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smart shop Innerspace, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for herbal highs with address, telephone number, opening times, email address, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Positive Review Hippy Pippy from England. Sent 12 May 2010.
Great place for advice on truffles (mushrooms no longer legal). The guy was very open and honest and was advising some tourists with barely any English skills what not to take. He advised us on what truffles to buy, stating "This one will fuck you up, but this one will really fuck you up". He was right, we brought 30 grams (10g each) of the most visually stimulating 'shrooms, went to Vondlepark and took them. By the time they kicked in (about 40 mins) it began to rain so we headed back to the RLD where we were staying. Advice: do not walk through Amsterdam whilst tripping! The trams can and will kill you. We eventually got home and had the greatest night laughing our socks off! Those guys know their stuff!
Positive Review Lotte from England. Sent 8 May 2003.
Last year myself and my esteemed colleague travelled to Amsterdam with the intent of sampling the ever popular coffeeshops. We eventually stumbled on a modern building, with a vast expanse of space inside, so we entered. The first thing you notice is the wooden floors and the minimalist approach to the layout of the shop. There were a few shelves on the walls containing various tobacco substitutes, none of which we tried. They have a large book which we called the bible which had large pictures and information on all the various types of mushrooms available. The staff were very friendly making sure we understood the risks involved, not that we didn't know but none-the-less we were impressed by the service. They sells all the usual stuff that smartshops sell, mushrooms, liquid xtc, bongs, testers, you name it they've got it. Whilst in Amsterdam we got talking to some Dutch lads and they told us of a club called HQ SOUND, which we visited. We were very surprised when we encountered a mini innerspace smartshop inside the club and again was equipped fully.