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coffeeshop Zuidlaren
coffee shop Illusion, Zuidlaren, Drenthe for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Positive Review Jesscass. Sent 4 Oct 2017.
Heard about that shop years ago and finally got round to visit it. Name of the shop I appreciate and it is a medium sized one with leather chairs and much space. There are about 25+ seats when you enter the shop around the bar and another 25+ seats in a separated area in the back of the shop which is according to staff only reserved for members which definitely is a bad point as can't stand elitist crap. Though there are another 20+ seats on the terrace in front of the shop. So fasten your seatbelts, please: this one also has a yard with what seemed enough parking spaces and is the only coffeeshop in Nederland with a drive inn so you can order at the window in your car which happened a couple of times while we sat down for a tea. Don't know what to think of it as on one hand not into cars myself and on the other prefer to visit a place and consume in public together with others so this in and out thingy is philistine to me, especially when thinking about the nice interior but I guess each to their own, right? And as long as they don't drive high - which sadly is still a trivial offence to many people from all classes as happens constantly when I visit shops - and consume at home or wherever it is an ok thing to me. If we would have known about that we had parked there as well and have to point out that my company is always sober and responsible while not consuming in general anyway when it comes to driving. There is no excuses and anyone who disagrees has probably lost control over his consumption. Saying all this let's take a look at their wares and see if they're better than their semi-take-away approach. Their menu was weedwise Illusion Haze (12€/24€), Afghan (11€/22€), Special X (10€) and Esmeralda (10€). Hashwise the following, Illusion Gold (13€)and Caramel (10€). Pre-packed stuff obviously. Polite Dutch budtender in his fifties explained they only have two varieties of hashish and they're both from Morocco and were shown to me. Caramel wasn't looking too desirable so got me that black Illusion Gold then which the budtender commented on how nice it is. Fuck me sideways if this was from Morocco as I'm convinced after smoking it was a good enough piece of resin from India or Kashmir. Every now and then such hash is OKish but bit of a pity he didn't know better (respectively I didn't figure it out myself before *lol*). Best wiet he showed looked scraggy and not that appealing. Anyways, that visit was another revelation after a couple of decades and visiting a shitload of establishments all across the country. All in all a bit ambivalent here as it is a really nice shop for hanging out but only average gear it seems so in conclusion quality of gear reflects their approach of take-away if you think of most fast food restaurants and their idea of quality, same lame averageness, at least after this visit. Bummer. Don't know about consistency here though, snapshot in time and all that. Again you can't have it all it seems: good atmosphere, crowd, interior and gear.
Positive Review Bjecker from Netherlands. Sent 16 Jul 2008.
Bus 51 does not go to the coffeeshop anymore, now you have to take 318qliner from Groningen CS that stops in front of it if you push stop at the right moment :P. Line 59 also goes there I think but I never took it. The weed there is pretty good and the best weed is mostly Esmeralda or Santa Maria. It's a nice shop with nice people and very friendly personal. That it burnt down is only noticeable from the back because the coffeeshop itself is fully intact. And since the stupid smoking ban of 1 July 2008, it has its own smokersspace. I would grade it 8.5/10.
Positive Review Devi from Netherlands. Sent 10 Nov 2004.
Great shop, great weed (best of the best guaranteed!). It burned down this summer, but they're rebuilding! Bus 51 from Groningen to Assen stops in front of it.