Bonne Ville

coffeeshop in Helmond
Reviews of Bonne Ville Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Steve sent 27 Feb 2011
This must be the most friendly coffee shop in Holland. Excellent staff and a most relaxing atmosphere.
Positive Review Poncke from Ireland sent 26 Apr 2008
This is the only legal coffee shop in Helmond. It is a normal size coffee shop with a secured bicycle stand next to it. The shop has a small outside terrace and there are some games you can play like billiard and darts. The shop's most regular visitors are Turkish and Moroccan people. On the menu are several hasjes and weeds like Pollem, Super Pollem, White Widow and Orange Bud. Sometimes you could be lucky and score Purple Haze. Prices are normal and not cheap like in Rotterdam shops. The quality of the softdrugs is okay. I recommend to go in there, buy and leave. Smoke the joint in a park or at home or in your hotel, as the seats are most of the time taken and the atmosphere is quite strange and not very inviting (but that's my opinion, I guess if you are with a few friends it doesn't matter)
Neutral Review Puncho from France sent 25 Jul 2003
Theehuis Heaven has been renamed Theehuis Willy's Place. The choice is limited in this mid-class coffeeshop, but it's the only one in this town...