Hunter's Pub

bar in Amsterdam
Reviews of Hunter's Pub Number of Positive Reviews 26 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Skyy from UK sent 17 Jan 2012
This was one of our regular spots. The selection here is quite large and the weed is good. Not one of the best shops to buy any Kalimist from, Super Silver Haze was a winner though @ 12€.
Positive Review Niklas from Germany sent 4 Jan 2012
Staff, location and both quality and variety of the cannabis is super nice. Could not imagine a better place to stay, tho it might not be the best spot to go when it's dark outside. We bought several weeds here, all tasted great. I remember Lemon Haze and Bubblegum, both very tasty. Drinks are very good in here. 9/10
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
Very commercial, very expensive, but very good weed as well. One of the few places which sell pretty good pre-rolls. The place has a nice vibe, they usually play minimal or relaxed electronic music. They also have nice tropical fishtanks, which are always cool when you're stoned. I generally don't come here often since the same stuff is available for less elsewhere, but it's a cool place nonetheless.
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Bought the Chisel Diesel 1.5 no smell or taste and very dry! The place has brilliant music though (where playing dan le sac and scrupious pip) and great accommodating staff who even turned aircon off while I skinned up so rizla didn't blow away :D Oh and they have fishtanks to zone out to!
Negative Review DJ Reign from UK visited 2 Oct 09; sent 11 Jan 2010
Bought some really nice Cheese and the Hunters Haze was also very good. The guy dealing was an arse. Both strains were €10 each and he asked me for €26. Obviously thought he could rip off the tourists as we had just arrived. I pointed out his mistake to which he shouted something in Dutch and threw my change on the counter. Shame he was so snidey as our hotel was not too far away and they had a few strains I wanted to try. Be warned as I am sure he will try this again.
Positive Review Streeturchin from Italy sent 3 Dec 2009
The first coffee shop that I went to on my first visit to Holland 10+ years ago. Then it was also a bar with beer and alcoholic drink. Up to now still my favorite of all, it is the first place that I enter anytime arriving in Amsterdam and last before I go back to the airport.
Positive Review Dambuster from UK sent 2 Dec 2008
Only a short visit to this coffeeshop but definitely an enjoyable one! The interior is very clean and modern. Opens quite early, all of my mates were still in bed and I fancied an early morning spliff and as this was open early and right outside our hotel it was ideal. I bought some Sour Diesel weed which gave a very uplifting and lively high and enjoyed it that much I went back and bought plenty more, also the bud dealer was very helpful in advising me what his best pre rolled spliffs were. I also noticed they had internet access.
Positive Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
Nice modern coffeeshop, mostly electronical music. We tried some Lavender don't remember price, some Chronic 7,50euro/g if I remember correctly, some NYC Diesel 8 euro/g and finally some Bubblegum 6,50euro/g. Chronic was good, but not as expected, NYC Diesel finally the real chemical-tasting NYC Diesel. If u smoked this diesel once, u never forget the taste and the smell (a Soma original). Lavender in my opinion only ok, but overall a good Soma original too. Bubblegum buds hard like a rock, really nice indica choice and in my opinion for the price it was better then the Lavender.
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Mar 2007
I bought a gram of Heaven's Haze, nice smell, mellow uplifting high.
Positive Review Kenny from UK sent 6 Sep 2006
The Hunters bar is definitely one of my favourites, this place has a wicked ambience, and a really good setup with the lighting and feel, but is always busy which is a good sign I suppose, they also have an extensive menu, very hard to pick out what you want there's that many, I ended up getting 1g of Lavender, 1g of Carramello and 1g of Royal Temple Ball, all were top notch, the Lavender was great as were the hashes. I liked the fish tank theme too, we sat near the front of the place and watched the trigger fish for ages and got monged. 9/10!
Positive Review Mike from England sent 25 Aug 2006
Friendly service. Bought 2 pre-rolled joints: 1 Kali Mist/tobacco and 1 pure NYC Diesel - the Kali Mist kicked my ass and the NYC Diesel smelt and tasted unusual but very nice! Would recommend to anyone.
Positive Review Odie and Pook from UK sent 20 Jul 2006
My wife and I have been to the Dam 3 times now and always end up lurking in Hunters, the staff are super friendly (unless u fall asleep in there, then god 'elp ya). The weed and block is always lush. The tunes r super and 4 people watching, suffice to say we nicknamed it the aquarium. From watching the tourist packs drifting by to watching gay guys debating about whether to enter the Stablemaster bar opposite. Good for side bets, lol. Other than that, go.
Positive Review Seebass from England sent 12 Jun 2006
Very good coffeeshop plays excellent music from d+b, trance, techno, dance everything I like and they sell alcohol. I even met ic3 in there just before innovation in the dam which was quality and I'm going next time plus the weed in here is good but I've never found any mind blowing strains in the dam they all seem to be white crosses which does my head in cos I hate widow it truly is just standard compared to English cheese that is a mind blowing strain but to no avail I have found none in the dam which disappoints me so much cos they're supposed to have some of the strongest skunk in the world but a country where it is not legal can have such potent weed I just don't get it maybe the Dutch are just more motivated to mass produce an inferior skunk for high profit. And then shake half the crystals of to make isolator which make the even less potent but still Hunters Bar is one of the best coffeeshops in my view.
Positive Review Elwardo from England visited March 05; sent 11 Jan 2006
Chilled out, compact, tunes, toasties, Internet, very friendly. The guy selling the weed was spot on, telling me all about the weed etc, top guy! To cap the trip off the owner came in to see how his staff were doing and ended up spending all evening with him swapping stories etc, he even took me for a meal at midnight. Top dog cafe, can't say enough about this place. I've been visiting the dam for years and this is the place, met some Canadians, Germans and Estonians.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
Every time when I was in Amsterdam has this coffeeshop never closed. This is the perfect place when it's closed all over coffeeshop. 24 h open.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
This place rocks! I went late one night, stumbling around town, found this place finally, and I was very glad that I did. A very clean place with an impressive menu that also serves alcohol. They had several Haze choices on the menu and after the friendly budtender's suggestion, I tried the "Super Pollen" Moroccan hash which was top notch, definitely check it out. The budtender was nice enough to show me the entire block of it, then he cut a nice chunk off right there in front of me. There is a nice bar to sit at, several tables and booths, some right in front looking out nice big windows to Warmoesstraat. They were playing some trance music on a very nice sound system. The weed counter is in the back by four internet terminals. The drink prices were very good, 4-5 euro for alcohol, and cheap bier prices. Very diverse crowd here, makes for a very nice ambiance, all the different languages being spoken etc. They also have good munchies, apple pie, nachos, etc. Great place to hang, give this place a visit!
Positive Review Roy from Australia sent 22 Mar 2005
The best I've found on the "strip". High quality smoke, good service and the perfect place to wait for your laundry to go around and around next door. If you are in the red light district head here.
Positive Review Old Hippie Dave from USA visited Nov 04; sent 2 Dec 2004
They just remodelled it. I got what turned out to be my fav weed of the trip there. My buddy Chris from Rotterdam turned me on to it. It's called Lavender very sweet and kinda of purfumy. I also got some real good hash there for € 30 well worth the price. The Budtender was real nice even let me take some pics standing behind the counter. I put this one in the top ten prolly around 7 or 8.
Positive Review Carlos from USA sent 11 Sep 2004
Hunters Bar was the first bar I went to when I arrived in Amsterdam since it is one block from Centraal Station. I asked the seemingly Jamaican lady at the bar what I should do to get weed. She told me the dealer was with a client and pointed to a walk-in closet, but that I could be next. As it was early in the day, there was no one there. I waited for his client to walk out and then went in. I asked what he had and he offered me some Super-Skunk and took out a Tupperware container and opened it. The smell and look was overwhelming and I proceeded to buy 25 guilders worth. I went back into the bar, ordered a Guinness from the tap and sat down and rolled a big joint and smoked it by myself. I got so high, I didn't even want to go outside because I was so paranoid. Since they had the coldest Guinness I ever had, I started going there every morning at 8:00 a.m. for two cold Guinnesses and a joint for breakfast and to start my day. There are televisions in the air with MTV international playing. I highly recommend this bar for the first timer as it is not busy and the staff is very accommodating. Big, huge thumbs up for this place.
Positive Review Craig from UK sent 26 Aug 2004
Not as visually pleasing as a lot of the other places I tried, however it was a chilled atmosphere, bar staff friendly and helpful dealer. Even though Holland were playing against the Portuguese at the time and he was clearly wanting to watch the game he still took time to chat and advise on the weed. Nice.
Positive Review Bubbalicious from Canada visited 26-30 Mar 04; sent 5 Apr 2004
Cool vibe, relaxed. DJ spinning, not too loud, good beer. Did not buy grass. Decent prices.
Positive Review Jezza from UK sent 30 Mar 2004
Very chilled, very good vibes with a DJ too. All types of music played. Bloody good weed, Silver Lady, Buddha Sister (or something like that).
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
This bar is new but definitely worth putting on the menu. Situated just up the road from coffee shop 36, this coffee-shop/bar offers a diner-style theme, with comfortable seating, and a funky layout. The menu at the bar is astounding, many different spirits and beers for the alcohol drinker, lots of soft drinks and excellent coffee, light snacks and an awesome marijuana menu, this place offers both indoor and outdoor grown weed and a wide selection of dark and blonde hashish. We got 1g of Skunk II here and it served us well for the journey home. Internet access was available here and was more reliable than some of the other shops.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Dec 16-23, 03; sent 13 Jan 2004
This place was located right next door to my hotel on Warmoesstraat. We checked into our room at The Old Quarter, dropped our bags, and went next door for our first indulgence of this trip. Amazingly I had never noticed it in all my previous haunts of that area. It's a past favorite of The Smokers' Guide crowd, and I wanted to see what it offered. This is a comfortable uncrowded place with good seating and street views, a full bar, and four or five coin-operated Internet stations (15 minutes=1 Euro). Friendly barmaid and dealer. Good prices on their draft beers. I had not yet purchased a bong, so I asked for a pure pre-rolled. The dealer recommended their 6 Euro joint from the menu (can't recall the name for certain, Techno Haze or Chronic Haze??), and he practically guaranteed our satisfaction. He even pulled out a whole container of it for me to eyeball and encouraged me to take a whiff. That sold me, and sure enough it turned out to be the strongest buzz of the trip. We went back to the room to freshen up from our journey, and my girlfriend said it felt like she was in an earthquake all the while she was taking her shower - potent stuff! We liked it so much that we made this our last stop and last smoke before hopping the train to the airport a week later. Strongly recommend this place and their gear.
Positive Review Marcus from UK sent 3 Sep 2003
My 4 friends and I liked the place and were very relaxed, I regularly go to Amsterdam and I can honestly say I enjoyed being in Hunters Bar. The weed was good and the staff were friendly apart from one night when there was loads of English in there pissed up and that's the only time the bar staff showed any resentment, but in my view Amsterdam is about the smoking not the drinking.
Neutral Review Mick and Will from England sent 24 Aug 2003
Seemed OK but we did not buy anything as the menu was quite limited to things that were cheaper in other shops.
Positive Review Emma from UK sent 19 Aug 2003
The atmosphere was relaxed and they have regular DJ nights which is cool. You can have a beer or a wine and get some great weed. We thought it was fab.
Positive Review Mark from USA sent 28 Jan 2003
A nice small shop, with a dark decor.