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coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Ibiza Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Mr. B from USA sent 10 Jul 2010
They only have mixed (not pure marijuana) pre-rolls. No big deal, the pure ones are hard to find. The guy is friendly and I buy 2 pre-rolls of what he assures me is his finest product and a bottle of water. I go for a walk because I prefer to smoke outside and they have no chairs or tables outside. I cross a big street, a canal, and then find a fountain nearby, sit down and light up. Holy shit, what is in this thing?! I start sweating all over, get dizzy, feel like I'm gonna puke, and then I start coughing. Luckily, that passes in 10 seconds and then I'm just sitting there, sweating like I've just run a marathon. But not because I'm high, it's because this "joint" is basically 100% tobacco. Harsh, dry tobacco at that. I smoke the thing anyways, hoping that I'm gonna find the hidden pot inside this cigarette. No such luck. I light up the 2d one, same result. So, for 6 Euros, I got 2 cigarettes, a horrible taste in my mouth, and sweaty-soaked clothes. What I did not get was high. Not gonna go back there.
Positive Review Kaz from UK sent 2 Nov 2009
A great first stop which we ended up visiting twice a day everyday we were there. What caught our eye first was you could see the Ibiza coffeeshop sign at the end of the road when we arrived at our hotel (Max) so as soon as we checked in we were out along the road and buying 3.4g's each of White Widow. I think it was 18 or 20euro, definitely worth every penny. What made us warm to this coffeeshop more than the others was the friendly man that served us our daily weed, the funky music mostly r & b and melodic trance, oh yeah and they had a ginger cat (which we renamed Baldric, lol). Being two girls in our twenties we were unsure how we would get on being so wasted in a foreign country but the people were always friendly and the Ibiza locals took us under their wings, inviting us on a tour of the city and to a party on the last night. This is not the last Ibiza's seen of me! Good times!
Positive Review Mike from Austria sent 8 Nov 2006
My friends and I enjoyed every single visit in this shop. The shopkeeper was a friendly guy. Fine weed, comfortable ambient and a very friendly shopkeeper combined with good music (techno, rap music). So if u like this sort of music and search for some good weed, then this is the right shop for you! Besides it was near to our hotel "Max in Mokum" and near a discountsupermarket called "Lidl", so it was a very nice place there!
Positive Review Catspa from Australia sent 15 Aug 2006
I went to this coffee shop (among others) and quite enjoyed it. Quiet but neat. The guy was heaps helpful and I bought some White Widow from him, 2grm for 9 euro - cheap! Went upstairs to smoke it and surfed the net for a while.
Positive Review Yank from USA visited 7/7/05; sent 8 Jul 2005
White Widow, excellent White Widow - if you’re into a stoner high. I prefer Haze myself. Nice little shop, quality gear.
Positive Review T & T from UK sent 13 Jan 2004
Me and my girlfriend visited Ibiza coffee shop on our first night in the 'Dam. It was very convenient on the end of the street and close to the market area of the Old South. The shop sells excellent solids, I tried 4 different types and all gave me a good stoning. I visited the shop three times over my week stay. Weed was good, coffee good but couldn't get my head round the hardcore rap music at 11:30 am.