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Hill Street Blues

bar in Amsterdam
Reviews of Hill Street Blues Number of Positive Reviews 25 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 6
Negative Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
Very cheap shop compared to its neighbours, which is noticeable immediately when you enter. Obviously built to rip-off tourists, especially the British considering its theme. Spacecakes are decent here, but nothing special. The staff serving drinks is alright, but the budtenders are total idiots everytime. Tried their Zero Zero and their Cheese once back when I wasn't a regular smoker. The Zero Zero was like soapbar and the Cheese made me dizzy for a minute at most, while a regular White Widow joint had me tripping balls back then. Concluding: don't go here, and don't try to save on your money when you're around this area. Go to Hunter's instead.
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
This was my most visited coffeeshop! Cheapest drinks and munchies we found on our whole trip. Best shakes and fruit shakes ever! The most amount of graffiti this girl's ever seen in one place. You have to sit in the backroom upstairs lookin out the window at night, epic view! Cliche menu but no gripes.
Positive Review Wackness from UK sent 24 May 2010
Great feel and some alright weed, the toilets were out of this world 'specially when you are stoned. I could have sat there all day and watched the day roll past.
Neutral Review DeathRowRecords from UK sent 13 Sep 2009
1st place we stopped with cases in tow. Bubble Gum at 10E/g was decent, but far from the best of the trip. Great central location overlooking the water, grungy graffiti'd up decor, friendly English girl behind the bar. A lot of passing trade at half 9 in the morning, not a place I could relax in myself as it gets busy, but recommended as a place to chill for a while.
Positive Review Macker from Ireland sent 10 Jul 2009
Great shop right next to the police station which typifies Amsterdam! Nice drinks menu and the weed menu's just as good and at good prices, the 'White Widows' an old-school must and @3grams for 20euro you cant go wrong! Plus there's a vaporizer you can use at the weed counter too. You can sign the wall if you can find room and if you're lucky enough to get the cushy leather seats down the back overlooking the canal you won't want to move for the day!
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
This place is really something else. You walk in and it's a narrow little hallway like setup with tables along the right side and walking room on the left until you hit the bar. At that point you can continue passed to go up to the tables above or down stairs to the cool place. If you get the table way at the end you are in front of an open (rather scary) door that is stepping out straight into the water of the canal behind it. If the water was to rise even one foot the whole place would flood! I put my mark on the wall of graffiti as well. Any how, I got the "Hillstreet Blues Special" which was okay looking buds, light to no smell which is never a good sign, initial taste is sweet then harsh almost like hash smoke taste and its 10E/G which made it a loser stand but awesome place to smoke. The space food here is about as good as it gets at a coffee shop, which still isn't worth buying.
Positive Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
I visit Amsterdam about every second month, since years, but I never visited Hill Street Blues before. I really enjoyed this coffeeshop! I had a nice pool-match + glass of beer + few joints in there. Try their Northern Lights 6euro/g, nice high. Dealer and staff were damn friendly!
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Mar 2007
A friend purchased a prerolled hash spliff that had us floored.
Positive Review Nate from UK sent 30 Jan 2007
This place is sick! Floor to ceiling is covered in tags, me and my mate wished we had brought some pens! We sat by the window and watched people stroll past, which was cool. Its busy but the staff are all really friendly. Recommend the Super Skunk.
Positive Review Brian H from Ireland sent 26 Sep 2006
This place I have been to quite a few times before. Good weed. Always going to be busy unless you go early. Definitely on my list of a place to see while in Holland. So many signatures inside the coffeeshop, I saw a previous one I had left. This place has got a nice vibe.
Positive Review Dave an Shtu from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Quite a loud, bustling place with good music and excellent smoke, another cool thing about this place is that they encourage graffiti with every table covered in black marker pen. Friendly staff, good selection of weed/hash and stays open till early hours.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
My brother's favourite and somewhere I'll always stop off although on a Friday or Saturday night it's full of drunk arseholes.
Positive Review GG from England sent 21 Feb 2005
Good fun and vibes and if you don't like the staff order a hot chocolate. They don't like makin them! Oh no.
Positive Review B4yes from England visited Nov 04; sent 6 Jan 2005
A really good coffeeshop, which covers almost everything the younger generation, would look for in Amsterdam. As one of the few remaining coffeeshops that sells both cannabis and alcohol, Hill St. has a very lively, upbeat atmosphere yet also provides the perfect setting to just sit back and chill out. If you're lucky enough to get downstairs at the very back, you're given the opportunity to open the door and be on the side of the canal within inches of the water. Hill Street also provides very good music from various genres, space cakes and a good selection of quality smoke. Although their selection isn't the most potent nor is it the strongest available, it is certainly substantial and reasonably priced. The Hill Street Special has always been my personal selection from there. The staff are very friendly and some very cute, after a game of pool one of their more attractive waitress' kindly took up our offer of joining us for a quick smoke and chat, in which she gave us some very useful information and also rolled us a fat joint before she went back to work (although the boss didn't know!) For me, a top 5 recommendation! Who needs wallpaper when you can just get the customers to write and draw on the walls?
Positive Review Flatbed Alfie from England sent 12 Dec 2004
I was there with my friend and enjoyed the knowledge that the guy in Hill Street Blues had about the hash. Must admit though the highlight was finding the Black Mombasa. Not chuffed squidgy gear like that for too long.
Positive Review Spacejase from UK sent 19 Aug 2004
This is without doubt my favourite coffee shop, when it's not too crowded it's one of the most reliably-cool joints in town. On every visit this year I've always found the staff and dealers to be very friendly and laid-back. The dope here is pretty good, latest sample I've got here was the White Widow weed and a little Manali hash, both of incredible (too strong?) quality. Have visited with a number of different groups of friends and have always found that the entire crew have opted for the hill street blues as basecamp. Mind you, everywhere has its drawbacks and the Hill Street Blues toilets at the weekend are not a nice place to be! Top place, top vibe, great dope, 5 out of 5.
Positive Review Gab from Italy visited Aug 03; sent 22 Jul 2004
Though it is often a bit crowded, if you find a place, don't miss Hill Street Blues. It has a little hall with some comfortable sofas and chairs, soft atmosphere, ambient music and the best Northern Light ever tried! If you're looking for a relaxing place, especially if you want to spend some hours in the morning, go there absolutely. PS the girl at the bar was very kind and gentle with us. Recommended!
Positive Review Mark from England visited May 04; sent 14 Jun 2004
My favourite coffee shop! It was my first experience of the dam and now I use it as a base in between checking out other coffee shops and the red light district lol! Have been going to the dam for a few years now sometimes twice a year for a chilled weekend! I always know I have arrived when I walk into hill st and get a deal of their house special, well nice! Not a vast menu but great gear, same as the cakes and cookies! It did get very busy but they have reopened the back room with the pool table and great settees and beanbags! Great window seats over looking the river! And down stairs with the football table and window seats also! The place looks a little bit dark and seedy and the Toilets are not up to much but if you stay for a beer, coffee or a smoke the place really grows on you!
Neutral Review Simon from Denmark sent 1 Jun 2004
Friendly service, an ok menu card, but there is a surveillance camera in the chill out lounge. Place gets crowded sometimes.
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 6 May 2004
I thought this was good place to hang out, if you like beer. I mean, how much coffee can you really drink in a day without getting totally tweaked. All the people who worked there were really cool.
Positive Review Barry from UK sent 12 Mar 2004
Great shop when I first went there but returned to find that the end of the shop is cut off. I am returning in April and hope the end has reopened
Negative Review Will and mates from UK visited 4-7 Feb 04; sent 15 Feb 2004
Didn't like the place due to the fact that we kept getting hassled by our homeless friends while I was relaxing with a beer and a smoke. Staff didn't seem to be bothered which didn't help. Apart from that the decor is all graffiti plastered all over the walls, and a very cheap pint of larger can be found here.
Positive Review Nick from USA sent 11 Feb 2004
Hill Street Blues is tight. I had a crazy black out drunk and super high adventure there. Their space cakes are bomb. It's cool if you like to party like a college kid.
Positive Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
Friendly staff and a great free smoking magazine at the bar.
Negative Review Tony from UK sent 15 Jan 2004
Busy, rowdy and not a comfortable place to be at all.
Positive Review Andy and Sam from UK visited Jan 04; sent 6 Jan 2004
We had been there before so knew what to expect. The atmosphere was relaxed enough that even if you were rubbish at building a joint, no-one cares. The coffee's were first class and had quite a few of them. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
Positive Review Dave from UK visited 10-11 Oct 03; sent 13 Oct 2003
Didn't sample the menu, but liked the vibe, even the loud yank girls. I was pretty much 'done' by the time we got here, but still managed to down one of their space-shakes, which knocked me into a 'whiteyesque' spiral for ten minutes. Would go again.
Negative Review Brew from USA sent 2 Aug 2003
Annoyed and turned me off for it's noise and tacky inner city Graffiti aesthetics. Being American, I felt out of place there with so many U.K. patrons. Don't get me wrong, most everyone there is happy and all partied up but... I'd rather hang somewhere less U.K.-ish.
Negative Review Mick and Will from England sent 31 Jul 2003
The worst staff in the country! The dealer was a total asshole. He seemed to hate people which is bad in his line of business. This was the only place where we bought hash but I have to say that it was pretty nice.
Positive Review Smokiespliff from Ireland sent 13 Jul 2003
Friendly staff (brilliant table service), very relaxed atmosphere, great surroundings (graffiti and beer mats to leave your mark!), and its not a sleek, shiny, modern-shit coffeeshop either... its a place to feel at home.... I'll be back definitely.....
Negative Review John M. from UK sent 18 Jun 2003
Popped in this place by mistake. Bit of a poo hole, graffiti everywhere, heavy metal, dim lit didn't feel at all comfortable there shame we were all so thirsty or we'd of gone elsewhere my mates fault. Bought our drinks and built a doobie smoked real quick so I could go somewhere else. Also they have a new place opened up think its near the Old Church or Rock-it, was too stoned to remember, it totally different to the hole we strolled into looks very clean and will visit next year to find out wot its like.
Positive Review Shug from UK sent 30 Dec 2001
I called Hill street blues my "homebase", what a cafe that is! Certainly the best I have visited, and I have been in a good thirty- forty coffee shops. Great scene, very "cosy".
Positive Review Dröselmeister from Germany sent 21 Apr 2001
Here they play good music (Goa) and you can get one of the best space cookies or shakes I ever had! And it's not so full like the other shops!