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coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Negative Review Rafiki from Germany visited 2015; sent 10 Jun 2019
Closet coffeeshop to the Ramada Apollo hotel. Quality & interior reminds of a border shop. Serves the purpose being a last stop before being back to the hotel, but for sure isn't the best shop in town.
Positive Review Eva from Amsterdam sent 29 Nov 2009
Great stop-and-go place. About 3 kinds of weed, 3 of hash. The White Widow is great, and you can get a 2,2 bag for 15. Never stayed there, but there's usually a small crowd in the smoking room.
Negative Review ftcarer from UK sent 29 Jul 2009
Looked a cool place, lights came on as we got there, guy opened the door, propped it open, then walked back in, went in to find him almost lying on his counter and all our "Hi how's it going" got was a grunted "got i.d", I know shops have to be careful (the guy may just have been having a bad day) but we're all over 30, and I have grey hair! Left this place straight away, will not be going back next trip.
Positive Review Ra <(0)> from Netherlands sent 8 Nov 2008
This is a funky coffeeshop, with sport on the TV in a large tobacco friendly area. Coffee is unfortunately not very nice and comes in a plastic cup, for Holland this coffee is dishwater. Other not so rough drinks are available!