Huzur 33

coffeeshop in Venlo
Reviews of Huzur 33 Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Neutral Review Theodor from Germany sent 2 Jan 2011
I visited Huzur 33 today for the first time due to another nearby coffeeshop being out of grass. As another commenter complained, you are required to make a membership card and they will store your personal data for that. But as this is a requirement from the city council, this is not different than other shops in Venlo. The only thing I didn't like that they also took a picture which is not true for all shops. The shop is very small and was clean. The staff was not hostile but also not overly friendly. The selection of both grass and weed is very small and all offers had names which I never heard before (e.g. "Hees" which sounds like "Haze"). The pricing was ok (5g for 45 EUR) but after a first test I would say that the quality is rather mediocre (but still ok for the price). I will probably not visit the shop again as a much better one is very nearby but at a pinch the shop seems ok and a really superior choice to the well-known Germans rip-off place near the border.
Positive Review Eli from Germany sent 8 Jul 2010
I love this coffeeshop - since over twenty years, almost twenty-five. Big greets to all the men who work there!
Positive Review Ozzythaman from Sweden sent 1 Jun 2009
I am Turkish and so are the people here, some of the workers are friendly, some are just out of touch. Coffee and tea was free if I remember correctly. Small, clean place.
Neutral Review Petra from Netherlands sent 26 Dec 2007
I've been to the Huzur many times, but it's not one of my favourite shops. The staff is not friendly, the shop itself is clean but not a nice place to be sitting for a long time. The weed is good though, it's very dry and that's what I like. Too bad they don't have more than one sort of weed.
Negative Review Pawel from Poland sent 16 Jun 2007
This shop sucks. Small shop with unfriendly staff. They treat me like garbage. To buy you have make an account (which is free) but he said that I have to buy more than 6g.
Negative Review CoupleOfGermans from Germany sent 2 Feb 2007
A very small coffee-shop, not much atmosphere, 3-4 tables where you can sit at. You have to make an account to buy weed, but the account is free. We visited the shop two times and it only had one sort of weed, but around 4-5 sorts of hash and the prices were good.
Neutral Review Marcus from Germany sent 31 Jan 2006
Even talking about an "atmosphere" in this shop is an exaggeration, your average train station's waiting room has far more style. This is mainly a shop & go location and the waiters make it quite clear that they'd prefer you to go. Once, they didn't want to give me a second coffee - the first one was free, though. The menu is very limited. Regarding weed, you usually have the choice between large or small bags of the same crap (~5€/g). But the hash is very good value for the price, top-quality at 5€ per gram. Though it's all different qualities of brown hash, no Afghan or ice-water hash. You have to register with your passport / ID and become a card-carrying member, but this only takes a few minutes the first time you go there and is free. The shop is located directly behind the main station, so it's a good choice if you go to Venlo by train.
Negative Review Ratte from Germany sent 22 Sep 2005
Huzur sucks really! The first thing I hated directly at Huzur was that the Moroccan Staff looked at the German customers like scum. I definitely advice Germans from buying there! They take a photo, your address, make a copy of your passport - Hey, are you crazy? Your numberplate of your car is known to the police then, it's very easy to find out that you are driving stoned and so is your driver-license is gone for a long time. Don't be a blockhead, there are other shops without "Membercard".
Positive Review Badboy from Germany sent 12 Dec 2004
Huzur exists since 8 years and sometimes sells crazy dope. The shop has been closed two times because of illegal things. Since 2 years there is a new owner which now adores the law! It's a tiny shop near the central train station of Venlo. On your first visit you have to become a member. After a short registration you get full access and a member card (a clean credit card / can not been associated with the shop by design). There are only a few tables and seat/benches. The shop's design looks a bit like a combination between a bankhouse and McDonalds, it's modern and clean but surely not outstanding or trend-setting. The dealer is barricaded inside a little cabin with bulletproof glass. As a guest you just pull your member card through a digital reader in front of the dealers cabin and then you are granted full access. Diamant dope is the specialty of Huzur33, but you can also get 3-4 other dope grades and a good, but nameless grass. This shop is a good hint for people that come by train (it's the nearest shop to the central train station), but also nix for people who come by car, because the always got enough parking slots directly in front of the entrance door.
Positive Review Marius from Germany sent 28 Oct 2004
The place for hasje smokers. (Prices from 10€ for 5g up to 50 € for 5g).