Coffeeshop 010

coffeeshop in Rotterdam
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Negative Review Anon. sent 23 Dec 2021
Don't like the koffieshop, they got no respect for their clients. If you say something about it u can not enter anymore to buy. They have bad weed made with the poison in, it not good.
Negative Review Bryan from USA sent 30 May 2010
I recently moved to Rotterdam and I have been going to all the coffeeshops around here. Bambu High Tea is the closest one to my place so I tried going there more often even though I don't like their weed as much because they add fiberglass to most of them (so the weight is heavier) though it's the closest on to my house and sometimes I just don't want to go much further but today was the last day I ever went there because every single time the staff is so rude that I don't even think the owner knows this because if he does then he is going out of business soon due to their staff behaviour. There are three main people working there, a dude with blond hair and another one with dark hair and a chick also with dark hair and all of them are extremely rude. Thank god I have never been there high because if I did it would most def mess up my happy high! I can't wait till they change management and staff and best of all, start selling weed without fiberglass in it :)
Positive Review Ombudsman from Netherlands sent 25 Aug 2006
Bambu High Tea is not a regular shop, but it's definitely one of the better ones in Rotterdam. Its style is really open and sophisticated, and it doesn't look like a coffeeshop at all. The venue is not big, but counts fifteen chandeliers, a beautiful big mirror and some Dali's (not real of course). They have a wide range of weeds and hashes; weeds (8): Skunk, K2, Santa Maria, Power Plant, White Widow, NLX, Edelweiss, Bubble Gum, Haze, Super Thai; hashes (7): Superblond, Polm, Zeropolm, Afghaan, Libanon, Nepal, Super Afghaan, Super Zero Polm. Further they have very good coffee, and many sorts of Looza juices! The quality of the stuff is mostly very good and the price also. The owner is a real marijuana-expert, and the people who work there are very friendly, helpful, and speak good English. The shop is situated outside of the center, but is still found by many tourists. On the other side of the road is Bambu cafe. It is situated on the first floor and contains pool tables, games etc. And of course you can smoke your fresh bought treasure from the other side.
Neutral Review Stefan from England visited 15/10/2005; sent 17 Oct 2005
A little shop on the corner of a busy street. It doesn't look like your typical coffee shop, more like a small cafe. The few tables were taken so I didn't stay long. They had a small selection of hash and weed but I chose to move on as it's a very bright and open place with big windows for the public to stare at you. Not my sort of place but the locals were there. 4/10