I only remember classic White Widow for 9€; also they had three so called 'Cali strain's and one of them costs you 20€ as well as being their most expensive offer as far as I can remember. The hasj menu listed four types: Golden Maroc (12€), Dry (10€), Amnesia (8€) and one I forgot as well; all Moroccan. Dealer with Moroccan roots recommended their most expensive Golden Maroc which was a rock hard oldschool one I enjoyed as it was simply good quality though maybe without full spectrum taste - not enough sweetness - but as said still good. On the right hand behind a door one finds a bright room providing about 15 seats including three garden swings for two persons each and round tables with bar stools, lovely. So in fact relatively inviting and comfortable! Unfortunately for some reasons there was no harbor scene to be had there as this referred to the canal in front of the shop but you can't have it all, can't you? All in all a nice enough place for a sit down.
Positive Review Benjamin from France sent 8 May 2012
Good price, good quality, parking overlooking a river or canal. Very nice city.
Neutral Review John from Netherlands sent 4 Aug 2005
Another shop at a nice location in a nice city, Gorinchem. Similar to many other cities in Holland, they're packed with canals, and Havenzicht is right on top of one. Too bad they didn't exploit that position, they placed all the seats in the back of the building, and the first 2 meters after the entrance are supposed to be clean of people admiring the view for security. The shop itself isn't very special, they have a mediocre selection of various types of hashish and weed, but again none of this is very special. Their price is average, but I think it's pretty expensive given the quality and effect of their stuff. There's a variety of drinks to buy, including espresso and strong beer. The food is average, the typical french fries with mayonnaise type of menu. :) No sofas, only metallic-like chairs and idem designed tables. Large TV attached to the ceiling running sports or news, and you can site outside in the summer. This rocks. Their toilets are very large compared to what you usually encounter, also they're clean.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 23 Jul 2003
Friendly staff, the cheapest shop in Gorinchem. It's mostly a takeaway shop but they do have a bar and tables. The best stuff is the tbsla and the best grass is the WW. They tend to do a little less in their baggies (0,8 instead of 1 gram) Average. Least expensive.