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coffee shop Hollywood, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of Hollywood Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review RogMcDog from UK. Sent 11 Apr 2011.
I visited the Hollywood coffee shop early evening of 7th April 2011 and found it very quiet - there were a couple of people chatting at the counter but the smoking area was completely empty. The guy behind the bar was helpful and easy going but not really friendly and not up for chatting. He recommended some skunk for me when I asked him and I went through to the smoking area expecting to find pipes or bongs at the tables. My inexperience showed and I had to go back to the guy at the bar and ask him - he produced a bong and filled it for me. I went back to the smoking area and realised I had no method to light it so had to return to the long suffering guy behind the counter and ask for a lighter - he loaned me his own without a grumble. My point being if you are completely inexperienced and on your own this coffee shop is fine, helpful and not intimidating. The skunk was good quality. I am used to smoking skunk but the experience of buying it legally over the counter was a new one to me.
Neutral Review Anon.. Sent 25 Jan 2011.
Great place, okay weed. Me and my friend used to go here a lot to pick up an "average" batch of weed.
Positive Review Paddy from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2010.
There was a medium selection of about 5/6 weeds ranging from Ameniza Haze, Jack Herrer, White Widow, Bubble Gum, Northern Lights, Super Skunk. All the weed was sold in mega deals, Bubble Gum was 3g (being the favourite) for 24 euro, Super Skunk (was quite a smooth smoke a little bit stalky but quite nice) was 3.8g for 24e and the Nothern Lights was 4.6g (very stalky but a lovely weird smell to it I can't describe, quite sweet) for 24e I can't recall what the Jack or White was but my friend says they were all 24e. There was a couple of different types of hash but we can't recall the names. There was a downstairs seating area with leather backed chairs with tables and a few wooden chairs, and this seating area broke off into a smaller area with a table and it was a nice place to chill. It was rather dim downstairs but quite nice nonetheless. On the second day we returned for a final smoke before we got back onto the boat. This time we decided to go upstairs where there was a toilet and a large sitting area with a few tables where you could eat. You weren't supposed to smoke upstairs but the guy said it was ok very very friendly I asked him if I could use the bong which he filled it up and put a gauze in for me very nice indeed. I will definitely be going there again a favourite of all of us who went (7 of us). It is definitely one of the cheapest in the center.
Positive Review Jimmy from USA. Sent 5 Mar 2009.
I walked into Hollywood, where an older employee was appearing to be a bit irritated by a couple of younger kids. I walked right in and asked for the menu. Took me about 15 seconds to figure out I wanted the White Widow. He looked at the kids and said "see? that's a quick order, thirty minutes is too long. You aren't buying a car!" I laughed. Went upstairs, very roomy but also very basic. Just plastic chairs, not very good music. I quickly changed my mind and walked next door to Wonderbar.
Positive Review Shannon from USA. Sent 6 Jul 2007.
I bought 2 joints of Super Skunk for 3 euros each and had a great time there. The place was empty when I bought my first joint in the late afternoon but as I sat smoking it near a window a few other people came in. It had a pretty quiet atmosphere that early, but I liked it and I stayed long enough to enjoy the Caribbean and hip hop music playing in the background and get sufficiently baked.
Positive Review Truff from USA. Visited 20 Dec 05. Sent 18 Jan 2006.
A great place to sit and chill. The relaxed, melodic music enhances the experience ten-fold. My girlfriend, friend, and I bought 1.1 grams of Zero-Zero for 8 or 9 euro (I can't exactly recall) and it was the most potent hash of the trip. My friend and I sat down and smoked a bowl, my girl was already too wasted to smoke from the Grey Area crystals. Then, we mixed a joint of weed and the Zero-Zero, which she smoked with us; we could only finish half. My friend had to puke in the upstairs restroom just before we left because he was so high off that hash. It was, by far, the best gear we'd purchased during our six day smoke fest in A'dam. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a great high. Not to mention, the young lady behind the counter was extremely helpful and kind.
Neutral Review Uncle Ghost from England. Visited Feb 11-14. Sent 18 Feb 2005.
Loads of seating, basic but comfortable enough. The guy working here was not overly friendly, but was pleasant enough. Didn't buy any weed or hash in here unfortunately. Seemed to get quite a few locals popping in during our short stay rather than tourists, which is always a good sign I imagine. The walls had some really stylish artwork, but there are mirrors everywhere, and lots of UV lighting, so your teeth look green and everyone can see your dandruff!