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De Hobbit

coffeeshop in Weert
Reviews of De Hobbit Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited November 2019; sent 11 Mar 2020
Took a bit as so often until us mugs found that one as we looked around the shopping street it was supposedly located on; especially since we asked several locals on our way all pointing us in the right direction. Still we just passed it a couple of times. Though this is part of the fun, isn't it? Finally we realised it indeed was on Beekstraat coming from the city centre with its church at a small square to the right. Bummer we didn't know about the parking garage opposite to it otherwise - guess what - we would have parked there. Proper research this time, anyone? There is a mall to the left hand on the same street as well if anyone cares as our driver found that handy and went for a walk while we entered. From the outside it was one of the more undercover thingies as only a small sign stating its existence. You know what this one isn't a coffeeshop/koffieshop/koffiehuis but a 'stadskoffiehuis' (could have to do with what Satisfied Visitor wrote above here; though there were no official signs saying so but again that means shit in our case). That's a new one then. Inside it was business as usual though and you'll find a small but airy place. On the right hand there were two tables and a couple of stools; at the bar in the back if I remember right is where you get your hasj and wiet. Clean and relatively bright atmosphere; looked sorta new. Seems they are focussing on people stopping by to pick up, bummer. What I remember clearly is that one has to smoke in the small smoking chamber in opposite of the bar which is more of a standing room as the table inside fits only a few people. So it was us three and a clique of locals, a bit poky. Young chap behind the counter was friendly enough so can't confirm Bboy's review above, at least on this occasion. Menu changes regularly we were told but was like, wiet: Harly's (sp, 11€/g), Kush (12€/g), Haze/WW (seriously!12€/g), Silver Haze (12€/g) and Amnesia Haze (12,5€/g). Hasj: Cheese/Afghan (seriously! 7€/g), Berber Polm (8,5€/g or 3g/24€) Blonde Bloen (sp, 9€/g), Super Hia (9€/g), Twisla (10€/g), Best Maroc (1eKlop) (11€/g) and something else slightly more expensive. Went for the latter ones on recommendation of the budtender and one of my mates against all protests for one of the more expensive hazes. Despite the relatively big hash selection the Moroc at 11€/g was alright but nothing overwhelming, could be cheaper. Very commercial if indeed a first sieve as stated on the menu. The more expensive one on the other hand was a lovely one though and the best traditional hashish from Morocco in Weert on that occasion. The haze was laughable unfortunately as predicted as so often these days at coffeeshops. All stuff was pre-packed by the way. Bit of an average place but could be worse.
Neutral Review Bboy from Belgium sent 30 Apr 2011
This coffee shop is tiny. Since the smoking ban in the Netherlands, it is the law now to have a designated smoking area, however, in this coffeeshop, it's so small, it can only seat 4 people at max, silly. So forget sitting down and having a drink and smoke here! But as for the weed, the dearest weed is of very high quality, usually the Haze, great stuff! But anything below the top pick is just industry standard and not cheap. The customer service is a disgrace though! I keep going there as it's close to Belgium, where I currently live, but if I had another choice, I would never visit this shop again, not because of the weed or the tiny smoking area, Just because the coffeeshop's boss and the people he employs have no idea how to serve people, even when spending 100EUR for 2 people, 10 grams of the best weed, no free skins, tips, nothing! And you'd be lucky to even get a smile or anything friendly and forget manners! This shop is ok for pickup only and get the hell out! They seem to treat you a lot nicer and fairer if you look like a criminal. Alas, I don't look like one, but the dodgy people that I see there sometimes get nicer treatment then I do, even if they only buy 1 pre rolled lame joint and sit on a water for 2 hours, frustrating! The only other shop in Weert, Paradox, on the other hand, is very polite and very friendly, but very bad weed! So, maybe avoid Weert if you can ;-)
Negative Review Dim from Greece sent 21 Nov 2010
They sold me the Bubble Weed 1 gr. 9.5euros. It was 0.6 gr and low quality! Simply don't go there!
Positive Review Satisfied Visitor from Germany sent 12 Aug 2004
It is a very nice, small shop built into a community building of the local government, close to the police station. So most visitors are locals who enjoy the quality weed list: K2, Snowhite, Top 44, Netherland Weed, Power Plant. Also available good but expensive hash: Marok, Ketama (but a real one), Zero, Afghane, Hya Hya (made out of the widdow-family-member Chrystal), and a real Double Twisla (a marokkan fingerhash). Nice interior, with wooden tables and a cosy bar. You'll find a piano in the corner and a lot of green. Behind the bar is a big terrarium with spacy animals in it, you will be surprised.