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1e Hulp

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of 1e Hulp Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Tom from France sent 26 Feb 2018
Tried 4-5 of their Moroccan hashes. Always the same song: none of them are pure. All are first grade hash mixed with crap. Still strong but crap.
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 18 Apr 2017
First time visiting this shop. Nice interior and the London City Diesel was very nice at €14 a gram. Will be returning to this shop for sure.
Negative Review Amirsh1 from Israel sent 26 May 2015
I was there a week ago. I really wanted to like this place, but when I got there, there were two people on the counter that preferred to crack jokes with one another than to serve their clients. I ask for one gram of Lemon Haze, 1 gram of Super Silver Haze, and 3 joints of White Widow. I was planning to sit there and did so but the two cracking jackers were so noisy and unpleasant that I walk out a few minutes later. Afterwards I see that my 1 gram LH was actually 0.8 gram, the SSH was 0.9 gram and the 3 joints were low grade hash instead of the whit K. widow I asked for. In conclusion I really wanted to like this place but could not.
Positive Review dirkdiggler from UK sent 21 Mar 2013
Great coffeeshop, small but nicely laid out (apart from some steep steps). Very relaxed vibe with a good weed selection. I met two guys in there embarking on a mammoth world tour and ended up chilling with them for 3 hours. Staff were helpful and friendly. My favourite place so far.
Positive Review Stephen from UK sent 14 Feb 2013
Joint favourite coffeeshop with Katsura. It has a nice indica and saliva menu and an extensive menu of hash and wax at very reasonable prices and excellent value for money as the quality is second to n
Positive Review Anon. from Canada sent 28 May 2009
By far the best coffeeshop. I stumbled upon it by accident and it later became my joint, lol. It is not touristy and they play hip hop.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 15 May 2008
To the west of the Centrum just off the Centrum map is this little gem. Large bar area with a few tables, chairs and stools as you walk in, there is a downstairs area with 2 Internet computers and a football table, the toilets are also down here. Up a few stairs above the bar area is a large lounge with loads of large comfy cushioned long seats and loads of small stalls to sit on. There must be seating for at least 30 people or more. Although the bar area was busy with I assume locals there was no one sitting in the lounge area, I couldn't believe it was a blistering hot day in May, tourists abound in the Centrum yet this place was devoid of tourists, maybe cause it ain't on the map? Purchased 2gms of a Blonde Moroccan hash called "Twizler" nice taste and a lovely smoke, they have a large extensive menu including White Widow for a very respectable 13euros for 2gms, they also have a couple of outdoor strains inc Columbian and Thai Sticks both at 7euros per gm or 2 for 12euros. Everything is purchasable by the gram but they sell in 1, 2, 3 and 5gm bags and the more you buy the cheaper it gets. The general decor of the place is top, the bar area is old school and the raised area is done in a North African/Middle Eastern kind of way. Tunes playing were a good mixture of old and new jazzy funk. The bud tender was really friendly and helpful and overall the place has a really good vibe. Can see this place becoming a favorite of mine.10/10.
Positive Review Afro Joe from England sent 13 Mar 2007
We stayed right next door to this homely feeling coffeeshop. We couldn't believe our luck when we arrived and realised that our soon to be favourite coffeeshop in Dam was only 5 steps away from us. It offered us great prices for amazing bud. We paid 7 euro for a gram of the best bud we smoked our entire trip and that was White Widow, the God of all buds! Great coffeeshop with a great atmosphere and a little area where you and your mates can go and feel like you're in a little stoned bubble all to yourselves. (With comfy seats!) This coffeeshop has now been renovated during our stay and looks great, still kept that 1940's feel, just got a fresh paint job! If you visit any coffeeshop let it be this one.
Positive Review Dil from Scotland sent 19 Nov 2004
Another locals shop but with good variety on the product menu. I liked the old fashioned decor in this place, it had a 1940's feel to it, I understand though that it was due to be renovated - which I'm sure will produce some kind of Ikea horror decor. I think we bought some special polm, as usual with normal city price, but we also purchased a black hash named Kasakstani, it was very cheap and had interesting layers suggesting it was pressed and not hand produced, the effect was mild but not disappointing - sometimes it worth experimenting with a variety you normally wouldn't look twice at.