The Greenhouse Effect

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of The Greenhouse Effect Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review ChrisPi from UK sent 10 Mar 2019
Bought a Kush joint for €5; it was great. My brother had 2 tokes and was off his nut. I found it very mellow. Great old school coffee shop. 5*****.
Positive Review Michael from Israel sent 12 Sep 2017
Went twice to this coffee shop on our last visit in August. Very nice and friendly staff. My wife managed to spill her cup of juice all over the floor and when I asked for a cloth to wipe it up the young lady wouldn't let us and came to clean it up herself! Great atmosphere and music. They also sold me a ready rolled joint to smoke on the premises which was nice after we tried to do the same thing in the Jolly Joker and were greeted by a very rude lady behind the bar. So I will recommend the Greenhouse Effect to all my friends that go to Amsterdam.
Positive Review LeeRash from USA (living in A'dam) sent 1 Dec 2007
I really like the atmosphere here and the prices aren't bad. If you stop in I recommend the Northern Lights or the Hill Street Special weeds.
Positive Review Jody from Slovenia sent 6 Feb 2007
We visited this coffee shop on 30th of December 06.We were very surprised, 'cause it was something different. Good music, nice employees, very cosy sofas. It was so nice that we visited it every day. On the 2nd of January we went back to Slovenia, but before that we stopped in Hill Street and smoked one.
Positive Review Adam from UK visited July 7th; sent 26 Jul 2005
Very friendly coffeeshop with a nice selection of both grass and hash. On our first visit we bought some Himalayan Gold hash which proved to be a very nice smoke, intended to return to try the Lemon Haze which looked outstanding. Upon our return visit we were disappointed to find the Lemon Haze sold out, but we bought some White Widow instead which provided a very nice indica stone. Staff very helpful, a very friendly cockney man and an equally friendly and quite attractive blonde woman who lent us a bong without deposit and made the best hot chocolates that I have ever tasted. Would recommend this coffeeshop for the weed, the staff, the jazzy music and the comfortable seating (beanbags in the back!) Would return.
Positive Review Bran from France visited Oct 04; sent 14 Apr 2005
After a walk under the rain we found this coffeeshop, we wanted to sit down and have a tea. It was a crowded Saturday night. It's really one of the biggest and quietest coffeeshops we found. With comfortable sofas in the back, cool and comprehensive dealer and barmaid (try to understand the bad English of 3 stoned Frenchies ;)) you have to be patient and comprehensive). For music it was really good experimental techno I like for smoke. I've buy 3 grams of incredible Thai, I don't remember the price but I know it wasn't very expensive. Really good sativa with a big big high, we have named this bud my friends and me: "Brain Kickboxing". We come back a couple of days later, it was another barman friendly, he explain us their space cakes which was great too.
Positive Review Claud from Netherlands sent 22 Nov 2004
This is a nice little shop with a view on the Newmarket Square, which has a biological market at Saturdays. They sell fruit juices in different tastes and they have toasted sandwich with cheese and ham, in Dutch it is "tosti". There is space to sit at the back where you can watch some TV.