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Positive Review DW from USA. Sent 17 Dec 2010.
Nice place that's just large enough with a room in the back to remove you from the constant traffic that you're exposed to in the smallest shops. Prices and quality were good and they didn't mind at all about buying a drink and smoking stuff purchased at another store. Definitely would recommend!
Positive Review THCproxy from USA. Sent 27 May 2010.
The budtender asked for an ID, which I was more than happy to oblige because this is Dutch law and must be followed in order for all of us to enjoy the freedoms Holland has to offer. After presenting an ID (and also showing him my receding hairline which gave him a good laugh) he opened the folder to present the menu. At 8 Euros a gram I chose the Power Plant, a strain which I have loved since the late 90's. While there is no way of knowing if this was a descendant of the original strain from Dutch Passion (and one certainly would never be so rude as to ask), the bud itself showed the numerous orange hairs, false seed pod formation and spacing consistent with this strain. Trichromes were all intact and covered a decent portion of the bud. A truly relaxing and unique place. This shop is fairly small and rightly so, as it is only for those who appreciate a quiet, relaxing smoke with the local Amsterdammers and enjoy the local artwork on display. For you hordes of hooting and hollering drunken rabble-rousers in groups of 7 go elsewhere and leave this wonderful shop in peace.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 18 Oct 2009.
A nice coffeeshop this, only one level but its large enough for around 40 people maybe, the dealers/bar area is on the right, around half way into the shop. The dealer was an English fella, very tattooed and pierced but with an accent like an old English gent, bizarre! A nice bloke and a good laugh, he was telling me how they were out of their number 1 selling bud (can't remember what it was called) because some junky had come in late the night before and knicked it all from behind the counter whilst another dealer's back was turned. Got a gram of Crystal Pearl and one of Northern Lights and sat to the left of the shop looking out onto the busy street with a coke, Silver Pearl was excellent, gorgeous musky slightly citrus taste, very crystallized, my mate had the Northern Lights and rated that, I liked this shop a lot, even though there was a loud mouthed American girl in there that said "fuck it" after every sentence, top place and really cool (if not slightly mental) staff!
Neutral Review Matt H from Canada. Sent 5 Jul 2009.
Their menu was confusing as they used , commas instead of decimals. This confused me into buy a 12 Euro .8 gram pre bag of some forgettable stuff. The only reason I'm indifferent is that the staff were nice and the outdoor patio was nice. Although it is sad anther coffeeshop has to close I won't really miss this place.
Positive Review Camsterdam from UK. Sent 5 Apr 2009.
Hooray HGF's lease has been extended for a year! Last minute extension which is great just like their mastker Kush and outdoor Power Plant.
Positive Review Camsterdam from UK. Sent 17 Jan 2009.
Going to close in March. Fucking shame if you ask me as the boys and girls in this shop (not to mention the weed) are awesome. Best not to mention the closing to the staff unless you want to bum them out!
Positive Review Anon.. Sent 26 Feb 2008.
I popped in today for the first time in a few months and they have Dutch Scuff crystals for a tenner a gram, really great stuff and an absolute bargain at that price, particularly when compared to the 23 euro you pay for a gram of the crystals from Grey Area. These things last ages and give a nice high, plus you can beef up weaker weed with a sprinkle.
Positive Review Eddie from England. Sent 18 Oct 2007.
The best space cake and the toilet should be in every guidebook as a place to visit, especially after a smoke!
Positive Review BigMan from Wales. Sent 24 Aug 2006.
Found it on our last day or our trip! Said we would not get stoned b4 we flew home but after arriving at this place we proceeded to get wrecked! Staff we a bit uptight! The toilet was amazing!
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
This place has really good weed and is trippy to look around. The White Widdow Haze was rather nice but nothing to die for.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 26 May 2006.
Nice shop, has RooR glassbongs available. The barmen was a little mad.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 28 Oct 2005.
Very easy place to get to, just north of the Dam, a tram ride away from just about anywhere in the city. The "Eye Ball" sign out front has changed, it is now smaller and more of an artsy design with an eye ball inside it. Being near Centraal Station, there is a very international crowd here. Nice and spacious interior, big front windows looking out to the busy street, flowers on all the tables in "Spa" bottles pleasant touch, a nice area in the back with a comfy couch, trance and electronic tunes, very nice ambiance. The beverage bar has everything, including 30 teas, great cappuccinos, Looza, Chocomel etc., but no alcohol. The wiet menu is very nice with 2 outdoor varieties, and 5 indoor bio types, I didn't try the hash. The service was excellent! I wanted the "Cheese," but they didn't have it, and the wait staff suggested the "Dragon Flight" which was very, very good! Also try the "Bomba" joint, a mix of "puur bio wiet", it's 3.60 euro, but well worth it, nice and phat! They have nice bongs or pipes to use as well as free tips and papers. Definitely worth a visit, also very close to the Bier Profloekal "Cafe Belgique" just south of here on Gravenstraat.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA. Visited 10/20. Sent 24 Oct 2005.
New modern "eye" sign. Super place and super nice people. Bought a gram of Shiva and relaxed. UV light in bathroom was a kick, made my day.
Positive Review Rici from USA. Sent 23 Mar 2005.
Was the first shop I visited in Amsterdam. Tried the Cheese and Super Crystal out of the 3 foot bong, and was ripped outa my mind. Really cool people and the pictures and atmosphere is awesome. Recently returned with a good sized group and the lady was cool, and said that we could put all the tables together. Caramella was really tasty.
Positive Review Roy from Australia. Sent 22 Mar 2005.
Consistently good (after several trips to A'dam). Very good smoke, good cake and generally a good vibe. The staff are always friendly.
Positive Review Fatboy Scouse from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2005.
The pre-weighed deals always irritate, but the shop itself is great - a perfect place to while away your afternoon. Cool staff, super-chilled vibe, loads of drinks and snacks and be sure to go to the loo.
Positive Review Russ from Wales. Visited Feb 22-25. Sent 26 Feb 2005.
The only coffeeshop we visited over the 4 days, it was that good! The place is so chilled and has a good mix of tourists and Dutch people. The staff (we met 6 of them) were all very friendly and they all gave good advice when I was buying weed to smoke or to eat in their mind blowing space cakes. If you do try the space cake I would recommend you buy 1 and share it between 2 people unless you will not be able to move for a few hours (we bought ours and ate them later in the hotel room so we were close to our beds) We also tried most of their weed on the menu and they all gave us very nice highs (our favourite was the Shiva) If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam Homegrown Fantasy is a must!
Positive Review Matthew from England. Visited 14-18 Feb. Sent 22 Feb 2005.
Just to add my plaudits, what a great place. Go to the loo, bizarre!
Positive Review Uncle Ghost from England. Visited Feb 11-14. Sent 18 Feb 2005.
Great place, went in twice during my time in Amsterdam. Seats are comfortable, nice atmosphere and groovy pictures on the walls! The hot chocolate was absolutely superb (my girlfriend was a massive fan) and they have bongs behind the counter for your use, and I did! Good smoker's menu and the Space Cake knocked me out, and the 'Shiva' weed was good, although not as strong as some other gear I tried in Amsterdam. The two girls working there were very friendly. Highly recommended.
Neutral Review TrippingOverGod from UK. Sent 6 Feb 2005.
Big place with great and sometimes fairly confusing decoration. The checkered tables to play chess and (of course) checkers on are a work of genius. Very evil Power Plant, caused quite severe congestion in the head - could be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.
Positive Review Phrancine from USA. Sent 27 Jan 2005.
I popped inside to escape the snow and was greeted warmly by a handsome English chap with marijuana tattoos. He recommended the hash joint and I was very pleased. The hash joint is mixed with tobacco so it was very mellow and the effects lasted a long time.
Neutral Review Choice Cuts from UK. Visited 14 Jan 05. Sent 19 Jan 2005.
Didn't have such a great experience here. Just went in to buy some weed and hash. The dealer seemed friendly enough and the quality of the stuff we got there (Northern Lights, Shiva and some Temple Ball) was ok, although it was in pre-weighed bags (I prefer when the dealer weighs your weed/hash in front of you. The thing that got me was when I was about to pay for the stuff, the dealer asked me which papers I used, I replied "the silver Rizlas". She then proceeded to get a packet off the shelf and a branded lighter and put them both in front of me. I presumed they were free gifts (unusual, I know, but was I fairly stoned at the time!) but was charged 5 euros for the privilege! Wasn't too impressed by this! However, the bar next door (Tetra Cafe) is excellent and you can smoke your wares and have a beer too, if you so wish. Great music there (Hip Hop, Breaks and Drum&Bass), a cool atmosphere and as a DJ, I scored myself a gig there too! Reeesult! See ya in March!
Positive Review John & Jo from England. Sent 19 Dec 2004.
This coffee shop is really good. Good menu (not great, but everything you need). Friendly guy serving, nice Orange Bud for 5 euros (slightly under a gram), weird toilet that made wee turn bright green! Relaxing, and one we would go to again.
Positive Review Patrick from USA. Visited March '04. Sent 6 Nov 2004.
Nice laid back groovy feel to the shop. Got a drink and some bud and just sat and chilled. Good experience, and the cute woman behind the counter was very pleasant.
Positive Review Troy from USA. Sent 13 Aug 2004.
I really did like this place and would go back the Purple Organic Haze was so nice. The bar next door is where I went the couch in front of their window was the seat to have and enjoy a beer and some smoke. Nice staff techno beer and couches are a very nice and sometimes rare combo in Amsterdam. Top's I will be back just to see if they have that Purple Haze.
Positive Review Steve from UK. Visited Feb 04. Sent 11 Aug 2004.
1st place we visited and we subsequently visited it five times over the weekend. Nice, relaxed atmo, reasonably priced drinks and the best weed we got our hands on (Shiny Crystal - with 26% THC). Also tried a Temple Ball which was very good quality. The black U/V in the bog is really trippy after a good toke. Also bought one of their space cakes (chocolate). Very, very strong effect and very long lasting hence the walk to Central Station, the train ride to Schipol and the flight home was an experience that will remain with me for a long time!
Positive Review Ollie and Charlie from UK. Sent 5 Aug 2004.
This coffee shop is great, nice selection of smoke, very chilled sit down area. Guy behind the counter the Northern English lad was very helpful. Brought some Bubblegum, very nice high, chatty smoke!
Positive Review Andy from USA. Sent 2 Aug 2004.
This a truly a great coffee shop with a comfortable, relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Whether sitting inside or at a table outside, you can kick back and enjoy the plethora of high quality, worth-your-while herb that is available. It's not a party-down, get blazed and go crazy kind of place. I specifically sought out HF for the Blue Haze which was worth the trip all the way from St. Paul, Minnesota alone. The staff was kind and inviting and made me feel welcome. I can't wait to go back!
Positive Review Neil from USA. Sent 24 Jun 2004.
A very nice coffeeshop, and also one that's open much earlier in the morning than any of the other shops. It's been a few years since my last visit. On my last two visits to Amsterdam I've arrived early in the morning (around 8am or 9am), and both times I headed straight for HF, which was open. A few 'regulars' strolled in and got a drink on their way to work, but otherwise the place was pretty quiet.
Positive Review Spud from Ireland. Sent 29 Apr 2004.
As always, a dream, friendly staff, nice surroundings and good smoke, my wife has to go here everytime we go to the dam cos she loves their hot chocolate with cream (I have to agree it is lovely!) had some Shiva and some Santa Maria, both of which were excellent fruity smokes, and left us begging for more!
Positive Review Webber from N. Ireland. Sent 16 Apr 2004.
Always a pleasure to sit in. The coffeeshop is bright and airy, and the staff always make you feel very welcome and at ease, even when busy. A really friendly place to spend an afternoon. Unfortunately, I don't particularly remember their menu; but my friend had some of the space cakes, I didn't hear much from him for the next few hours. I'm taking that as a good sign. Oh, almost forgot, nice toilet too.
Positive Review Mike from USA. Visited Mar 04. Sent 27 Mar 2004.
The Shiva was awesome. Great bud. I really enjoyed the shop. Nice music, laid back. They had a very helpful weedtender. We also picked up some space bonbons. I thought they were awesome. Decent taste, and I couldn't feel my legs after an hour! Really nice place.
Positive Review Bill from UK. Sent 13 Mar 2004.
I checked out just the one coffeeshop - Homegrown Fantasy. It was so good that I did not check out any of the other shops. Purpose of my trip was to celebrate my 50th (yes I was a teenager in the 60's) and to see if the hash had improved since my youth. God has it improved! Both the staff who served me were really friendly, helpful and welcoming (young man in the daytime and a young lady at night). The customers were friendly as well. I tried out the hash (Nepalese I think it was - the brain turned to mush over the past 5 days) and it was excellent. Good value as well. The review suggested that hash was not a strong point in this cafe - I think that might need a rewrite now. I tried the €10 bag of skunk - very nice indeed. An excellent day to day smoke. I had a couple of bomba joints over the five days as well - really potent - so potent that the last one was only half finished as I had to fly back to the UK and I needed to be able to walk and at least pretend to be normal when I went through customs.
Positive Review Marc from USA. Sent 24 Nov 2003.
I was in Amsterdam for 2 weeks in the summer of 2001 and again for 3 weeks in April/May of 2002. Homegrown Fantasy is overall the best coffee shop in Amsterdam hands down. All of the staff are very nice, helpful and fun to listen to (even if I don't understand half of what they say). They have decent prices, fair selection, nice atmosphere and the toilet is wild =) They consistently have some of the best smoke I've ever seen and the staff is always willing to take the time to help a customer find the "right stuff" no matter how busy they may be. Both trips I found smoke that I would only smoke before bed as it was so strong and crippling. The 2002 and the Power Plant. For normal daytime pleasure, the white widow varieties, the Jack Herer and the Durban Poison were astounding. There's nothing like smoking a big joint then hitting the Van Gogh museum, canals or Vondel Park. It was almost a year between my visits to Amsterdam and many of the staff remembered me. I was amazed. How anyone could not like this place is way beyond my comprehension. I obviously HIGHLY recommend Homegrown Fantasy to anyone visiting Amsterdam.
Positive Review Rob from USA. Sent 24 Nov 2003.
(8/10): Another shop of real friendly people, just often times crowded. Their menu did not really stand out to me as anything special, but it was definitely pretty much the standard high quality strains you see pretty much everywhere. The bathroom is a must see, and is currently beginning to be imitated all around town.
Positive Review Michael from Austria. Sent 16 Nov 2003.
I felt after the first minute like at home. The shop with the best music I think and the staff was also very nice. The menu looks for Amsterdam weak, what has nothing to do with the quality of the available stash. The Shiva of HGF was the best tasting weed of Amsterdam and all the other things were very good. The space cake is also very strong!!!! Rating: very good
Positive Review Pete and Em from Northern Ireland. Sent 26 Oct 2003.
On our regular visits to Amsterdam we always make our first stop Homegrown Fantasy. We always get treated with respect and friendliness there. The grass is pure quality and the prices reasonable. As it’s hard to find even when straight it means that you don’t get crowded with tourists like some other shops. I always stock up on some of their Shiva which is pure heaven for me. Once when getting some space cake I was pleased to get advised not to eat the whole bit myself. At least some shops show a healthy attitude to how their customers get by. Always worth a try. One of the 'Dam's finest.
Positive Review Shaun from UK. Sent 6 Aug 2003.
The staff here were very knowledgeable and very helpful when my friend was purchasing a space cake. They do give you a bag to go but that is because they would rather you eat it a bit at a time rather than mess yourself up. This is not meant to get you to leave as someone suggested in other reviews, its just helpful and wise! Give this place a look over.
Positive Review Seppe from UK. Sent 23 Jul 2003.
This coffeeshop is a fine supplier of Dutch grass. The First Lady is one to try. The prices for the weed are reasonable and drinks are very cheap. The selection of hash is limited but there are a hundred other shops to buy that from. Definitely worth stopping at when in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Pete and Stu from UK. Sent 20 Jul 2003.
This is a really excellent coffee shop. Close to my hotel on the Rokin, it was my first port of call after arriving on my first trip to Amsterdam, because it came so highly recommended by this site. I was not disappointed. Although, as this site notes, you can easily just walk past it (it doesn't exactly look like a coffee shop), it's a lovely place once you're in. The drinks are good, and the variety is pretty wide considering it's quite small. I can't speak for either the (seemingly) notorious space cakes or the toilets, as I didn't experience either, but the skunk is top-class. My mate and I came it in the afternoon and it wasn't particularly busy, but there were some people and it was very friendly, especially the staff. Just one joint of their lovely organically grown skunk knocked us sideways! I can't remember which one it was, but we tried several over our stay (we came there at least once every day) and they were all brilliant.
Another thing this place has going for it is that it isn't very touristy compared to the shitty chains like The Bulldog and The Grasshopper. Locals go here as well as tourists, the prices are good, and there never seemed to be any bullshit or trouble. The decoration in the place is great too, especially the tables, and you can sit outside, which is always a bonus. I find smoking inside makes you sleepy and not want to move - it's pretty dull. Outside you can watch the wonderful life of Amsterdam flow past!
Anyway, I'd definitely recommend coming here at least once during your stay - it was by far my favourite. Don't come looking for hash though - they only have one type.
Neutral Review Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
This is a 50/50 for me. While I don't like their coffeeshop that much, their seed shop is simply amazing.
Positive Review Melodee from USA. Visited April 03. Sent 8 Jun 2003.
Enjoyed Homegrown Fantasy except for the funky black light in the VC. I understand for a guy it might be kinda cool, but I hated having to find the toilet seat with my hands! Otherwise the service was great, they serve pots of tea and don't mind you sitting to drink and puff as you watch people/trams/bikes slide by on the NW Voorburgwal. I will always return to Homegrown Fantasy.
Positive Review Ari from USA. Visited May 03. Sent 8 Jun 2003.
A fairy large and comfortable shop with a friendly staff, excellent smoke, and the best space cake around. Don't leave Amsterdam without sampling a slice of their space cake! A cool easy going unpretentious place.
Positive Review K.C. from USA. Visited 3/12-3/18. Sent 21 Mar 2003.
This cool little brightly day lit shop is the perfect place for a good daytime joint and orange juice. It is run by women I believe, which is really cool as most shops have a bunch of guys running the place which can get old. The menu was small, but to the point. Had to try the Purple Power, one of the only outdoor strains that can grow healthily in Dutch weather. It was a good clean and organic bud, but it was not purple. It was almost black! Crazy! We rolled the gram into a huge joint and smoked. Great organic daytime high.. Good stuff to smoke during the day. Also picked up some Super Crystal for some late nite indica sessions. Let me tell you, the gear lives up to the name... I was put out after a few bowls. Fell asleep in the act ;)
Positive Review N_Mo from USA. Sent 24 Dec 2002.
Homegrown Fantasy is a little tricky on a map, but just down the street from c/s. Definitely worth the stop. From the black light bathroom with green urine to the blue-haze sativa...oh yeah, bon bons and space cake in 3 flavors. Watch out, not for a first-timer!
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA. Sent 2 Apr 2001.
This place was packed Friday nite so I didn't spend any time there. The friendly dealer (another Brit), after inquiring into my cardiac fitness and general mental health, recommended the Shiva and the Silver Haze as the shop's current top offerings, and happily dealt me 10 guilders worth of each. Good stuff!
Positive Review B-Li from USA.
Located off one of the primary streets emptying into Dam Square, this well-known shop does its trade in organically grown popular strains of industrial strength uber weed. They also lay claim to some of the city's strongest space cakes, available in many delicious flavors.
The shop itself is decked out in warm inviting tones, with several spots by the windows to enjoy the action outdoors. They also have outdoor tables available for rolling up in style and soaking in the sporadic rays when the weather permits.
Legend has it that the bathroom is one of the trippiest in town, although nature never called for the chance to explore it further.
I never got around to checking out Homegrown during prior vacations, but decided to make up for it by visiting it three separate times on the most recent trip. The first time, I purchased a fl 25 bag of Jack Herer that came recommended as fresh, bought a cappuccino from the multitude of beverage options available at the bar, and since the sky was blue and the sun was out, grabbed a table outside.
After skinning up a decent sized joint, I fired up and imbibed the essence of one of my favorite varieties the Dutch have to offer. Three or four tokes later, the familiar haze began to kick in, and I happily smiled and marveled at the wonders of everyday life in Amsterdam.
Business was slow, so the counter staff stepped out and we struck up conversation. There was something powerfully familiar about the be-spectacled and dreaded female behind the bar, so I asked her how long she'd been in town. As it turned out, she had stopped me in the street the year before asking directions to Homegrown. I gave her a High View map, she commented on how cool it was that I was wearing a Legendary Pink Dots T-Shirt, and invited me to tag along with her to the shop. Ironically enough, she ended up working in the very place she asked me directions to!
The young, blond-haired Dutchman behind the dope counter also came out to chat. He was witty and very engaging, and he informed me about the Queens Day riots which took place six years before, telling me I should check out the pictures of the chaos hung on the wall inside. In a case of further foreshadowing, he mentioned that the riots were rare and shouldn't happen again anytime soon. Sure enough, there was a riot at Centraal Station during this years holiday festivities.
On the second visit, I was after one of semi-notorious space cakes they offer that a friend of mine considers to be the best in the city. For fl 10, I got a slice of the vanilla variety. I passed on a drink, and sat down to eat my psychedelic snack and roll one by one of the scenic windows. A couple of bites in, the girl behind the bar (apparently one of the managers) came over and sat down next to me. She explained that if I was going to smoke, I probably should start with half the cake, since they were very strong. I got the feeling she didn't want me to hang around, because she offered to get me a to-go bag for the other half, so with a bit of internal miffing, I accepted it, finished the half and hit the road.
As it happens, this was probably good advice because of the sheer frequency of joints and bong hits being knocked down during the course of the day. I nearly fell asleep during a symphony honoring the legacy of Anne Frank, and could noticeably feel the body high and its lingering effects for hours thereafter. That being said, If I had it to do all over again, I would've eaten the whole thing, since the total knockout oomph was missing in the final utilization of the high.
My final visit to Homegrown was on the eve of my departure from Amsterdam. Once again my dreaded companion was tending the beverages, and I told her that it was the last night in town. She mentioned that she had to leave for a bit and come back in (probably having to do with the stringent citizenship requirements for foreigners, even those that speak Dutch like herself), but would definitely be around when I came back for Queens Day. I bought two of the vanilla cakes for the plane ride home, which happened to be orange through and through.
Don't let the color fool you, she mentioned. They were all made with orange food coloring in celebration of the biggest holiday of the year.
After expressing my appreciation for the heads up, I felt that introductions were finally in order between two cosmically tossed about and re-acquainted strangers. We shook hands and enjoyed some further brief chit chat before I took my leave.
See you next year, she said. In light of our cosmic circumstances, I wouldn't doubt it.
If the notion of non-chemically manicured, soil grown marijuana with quality potency is an idea you healthily condone, Homegrown Fantasies is an excellent and friendly chance to lean back in comfort with a quality smoke as the daily activities of the oftentimes hectic Dutch capital unfold around you.
Positive Review Scott from USA. Sent 12 Nov 2000.
I loved Homegrown Fantasy the first time I stepped in (while staying at Bob's Youth Hostel a few years back; didn't know Dampkring or Green House or Rokerij or Grey Area back then).
Positive Review Ev from USA. Sent 6 Sep 2000.
I also went to HomeGrown Fantasy I got the Jack Herer there. I worked for Jack in the late 1980's and the Bud lives up to his name.
Neutral Review Jason from UK. Sent 28 Mar 2000.
Homegrown Fantasy was not busy during the day when we were there. It plays good music, (ambient), has board games and a good range of grass. Homegrown Fantasy is well worth spending a good couple of hours in. Unfortunately, our stay was somewhat spoilt by a local weed-head making a nuisance of himself.
Positive Review Don from UK. Sent 2 Jul 1999.
My favourite Coffeeshop. I like to go there in the winter when it is quiet and Cori has time for a chat. This time it was very crowded but I stayed a while and visited the infamous toilet!